Values Based Leadership and Becoming an Imperfect Ally with Erica Courdae

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Being a CEO means rumbling with tough topics, standing for our values, and leading our organizations and businesses with conviction and purpose.

It also means we don’t have all the answers – and it’s OK to ask for help, support, and education so we can do better.

In this episode, we are talking with Erica Courdae about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and becoming an Imperfect Ally:

  • How rebranding her beauty business to be more inclusive (especially for LGBT+ weddings) kickstarted her journey to encouraging others to become Imperfect Allies.
  • Why the old ‘don’t talk about politics or religion’ felt completely out of alignment and why Erica was 100% OK with letting go of those wrong fit clients.
  • How you are voting with your dollars and taking the time to make sure everywhere you are spending money is in alignment with what you believe and stand for.
  • The impact that ConvertKit (the email service provider I use and recommend) made when they made a misstep in attempting to rebrand to Seva and 100% owned up to the mistake.
  • From implicit biases to intent vs impact… conversations that Erica is having with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them come back into alignment with their values.
  • How to avoid Business Catfishing by adding imagery of diverse people without doing the actual diversity, equity, and inclusion work.
  • Why we need to really examine the sources of information and inspiration we are learning from and get outside our small bubbles that are holding us back from seeing people different from ourselves.
  • How social media algorithms actually can keep us in our bubble and may be preventing you from interacting with people different from you.
  • Areas in your business – from your content to your events to your speaking gigs to your network – that tell the world about your values systems whether you intend to do this or not.
  • The first step: Getting clarity on your values in your business. Check out her free workbook right here.
  • We all need to be DISRUPTORS. Be the person speaking from your expertise and your point of view and bring more voices along with you.
  • How Erica is leaning into more support as her work is becoming more and more in demand.

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