From Not Ready Yet to Ready for Next Level Visibility with Stylist Nicole Otchy

As women, we so often hate our bodies.

We tear ourselves apart when we look in the mirror.

We relentlessly compare ourselves to other women.

We let our self-worth plummet based on the number on the scale.

And as entrepreneurs, that usually means we stop showing up.

I’ve talked to so many amazing women that won’t put themselves out there because of their crippling fear of visibility.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret:

The problem is NOT your body, it’s your clothes.

Instead of making excuses to not invest in our wardrobe (like “I’ll buy new clothes once I lose weight” or “I’m low maintenance, I don’t need anything new.”) it’s time to understand the powerful impact that your style can have on your business.

This week, I welcomed my dear friend and stylist, Nicole Otchy, to have a conversation about how you can use your clothes to move past your fear of visibility and be respected as the go-to expert in your field.

This week on Promote Yourself to CEO:

1:40 I share how Nicole and I met and she introduces herself and goes more in-depth on the unexpected path that she took to becoming a professional stylist.

7:11 We get honest about the insecurities that so many women face as they increase their personal visibility and what might trigger them throughout their style journey.

8:38 How visibility has changed since Nicole and I both started our businesses and why now it is more important than ever.

11:30 I recount my 2016 photoshoot experience and how stressful it really was, along with the lessons I learned from doing it.

14:00 Nicole’s tips for planning your wardrobe ahead of time, and the mindset shift that we as women need to make around shopping.

16:20 The benefits of a capsule wardrobe, and why I personally invested in one for myself.

19:30 Tips for how to dress for working from home and video calls, especially for those that are doing either for the first time because of the pandemic.

24:40 Making things a priority that are holding you back from saying “yes” to opportunities, even if you like to be low maintenance (like me).

26:25 Getting to the root of your insecurities as a CEO and how they might project into your style – whether you are brand new to having a business or you’re currently leveling up.

28:59 Understanding how investing in your style is really investing in your marketing and advertising, and how to make each of those live on well into the future.

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