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Keep it Simple and Strategic and Start a Podcast

by | Last updated: Apr 10, 2022 | Podcast

Industry and niche podcasts have proven to be incredible assets for business owners. So it’s no surprise that one of the top questions I hear from women entrepreneurs and CEOs is about how to start a podcast.

That’s why I invited my podcast producer and husband Jameson Cook to help me cover the basic logistics, tech, and content strategy you’ll want to consider when launching your show.

We recorded two episodes together that we’re sharing this week:

The first is all about logistics: the hardware and software you’ll need to record, produce, and share your show.

The second is all about content: the work that goes into planning a content strategy that will best serve your audience, and your business.

Check them out here if you have a specific question; the answer might be marked by a timestamp below. And of course, you can find direct links to all our recommendations at the bottom of this page.

04:00 The value of podcasting for delivering content and marketing to your audience today.
08:00 What to consider when picking a title and writing a description for your show.
10:45 Categorizing your show for recognition on podcast players; choosing categories for your audience and ideal listeners.
14:00 Designing your podcast art so that it stands out in your category and niche.
15:30 Selecting music and an intro for your show that reflects your brand, voice, and the tone you want.
19:30 How much should you worry about your microphone or voice recording hardware?
22:00 Recording and editing software: highly recommended and commonly used zero-cost options!
23:30 Hosting your podcast for distribution to all the various podcast playing services.
26:00 Resources for podcasters, including ShePodcasts and outsourcing options and professionals (like JamesonCook;)

02:00 Deciding the type of show structure that will work best for you: solo, co-hosted, interview, etc.
07:30 Considering your niche and planning content that delivers what your audience is asking for.
09:30 Being mindful of the service your show will provide: is it educational in nature? motivational? entertaining?
11:30 Preparing a launch strategy for your show: using a placeholder episode and – when you’re ready – launching with a suite of introductory content.
17:00 Begin with the end in mind: what product, program, or service do you have that your audience might need?
28:30 Preparing your content for recording, and recording tips. (#1: Use an outline, not a script!)

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References and Resources: – Schedule a free consult call if you’re looking for editing, production, and content strategy help with your podcast.

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