Uncomplicate Your Business: April Q&A with Racheal

Listen in as we cover:

  • How do you create a model calendar or a 90-day plan when time can be so unpredictable? (answer at 1:10)
  • What is your process of creating content upgrades as DIYer? (answer at 8:27)
  • How do you deliver your content once you’ve created it? (answer at 11:20)
  • What are some strategies when you’re tired, feeling distant with your business, and just don’t feel like selling or promoting anything? (answer at 15:33)
  • What are your tips for writing a great sales page for an online course? (answer at 26:16)
  • What are your tips for growing your tribe or warming up a new audience? (answer at 29:25)
  • Is the CEO retreat only for coaches? (answer at 32:25)
  • What are your tips for time management? Where do I even begin with prioritizing tasks? (answer at 35:02)
  • I started a blog a few years ago and I have neglected it a bit since. Do you recommend picking up where I left off or scrapping it and starting fresh? (answer at 38:26)