Recharging Your Human Battery with Dr. Crystal Frazee

Imagine being so exhausted at the end of the week that you immediately put on your pajamas, pour yourself a glass (or two) of wine, and crash. By the time the last few hours of the day arrive, you’re just completely drained and have no energy for anything. Then you start all over again on Monday morning!

This cycle impacts our lives and our business in a big way. In today’s episode, my guest Dr. Crystal Frazee talks about how we can learn to tune into our body’s battery and figure out which activities and interactions deplete and increase our charge. Then we can make smarter decisions that have us show up more pleasantly and powerfully on a daily basis. Get ready for a game-changing conversation!


On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO:

6:38 – Crystal found out the true cause of women’s complex illnesses and pains. It turned her practice around.

11:22 – Crystal focuses on calling out this underlying issue causing us to busy ourselves to the point of burnout.

15:49 – How do you know when you’re being taken off track? Crystal covers three areas to pay attention to so you can recognize signs of your body’s battery depletion.

21:12 – Even though you’re on a 24-hour cycle, you shouldn’t let your charge hit 0%. These technological tools help you keep track.

31:16 – Find out what you can do to recharge your battery. Crystal breaks her program down into three parts.

36:00 – When you have signs of burnout, how long can it take you to recover?

37:35 – As a parent of young kids, I initially fought against bettering my sleep, but here’s what I did to improve.

40:17 – Don’t do this if you want better sleep to come easily to you. It’s the antithesis of your body’s nature.

42:44 – Crystal discusses implementing boundaries so we can care for ourselves better and keep charged up. She even walks us through a short exercise.

48:30 – What signals a strong yes or no for you? Here’s how most people can tell.

50:19 – Pay attention to these two concepts related to boundaries and caring for your body battery.

53:30 – Crystal reveals what you must remember whenever you decide to say no.

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