Pricing Your Genius to Perfectly Match Your Financial Goals with Jacquette Timmons

Pricing is an uncomfortable subject for entrepreneurs that brings up all of our money mindset challenges. It often feels easier to just play safe when setting our price in order to not appear greedy to potential clients. So if pricing has ever been a sticking point for you, you’ll love today’s episode! I’ve invited my dear friend and financial behaviorist Jacquette Timmons to talk about the human side of money and how to determine the right price for us that honors what we do and helps us achieve our ultimate business and financial goals.


On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO:

6:59 – How did talking about the human side of pricing become such a huge part of Jacquette’s messaging?

9:33 – With money, Jacquette’s framework involves a few core areas to look at. Her process involves approaching them in a different, better way.

11:39 – Pricing has four jobs. What are we conditioned to do as entrepreneurs that needs reconsideration?

14:29 – Jacquette brings up another hard choice that women entrepreneurs can be confronted with.

16:49 – Jacquette reveals some common mistakes she’s seen people make when it comes to re-evaluating price points.

22:17 – Why has exclusivity and high-end service really stood the test of time, despite high prices?

27:50 – How does Jacquette help people approach the mindset block many have around raising prices? She provides two ways to shift your mindset, and one’s definitely easier than the other.

30:18 – We briefly discuss applying the “blue ocean strategy” to your business, as well as making another game-changing move when the opportunity inevitably arises.

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