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Is It Really Possible to Balance Ambition & Ease?

What would it look like if you had an experienced coach and consultant in your corner who had the business chops to help you build the strategy, systems, and support required to scale…

… and the lived experience of scaling while prioritizing yourself, your family, your health, and your wellbeing?

With a laser focus on creating a life-first business, coaching with me extends beyond traditional business guidance. We will dive deep into the realms of self-leadership, boundary-setting, effective decision-making, and mastering hard conversations – all while implementing a research-backed, client-proven growth framework into your business. 

Achieve Your Definition of Success

When I launched my business, there was no blueprint for success that aligned with my vision and values. When most experts told me that I’d have to hustle harder to achieve my goals, my coaches were the ones who helped me see how I could work smarter.

I’m living proof that you can both build a meaningful business and enjoy a meaningful life. 

Over the last 15 years as a small business owner, I’ve grown The CEO Collective into a company has generated millions serving thousands of women entrepreneurs, all while working an average of 25 hours a week so I can be a present mom to my three kids (ages 14, 14, and 11), partner to my husband Jameson of 17 years, and help manage the care of my aging parents. 

When you choose me as your coach, we will link arms to help you:

Clarify Your Vision

If you’ve created success for yourself and your business but you are still dreaming of more, coaching starts with getting clarity on your personal and professional definition of success, the values that guide your decision making, and casting a compelling vision that gets you excited for your work again.

Embrace CEO Confidence

It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone. Not so easy? Leaning into your growth edge as you take action towards your vision despite the emotional discomfort.

You’ll be supported in learning to regulate your nervous system and build your CEO confidence as you make bold moves.

Accelerate Your Results

If you want to grow your business, you can go the trial and error route… 

… or you can accelerate your results by working directly with a coach who has helped thousands of small business owners solve the very issues you are facing and implement a research backed, client tested growth framework.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level and are looking for strategic and trustworthy guidance from a true expert, Racheal is exactly who you want on your team. She’s provided both strategic planning and invaluable advice that’s helped me grow two businesses.

Racheal has an unparalleled understanding of both the online and offline business landscape making her truly unique. I can’t recommend working with her highly enough!

Nicole Otchy

CEO of The Styling Consultancy

Now Booking Summer 2024 VIP Days

Nearly every summer since I started my business, I’ve taken advantage of the slower season to dig into a big project for my business that had been sitting in my idea parking lot for months (or even years).

Summer projects have included:

⭐️ Shifting my business from 1×1 coaching to creating my very first online course as I delivered it LIVE for 12 straight weeks, then turned it into an on-demand training.

⭐️ Editing the original Fired Up & Focused Challenge into a book (and recording the audio version in the closet of my in-laws house during vacation *if you’re a podcaster, you know closets are great for recording audio*).

⭐️ Batch recording 4-5 podcast episodes a day for a straight week so I could finally get ahead and stop being the bottleneck in content production.

⭐️ Spending many afternoons with my designer working out exactly how to translate my bullet journal planner into an actual print product – The CEO Planner.

⭐️ Planning for the full pivot of my business towards The CEO Collective including new brand, website, membership site, and programming.

⭐️ Working through all the trademarks, contracts, and content to launch our 90 Day CEO Certified Professionals program!

If you’re anything like me, you also have an idea parking lot aka a list of things you’d love to work on in your business that you just don’t have bandwidth to tackle the rest of the year.

During your VIP Intensive Day, we’ll come together in a lightening round mastermind to determine the biggest priority for your business, create a strategy to achieve it, and map out the steps to make it happen.

We can do a full-day or half-day, in-person in Richmond VA or virtually.

And you’ll get massive momentum on one of your summer projects!

What Does a VIP Day With Racheal Look Like?

Pre-VIP Day Prep Work

Prior to kicking off your VIP Day, you’ll receive a workbook to complete. This will allow me to pop the hood on your business, get a good look around, and ensure that we can jump directly into strategy on our day together.


We start by assess the 5 pillars of The 90 Day CEO Operating System in your existing business and determine what we need to focus on first, then roll up our sleeves to work thorugh the most pressing challenges in your business.

CEO Strategy Map

Once we’ve had your strategy deep dive, I’ll create your custom CEO Strategy Map. This document outlines your specific business growth goals, recommendations, and next steps to help us stay focused during our time together.

30 Days of Voxer Access

For a month following your VIP Day, you’ll have priority Voxer access directly to me (Monday – Friday). Have a question? Sticky client or team situation? This voice messaging app allows us to communicate asynchronously so you literally have support in your back-pocket.

30 Day Check In Session

After your VIP Day, we’ll schedule a check-in 1×1 call about 30 days out. This allows you plenty of time to review your CEO Strategy Map, begin implementing, and get some extra support as you do.

After two years working with Racheal and her team, I’m more consistent and comfortable in my business. I’m able to step away from the day-to-day more – the hours that I’m not there physically working in the business, I’m able to be with my family. In the past, I was always like working behind the scenes even during my first maternity leave.

This past year I had another maternity leave for my second baby and I had a hand injury (that kept me from seeing patients), and I was able to just be off and be able to focus on myself, my family, and my recovery.

Dr. Lisa Griffith

CEO RVA Chiropractic & Wellness

You + Me = Massive Momentum

Coaching at this level isn’t the right fit for everyone, but it might be the perfect next step to help you create massive momentum in your business if:


Your business generates $250K+ annual revenue or you are on track to reach that this year


You want to go from being a one-woman show to real CEO (with a team that runs day to day)


You want to scale your business without sacrificing other areas of your life, health, or relationships

If this sounds like you, schedule your VIP Day to make those dreams your reality!