CEO Confession: Lifeproofing Your Business with Mindy Totten

Is your business life-proof?

Could your business withstand a HUGE personal loss?

Can your business support you while you are going through turbulence in your life?

So often, we’re asking ourselves these questions too late. And if we wait until AFTER the huge personal loss, our attempts to recover can often be too little, too late. While we might not want to face it, it’s realistic that entrepreneurs will face a major life change AT LEAST every two years.

This week, the CEO Confessions series continues on Promote Yourself to CEO with one of my amazing CEO Accelerator clients: Mindy Totten. Mindy is a successful craniosacral therapist who has shifted her business to coach other bodyworkers looking to level up their business. One of the things I love so much about Mindy is that she is willing to talk about the hard parts of being an entrepreneur without holding back.

On this episode, she is opening up about the loss of a family member and how she kept her business going during this extremely challenging time.

Here’s what you’ll hear on this episode:

4:25 Mindy shares background on her business and the tragic loss that she faced at a critical time in her business.

8:21 Being transparent with your support system so that you can get honest advice and decide when it is really necessary to press pause on some parts of your business.

11:36 Overcoming perfectionist habits and giving yourself permission to go off schedule when it is right for you.

13:56 How to ask for help, even when it feels like you’re going overboard, without feeling needy.

16:29 What parts of your business you can plan and batch ahead of time so that in the case of a tragedy, you can put your business into maintenance mode even when you’re not able to show up 100%.

20:05 The clarity that you can face on the other side of a tragedy that will help you to give yourself permission to live the life you want.

23:52 Moving forward after a loss with new vision and motivation to show up as yourself, and why that will help you have more fun as an entrepreneur.

25:50 Mindy tells us what being the CEO means to her, and why she won’t apologize for it.

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