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Behind the Scenes: Launching a Group Program with Judi Fox

by | Last updated: Apr 10, 2022 | Podcast

Have you been wondering if now is the time for you to turn all of your years of experience working one on one with your clients into a group program or an online course?

Well, recently I was being interviewed by my friend and LinkedIn expert Judy Fox on her podcast and ended up having a live coaching session.

She was wondering if now is a time to take all of the work that she had been doing with her corporate clients and one on one private clients and turn that expertise into a group program.

She took all of the information we talked about and ran with it, so I invited her to join me on my podcast today to share her lessons learned as she created and launched her very first group program:

6:00 Judi’s experience was with corporate consulting and 1×1 work as the go-to person for LinkedIn strategy. Getting to interview Racheal for her own podcast led to the creation and launch of her first online group program.

9:30 The beta round: Judi kept it simple… nothing on the back end of the offering, no Facebook group, not even a fully planned scheduler. She knew her offer, sold it, and worried about streamlining the process afterward (so that she knew what needed to be streamlined!)

12:30 When the need arose for a community component, Judi created a LinkedIn group chat, keeping her clients on the platform where she had the most experience, comfort, and expertise!

14:30 How Judi outlined the process and content in her program, and the insights she got from teaching this to a group as opposed to working one on one (*Hint* Group members get A LOT from a little 1×1 feedback.)

19:30 Judi’s developments after her early 2019 beta rounds, client wins, and takeaways. And a smart way to diversify your presence across platforms while respecting the limits of your time.

24:45 The value of LinkedIn as a professional platform, unlike so many other social media that’s about every possible connection, from friends and family to college roommates and dating.

27:00 How client results and the beta experience has informed Judi about the ways she should uplevel the program. The biggest values come from allowing time for personal implementation, and group accountability.

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