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We are not meant to be a one-woman show. Once we identify what matters to us, what we value most, and our definition of success, we rise together in community.

“Collective membership is so intimate and inspiring. We’re a part of a collective of women where it’s easy to see ourselves. We’re all rooting for each other.”

Dr. Tiffany Slater

CEO Collective Member

“I walk away from every interaction with a deep sigh, saying to myself, ‘I needed that.'”

Maureen Clancy

CEO Collective Member

We regularly interview the women you’ll meet in the CEO Collective on the Promote Yourself to CEO Podcast. Check out this custom playlist to hear their experiences and stories.

CEO Stories

“I was so frustrated with courses and books. I need quick answers and how to apply them to my business personally. I am no longer alone.”

Andrea Bentschneider

CEO Collective Member

After two years working with Racheal and her team, I’m more consistent and comfortable in my business. I’m able to step away from the day-to-day more – the hours that I’m not there physically working in the business, I’m able to be with my family.




If you’re thinking about joining The CEO Collective, that’s your answer. Do It. It will completely change your business. It will change your work from home life. It will change your work-life balance because Racheal’s not gonna let you work all week.



Shortening the learning curve meant that I could actually benefit from all of it instead of just burning out, making mistakes and it not being worthwhile.



“Not bad to have $11K profit on 40 hours of work. 162% increase from last January all because of the 90 plan. ”

“Racheal Baxter Cook knows what she is talking about and that following her steps of planning, rinse, wash, repeat in a way that allows you to have time with your family, friends and not live in constant feast or famine!

January’s are very HARD for me. Sales go down to under $8K normally and I just suck it up to it is what it is.

NOT THIS YEAR! My revenue was $21K and I only worked about 10 hours a week. 🙌🏼

How?! I planned out my 90 days in advance so when January hit, I only had to follow the plan. Everything was in place. I successfully had 4 releases. One a week and it only took less than 10 hours a week to implement.

So even during a time when I normally am just trying to get thru the day, I was able to bring in my 1st ever “good” January sales by doing less than the bare minimum- all because it was written down in my 90 day plan and the work was mostly done.

Not bad to have $11K profit on 40 hours of work. 162% increase from last January all because of the 90 plan. Thank you, Racheal!!”



“My business is more predictable AND more profitable.”

“Within the first week of the CEO Collective and the trainings on the 90-day plan, I started to look at my business differently. I started to see how Racheal’s marketing strategy of attract, engage and nurture results in more leads, more calls and definitely more sales.

I identified the exact stage of where my business was, which gave me clarity on where I was headed, and as I implemented Racheal’s easy to follow systems, my business became more manageable and better set up for success.

Now that I have been in the CEO Collective for almost 6 months, my business is unrecognizable from where it was when I started the program. I went from “just me” to a team of 8 women. I post a weekly newsletter, I am active on all the social media channels, I have upgraded my offerings and (slightly) raised my prices, I no longer give my time away for free.

I have been celebrating my wins, taking more time for self-care and consistently hitting my financial goals. My favorite part of the CEO Collective is my mini-mastermind group. We have five women in our group and we help each other with implementation, mindset and accountability. These five women have helped my business grow and have encouraged and inspired me to step into my own self-worth and be a leader in my own business.

I feel so supported and strong! Racheal and her team have been with me every step of the way, to help me create smoother systems and a more streamlined flow. My business is more predictable AND more profitable. I have gotten so much value from the CEO Collective, so much more than I was hoping for in a business coaching program.

I am so grateful to Racheal, my mentor Amber, my mini-mastermind group and all of the incredible women in the Collective. Thank you all for helping me and my business grow and thrive.”



Before working with Racheal, I was sort of flying by the seat of my pants. I was taking everything day-to-day, taking jobs as they came in saying yes to everything even when it wasn’t exactly my ideal client.

I was just trying to stay afloat and survive and hustle, but then my business got to a point where I couldn’t keep up and that’s when Racheal showed up.

I have been able to implement systems and create plans with an actionable process that can help me reach goals. I didn’t even know that was possible and I have a mastermind of people with who I come to discuss challenges, celebrate wins, and say hey, I never thought this was an idea.

There are endless possibilities of ways that I can get support.

Whether it’s being in a mentorship group with women who are in other professions besides mine to help me think outside of the box or having access to Racheal’s Cook’s incredible support team or direct support from Racheal, I’ve got somebody.



“I am so glad I had the support of Racheal to get me through the ups and downs of this journey.”

“I felt as if I had plateaued in my business. I was looking for a bigger challenge and knew I needed to surround myself with people who were thinking bigger. I came in with the goal to plan and execute a women’s conference centered on lifestyle design called Rebelle Con.

Did I mention that our timeline was 3 months… and I just had my second baby a few months before that? Rebelle Con was a huge success! Not only did we host amazing speakers like Jessamyn Stanley, Christian Siriano, and Tanya Rapley… but we had over 100 attendees for this 3 day conference.

I am so glad I had the support of Racheal to get me through the ups and downs of this journey. She was such an important part of getting this off the ground and continues to be one of my biggest cheerleaders for doing bigger and better things in my business.”



“One of the most important things that I got out of working with Racheal and her team, was not only kind of cheerleading, rah-rah you’re doing great, but also direct support. ”

“I had just wrapped by first round of The Bodywork Project, an online coaching program for bodyworkers and therapists, and I didn’t know how to take it to the next level. And I’d gotten to that place in my business before where I created these offers, I knew that they were good but then I couldn’t take it to more people and get it to the next level.

While the timing was good to join The CEO Accelerator, it wasn’t an easy decision to make! I mean my heart wanted me to do it, I knew my business was ready, my heart was ready, my brain was like, “I don’t know, that’s a lot of money.”

But what turned it around for me was actually making that commitment. Making the financial commitment shifted the energy for me around my business and I knew I was all in. I knew I was going to take the advice that Racheal and the other Accelerators were going to give me, and I was going to do everything that I could to really be all in and grow my business for this past year.

And for me, that included launching the Bodywork Project successfully three different times! I created a virtual summit that I just wrapped up. I’ve created a challenge plus two free list magnets. I created a private mentoring program, a VIP program, I mean all of it. I was interviewed on six different podcasts. I did my first Facebook lives. I grew my list to nearly 1,000 – and I’m on social media! I felt like I was being catapulted over these hurdles that I used to come up against – Accelerator really is a good word for it.

One of the most important things that I got out of the Accelerator from Racheal and her team, was not only kind of cheerleading, rah rah you’re doing great, but also direct support. Somebody just said this, what should I do? And a response almost immediately. I think I want to move it in this direction. What do you think? Okay, here’s how to do this. Step one, step two, step three. And I just took those things and ran.

A year later – I’ve already gotten my return on investment times three. So it’s been a terrific investment for me, it’s been wonderful personal growth for me and also for my business. So it’s been a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Mindy Totten

Founder of The Bodywork Project

“It’s so powerful to see the progress over the last year even though it feels like micro steps, I can see it is such a stronger platform to now leap off. The next biggest leap for me, is giving myself permission and confidence to really step up to lead this. ”

“I joined The CEO Accelerator because I knew I had A LOT of information and I needed support to turn this into action.

On my own, I’d end up wasting time, getting confused and pulled in too many different directions. The long term nature of the CEO Accelerator meant it was a long term commitment to myself and my business, so I knew together we were in this through the ups and the downs – I knew I’d have support I needed.

My biggest transformation was figuring out how to transition my consulting for larger businesses to reflect the needs of smaller/newer businesses. I learned to embrace both my practical skill set and the mindset work smaller business owners need.

My biggest struggle was stepping into more visibility! It started feeling like “I HAVE to do this, and in a way I hate doing this!” but over the months together, I found a way to commit to showing up more that felt more authentic to me.

The best part about working with Racheal and the other CEOs was having people to share the experience with – the ups, the downs and knowing you aren’t alone! These women all believe in what you are doing even when you lose your own way. It’s so powerful to see the progress over the last year even though it feels like micro steps, I can see it is such a stronger platform to now leap off. The next biggest leap for me, is giving myself permission and confidence to really step up to lead this.

I have loved having Racheal there in my corner supporting me and it has certainly helped me to become so much more focused in what I am doing with a clear direction moving forward.”

Laura Cook

Business Finance Strategist

“The CEO Collective has the training, the support, the crowd cheering you on so you can play (or elevate) your very best game.

Before joining, I had a hard time focusing efforts — I would always bite off more than I could ever chew, I had a slipshod approach to getting it done, get distracted by another shiny object, and never I felt like I’d actually met the goals I set. (And then I’d complain about working too much!)”

Courtenay Shipley

Founder + CEO Retirement Planology

“I’ve only been in the CEO Collective for a little over a month, but I’ve already seen some major, positive shifts in my business as I’ve begun to implement the things I’ve learned from Racheal and her team.

By implementing the 90-day plan and figuring out what parts of my business I needed to hand off to someone else, I’ve already seen my business grow back to where it was pre-baby AND I’ve added two team members!”

Sara McCormick

Bella de Luna

“Before I joined the CEO Collective, I was doing all right in my business but I didn’t understand HOW to organize, how to track, how my systems were working – and I felt overwhelmed all the time.

Over this first 8 months, I have restructured my time, my tracking, my implementation. I know what I’m supposed to be working on, I know how to do it, and I have so much more time to explore my creative projects.”

Jennet Ingle

Oboist + Founder of Jennet Ingle Reeds

Now Accepting Applications for The CEO Collective!

Prior to joining the CEO Collective, I was a sad solopreneur. Every day was a challenge to stay focused on tasks. I was thinking and acting more like an admin than a CEO. I was playing small, doing tons of “busy work” and not moving my business forward in the way I wanted. I needed more structure, strategy, and accountability.

Since joining the CEO Collective, I’ve implemented the CEO year and the 90-Day Plan. WHAT. A. GAME-CHANGER!! Using the Attract> Engage> Nurture> Invite> Delight process has helped me focus my time and energy better than ever before. It helps me *think* like a CEO for the first time!

Planning out the year and setting revenue goals was so eye-opening. The CEO planner truly helped me break my business strategy into chunks that I can easily manage every week and actually SEE how much progress I’m making.

In just over a month with the CEO Collective, I have launched a beta program and gained 4 new clients! I also created and launched a podcast. Crazy, right? Knowing that I am seen and heard by my mentors, makes all the difference. I asked for straight-up accountability, and I got it! Investing in the CEO Collective was a leap of faith, and I’m so glad I jumped in with both feet!


Founder of Whole Life Wellness for Women

“The strategy and support have been next level and I have thoroughly enjoyed the community too!”

When I joined The CEO Collective in May 2021, my business was getting clients but not at the level that I wanted.

Since then, I’ve had my first $10K month EVER in business! My annual revenue has doubled in the year since I first joined.

What really helped me are the weekly Q&A sessions with Racheal or Amber. I always dig deep to ask a question but I also have learned SO MUCH from listening to the other CEOs’ questions.

The strategy and support have been next level and I have thoroughly enjoyed the community too!

Leesa Ellis

book coach & founder of 3 Ferns Books

“Racheal Cook and her team at the CEO Collective are the real deal! By far this has been one of the most powerful investments I’ve made in my business – and I’m less than two months in!”

The way Racheal has set up this program has enabled me to build a business strategy and a structure that I feel confident in – not just because it will help me stretch to reach my business goals, but because I now have an implementation plan that actually makes sense for my business and my life.

In a world filled with ‘hustle culture’ and overpromises from online coaches, Racheal’s advice, support and guidance have made a measurable impact on what I do every day in my business and, more importantly, how I feel about my business. I can now say I am truly building a company, and it’s thanks to the CEO Collective.

Ashley Jablow

ceo of wayfinder collective

My business was a year into me working on it full time when I joined the Collective. Since then, I’ve hired several subcontractors, and have significantly grown revenue, all while limiting my own work on client deliverables so I can focus on the business.

In a business world where we are bombarded with messages saying we need to “do all the things,” Racheal does a fantastic job of helping us focus on what we really need to do and ignore the rest.”

Laurie Hermance-Moore


“My biggest win is stepping into my role as CEO. I came into The Collective afraid, confused, and feeling like my business was out of control. My first Mentor Call was all about dealing with a nightmare client and how my confidence had taken a shot. I did not know where to go from there.

The year (that went by SO fast) gave me the tools, knowledge, support, and accountability that I needed to push myself beyond my comfort zone and structure my business to support my life.

My biggest win is noticing that today I am making more money with MUCH more ease!!! So, in a way, I am richer just because I am more myself, more daring, more connected, and more in tune with what I need to do to grow my business. Thank you CEO Collective and thank you Racheal and Team!”



“Since joining The CEO Collective, I’ve had way more consultations. That’s been really exciting, even though only some became clients. That lets me know that focusing on my 5-part marketing strategy is the key. I’ve also become very strategic about how I am spending my time. It’s clear to me now that before joining, I was coasting for some time. I say no to a lot more things now. And I love love love having a plan, direction, support, and accountability.”

Maureen Clancy

Trauma Therapist

“The CEO Collective has given me the clarity to help run my business at the next level. As I’m growing and scaling beyond six figures, I want to make sure that I have that support, and The CEO Collective has been a fantastic place to bounce around ideas and mastermind with me. The fellow members are great, and they give me advice to work on my top priorities, and help with moving the business in the direction I want to grow it.”

“I joined the CEO Collective a couple of months ago, and it’s already been amazing. I have gotten to meet a lot of awesome businesswomen. I implemented a new marketing and systems process, and a new client experience that I’m working through. That’s making a big impact on how I feel about my business, my level of confidence, and how things are being run and organized.

The planning cycles have been really awesome, because they allows us to know what the next 90 days are going to look like. This allows us to focus on the things that matter for the business and moving things forward.

I’ve been able to build my team up, and have added an extra member to help support all the things we’re doing. We’re currently working towards taking on new clients, enhancing the client experience we want to deliver, and adding more value to what we’re delivering.

I also increased my prices recently, just based on the work I’ve been doing and the value everyone is getting, and it’s been really good to see. I’m taking on new clients right now with really easy conversations. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship when I’m doing their finances, supporting them, and giving them perspective in their business.

Racheal created this amazing community and structure to help support that. I really enjoy my time here, and it’s been super worth it.“

Carla Titus

CFO & CEO of Wealth & Worth Within

Applications Are Now Open for The CEO Collective!