How to Build a Content Strategy for Your Business with Abby Herman

We all know that creating content is a fantastic way to showcase your expertise and your experience and to help potential clients understand why they should work with you. But how do you figure out exactly what that content should be or how to make sure that you’re doing it strategically, not just throwing a bunch of proverbial spaghetti at the wall? Well, in this episode, I am talking with my dear friend, Abby Herman, about how we can get more strategic about our content marketing.

On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO

1:12 – How content marketing has changed the game for the way we get the word out about our business

3:54 – Abby Herman got started helping entrepreneurs with their content strategy when she realized that many of them were writing content just for the sake of writing content. They didn’t have a reason or strategy behind the content they were producing.

6:40 – How Abby figures out what the right content and offers are by figuring out what your audience needs and wants by having conversations with them – which ties in perfectly with our last episode, How 100 Conversations Helped Mado Hesselink Find Her Dream Clients

9:53 – How Abby puts her content strategy together once she’s gone through the process of putting together a list of ideas from having these conversations with actual people

10:48 – What to consider when choosing the one place you put your pillar content – your blog, your podcast, or your YouTube channel

12:10 – How to build on your big idea hosted on your pillar platform with complementary ideas on different platforms

13:51 – Figure out what fits your style by thinking about what you do best and what’s going to be the easiest in the context of your life and your business

17:58 – Abby’s advice on making sure people find the core pieces of content you’re putting out, by putting yourself out there, being visible, and being a guest on podcasts

21:01 – How repurposing can fit into your overall strategy, by re-sharing content, using testimonials on social media and sales pages, and using questions from your audience that you’ve answered

27:25 – Repurposing can re-engage your audience. For example, we have been running the Fired up and Focused Challenge since 2014 and about a quarter of the people who sign up have taken the challenge before.

30:50 – The current trend of not creating content and taking a break from social media is not the answer. Instead, be super strategic and take your time.

33:45 – You can find Abby’s on her website: She will be running a 5-day challenge, Ask Your Audience in Q1 of 2021, helping you talk to your audience and figure out exactly what they need and want so you can create the right content strategy. Join the waiting list here.

35:17 – What it means to Abby to be the CEO in her own business

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