Market Your Genius Confidently and Competently with Nikki Nash

Raise your hand if you’ve never felt comfortable as a promoter of your business. Today’s episode is for you! I’m joined by speaker, Hay House author, marketing mentor, and dear friend Nikki Nash who’s written a new book called Market Your Genius. Nikki is here to share how she helps women entrepreneurs do business more confidently and package and leverage their expertise for real revenue growth. Her approach is one of the smartest ways of helping women I’ve heard yet, and I can’t wait for you to hear this conversation.


On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO:

5:39 – Nikki took a bit of a long, winding road to entrepreneurship. She gives a little background about herself.

10:33 – What makes Nikki’s approach to marketing your knowledge different from other mentors?

14:14 – Is Nikki’s approach the same as brand building? It’s similar, but she adds another layer to it that helps your business live beyond you.

17:31 – Nikki quickly describes the 3-step marketing genius process she walks people through.

19:52 – Here’s something people (many new entrepreneurs, especially) don’t realize about mindset and business growth.

23:13 – How do trends and changes in marketing tactics fit into Nikki’s way of doing things? She discusses how solopreneurs need to approach social marketing differently.

31:13 – Nikki reveals another huge mistake so many entrepreneurs make that prevents them from gaining momentum. It’s tied to something that most marketers don’t talk about.

37:29 – Once, Nikki had a Facebook Live show she thought was a waste of time, so she quit. But, months later, it led to something… grand.

42:22 – I wrap up the episode with a few key takeaways Nikki and I discussed. 

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