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When most people think about creating next level success in their business, their first instinct is to talk about next level strategies to grow their business – to get more sales, to get more customers, a lot of marketing & sales focus. 

However, we have seen again and again, that truly creating next level of success in your business is more than sales and marketing. It’s about leadership – stepping into a next level of leadership for yourself, for your clients, for your community and for your team. 

So I want to share with you a peek behind the scenes a snapshot of the live calls that I host within The CEO Collective, where we’re taking some hard topics and really taking a look at how we can step into that next level leadership in our business. 

And in this strategy and support call, several of our CEOs were feeling the weight and exhaustion from the last year (maybe you can relate). We talked about::

➳ What you resist persists aka why resisting real rest (not ‘fake rest’) is slowing you down and clouding your ability to show up and serve

➳ How building a resilient business allows you to take the time off that you really need, knowing that your business and your team can continue running the show without you.

➳ REST as a strategic advantage as your business continues to make more demands on you as your business requires even more leadership, capacity, and ability to navigate challenges in your business.

This excerpt is from a longer call hosted on February 11th 2021 and for the privacy of our clients, does not include live hot-seat coaching conversations.

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