Narrow Your Niche with Mindy Totten

Have you ever heard the saying, “the riches are in the niches?” This has become a huge marketing catchphrase, but if you’re like many entrepreneurs I’ve worked with, you may still have some fears about niching down.

If so, then be sure to listen in to this episode of Uncomplicate Your Business. I’m talking with Mindy Totten of The Bodywork Project all about how she was able to niche down her business as a cranial-sacral therapist.

I invited Mindy on to share how taking a massive leap into a very very defined niche led her to:

  • An absolutely full calendar, booked to wait-list capacity!
  • The freedom to work hands-on only TWO days a week!
  • And the dream of working with the most perfect-for-you clients!

Mindy shares how the overwhelm from offering more to a wide audience can be remedied by leaning into your dream work, and the niche that’s perfect for you.

Here’s a quick guide to our conversation about Mindy’s amazing journey, from world-traveling English teacher to bodywork patient, to cranial-sacral specialist:

06:10 Mindy’s experience leaving her career, and her first experience with bodywork
13:30 What led her to choose to niche down her business, and how her clients responded.
16:30 How niching down actually helped her be seen as the specialist!
20:00 How Mindy built a steady clientele after niching down.
25:00 Facing the fears of stepping into guidance roles with your clients.
29:20 Mindy’s new venture: The Bodywork Project

So if you can see potential in narrowing your niche and want to hear how you can approach that shift with your business and clients, listen to Mindy’s experience.

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