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Why Creating Your Own Support System is Essential for Women Entrepreneurs

by | Last updated: Apr 14, 2022 | Podcast

I’ve hosted 16 CEO Retreats over the past two years. 16!

And let me tell you, the women that show up to these events truly blow me away every. Single. Time. They are smart, savvy, and most importantly, they know that they do NOT need more information – they need a support system and implementation to build successful businesses at all stages.

One of my favorite parts of hosting these retreats are the conversations that I have with these CEOs. Sometimes it’s at the retreat, and sometimes it’s at happy hour afterward, but we are having higher-level conversations about the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a woman entrepreneur. And let me tell you, the frustration is REAL.

This week, I share the biggest struggles that women CEOs are facing, how to move forward from them, and what I’m doing to create support systems for higher-level dialogue and learning for female entrepreneurs.

Here’s what you’ll hear in this episode:

1:42 A review from listener Josh Crist. Want to leave your own thoughts and help get my show in front of more people? You can do so on the Apple Podcast app!

3:17 The conversations and inspiration behind my upcoming launch of the CEO Collective, and what I’ve learned from hosting 16 (wow!) CEO Retreats.

6:10 The frustrating online marketing/coaching vortex of high-pressure sales tactics that are leaving women entrepreneurs disappointed when the tools don’t match the hype.

10:21 How you’re being tricked into thinking your problem is your mindset or motivation when you’re really looking for a higher-level strategy.

11:23 The male-dominated strategy space and why it is truly unfit and harmful for women entrepreneurs.

14:38 Why the women’s entrepreneurship space is geared toward beginners and hobbyists, and the struggles of loneliness for the women that are operating businesses in the six-figure-and-up range.

15:45 How being the smartest person in the room is limiting your growth and innovation, and how you can surround yourself with a new support system that will challenge you.

16:44 What I’m doing to build space for high-performing women CEOs that are ready for completely different conversations with the CEO Retreat and CEO Collective.

19:03 Managing information input, handling FOMO, and avoiding “just in case” information consumption with a “just in time” information consumption method.

21:54 Evaluating WHO you’re getting your information from, and navigating false, crafted credibility in order to get the results you are looking for.

26:00 Getting out of the online communities and building a genuine support system through the speed of your relationships with coffee dates, networking, and event attendance.

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