You Love Your Business… But Does Your Business Love You Back?

You’re doing good work with this business of yours. You’re helping people. You’re healing people. This is important stuff you’re doing! And you love it.

It’s how you share your passion and serve your community. You feel so incredibly blessed to be able to do what you love and make a living at it.

But I’ve noticed something in our community – something that I myself have experienced. A business that doesn’t love you back.

Eight years ago, I walked away from what many considered real success.

My new husband and I were days away from closing on a beautiful, brand-spanking-new townhome, and I felt TRAPPED. I knew the minute we signed on the dotted line, I would be signing my life away – one that would keep me in a career I had no passion for, surrounded by people who didn’t inspire me, all to afford this status symbol.

My consulting career didn’t love me back. It left me feeling drained, anxious, and completely uninspired.

When I looked ahead at those further down that career path, I realized that I was on the wrong path.

I had big dreams. I wanted to have it all: Family. Travel. Creativity.

And I wanted to have a meaningful life and do meaningful work.

So I walked. I left a lucrative income to figure out my purpose, where I belonged, and to find my people – the peeps who were into yoga and composting and socially responsible business.

And I found you! Yogis, coaches, healers, and heart-centered entrepreneurs. You completely inspired and lit me up. It was such a breath of fresh air that I dove head-first into building my business The Yogipreneur (which, ironically, was the same pattern that had me burned out with my previous work).

But there was one missing piece to the equation that became apparent when I found out I was preggers with not one, but TWO!

See, my biz wasn’t designed for both you and my family. And I felt torn. Broken-hearted. Was I gonna have to choose between my life’s work and the loves of my life?

Then I stumbled across something amazing. A new perspective. A fresh take on running this business that I loved and nurtured into fruition. And best of all, I found the secret to having it all (or at least, all that was the most important to ME)! The family – the life – and the business of my dreams.

What is the secret to having it all?

The idea of having it all is a loaded question for most working women – especially working moms. But as entrepreneurs, we have an especially unique opportunity to create the freedom, ease, and abundance we desire. We can 100% design our dream businesses around our dream lifestyle.

And the first step: CLARITY.

7 Questions for Biz Love Clarity

Remember those magazine quizzes – Does your dream guy love you? This is the biz love version. We’re gonna discover if your business loves you back! Grab a pen and answer YES or NO to each of these Qs then read your results below.

1. Do you LOVE what you do?

Are you still in love with what you do? While many of us start this journey of entrepreneurship to pursue our passions, there’s a big difference between being passionate about something and turning that something into a business. Is this something you can commit to for the next 2-3 years (because honestly, that’s how long it takes most businesses to stand on their own two feet)?

2. Is it profitable?

Sounds simple enough, right? If your biz can’t pay the bills, you won’t be in biz very long. But I’m often surprised to hear from entrepreneurs who just aren’t sure how much revenue their business generates or how much it actually costs them to run their business… not to mention how much it actually takes to support their lifestyle. Do you have this clarity and know-how to generate what you need?

3. Is it sustainable?

Can you keep up with your business… or are you on the fast track to burn-out? Too often we attempt to squeeze every possible to-do into our already cram-packed schedule. We say YES to another client even when we’re already at capacity (or worse – we aren’t sure what said capacity actually is). Are you tired of feeling like you’re always in emergency mode or behind with your projects?

4. Are you living in your Business Sweet Spot?

What is your Business Sweet Spot? It’s the intersection between your passion, your purpose, and the peeps you’re meant to serve. When your business is built in your Business Sweet Spot, you stand apart from the crowd. Your business comes more easily because you have clarity on what you can uniquely offer your dream clients. (Not sure if you’re in your Business Sweet Spot? Grab my free guide right here!)

5. Do you LOVE your clients?

The best part about being an entrepreneur? You get to decide who you spend your time with! And lovely, life is too short to spend on PITA (pain-in-the-ass) clients who aren’t a perfect fit for you. Are you excited to talk with your clients? Is your time with them leave you feeling lit up?

6. Do you regularly take a Business Savasana?

Do you take a day off from work each week? How about a long weekend each month? When was the last time you went on vacation? Too many entrepreneurs get caught up in working 24/7, checking our iPhones at every possible moment, squeezing in work when what we really need is to take a break. Do you have a regular business savasana in the calendar?

7. Do you LOVE your life?

Possibly the most important question of them all – does your business allow you to live a life you truly LOVE? Do you have time for your family, friends, other interests or hobbies? Do you regularly move your body (aka exercise?) Do you take precious care of yourself with regular self-care and rest? Are you living a life you love, right now, instead of waiting for someday?

Does Your Business Love You Back?

Give yourself 1 point for each YES and 0 points for each NO.

7 Points. Congrats lovely – your business loves you as much as you love your business! You’ve got a solid foundation in place. Your focus? Master the art of balancing your growing business with your full, beautiful life.

5-6 Points. Great news – your business really likes you! You’ve got a few areas to work on, but with a little TLC, your business will love you back in no time. Your focus? Spend time with the questions you answered NO and turn them into a YES (and the entire month of April will be full of insights for you)!

1-4 Points. Oy. Hate to say this, love, but your business just isn’t into you. In fact, your business might need some serious Biz Love attention. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Your focus? Check out the business resources we have for you here.

I’d love to hear from you. Does your business love you back? Where do you need to give your biz some love + attention? Let me know in the comments below!

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