Wait! Are You Actually Ready To Scale Your Business? (Mistakes When People Attempt to Jump Into Scaling Too Quickly)

With the availability of many social media platforms today, you’d think it would be fast and easy to launch any type of business. Reaching and selling to a lot of people seems to be a task you can easily tick off your to-do list as an entrepreneur. This is a misconception which many CEO aspirants fail to realize at the beginning. To get business going, we need to address this issue.

To be able to start scaling your business, first, you must understand the basics of entrepreneurship. This is a crucial stage that no CEO aspirant should skip. What are the steps that you need to take in order to scale your business? In this episode, we identify the points which you need to tackle before you can even plan to make your business bigger. Join me as I dig deep into the foundations of a successful business.


On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO:

1:44 – I talk about being approached by entrepreneurs who have tried several tactics but are still unable to scale their business.

2:36 – Is there really a specific tactic needed to scale your business?

3:00 – I share my thought process in deciding business scaling readiness.

4:30 – What are the different stages of business growth?

6:23 – Find out why you’re not getting the sales you were hoping for.

11:40 – I emphasize the importance of being clear about what your business offers.

13:40 – Pay attention to the people who respond to what you offer. You’ll be surprised about what it can actually do for your business.

15:24 – Do you have a marketing system in place? How do you capture and nurture potential clients?

20:52 – How much time are you able to spend marketing your business?

21:47 – I explain how to get clients to commit to your business offer.

27:45 – Persistence is key!

29:50 – What goes into building your support team?

30:42 – Have you built your business in the right structure? 

34:59 – Learn the ways to make sure that your business is fully protected.

37:00 – Are you paying yourself a solid salary?

39:01 – I wrap up with some final thoughts.

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