How to Prepare for Next Level Visibility (Even if You Feel Not Ready Yet)

You know you must get in front of more potential clients to grow your business. So you make plans to get more visible, whether it’s through interviews or guest blog posts or videos or whatever. Yet, you feel this anxiety creep up at the thought of getting more visibility.

So what do you do when the concept of putting yourself out there more feels scary and intimidating? In this episode, I dive into how to prepare yourself for more visibility (even if you feel like you’re not ready) so that more opportunities show up more quickly for you and your business.

On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO:

2:57 – Let’s start with the easiest place to set yourself up for success. Ensure these are ready to go before you start the process of increasing visibility.

7:40 – How do I pitch myself? I give an example of how I have everything prepared before an interview and how you can do the same.

10:33 – I make a pitching recommendation that helps if you’re already feeling nervous about putting yourself out there.

12:26 – How do you pitch yourself cold to someone? Follow this process to get the most success out of it.

13:59 – How can you prepare yourself for the mindset challenges that come with more visibility? I discuss my biggest worry about the first attract marketing method I used and how I got over it.

19:19 – I encourage you to do this if you want your visibility strategy to involve video but you feel really self-conscious about it.

24:03 – There’s a dark side to visibility, and it can feel scary for women in particular. What can you do about it?

27:36 – When you pitch yourself and gain visibility, you’re going to get people rejecting you. Here’s the approach I take when that happens.

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