How to Go Pitch Yourself with Angie Trueblood

Have you ever seen an entrepreneur or influencer just come out of nowhere and suddenly & everyone is talking about them?

They are interviewed on all the top podcasts.

They are being shared and tagged all over social media.

They are getting mentioned in articles and blog posts.

And you start to wonder?

How did they do that?

Well, it’s not magic.

Inside this episode, I’ve invited friend and client Angie Trueblood to share her expertise in biz visibility and how YOU can become that next industry-household name by learning to pitch yourself.

2:00 Racheal shares her favorite method of 3 online marketing strategies… and confesses it’s a struggle!

4:00 Angie’s journey from corporate America to becoming an online “pitch queen,” and how she realized something that came naturally and seemed obvious to her was actually her zone of genius.

10:00 Why Angie picked podcasts (and specifically podcast interviews) as the MVP of the visibility game, and how to go into and come out of them with pitches ready.

19:00 Time to highlight the BIGGEST mistakes people make when it comes to pitching… and how you can avoid them!

25:00 Key takeaways: It’s all about personalization. Know the individual you’re pitching yourself to, know their audience, know the style of their interview, podcast, or blog.

So there you have it, friends!

I am so grateful to Angie for sharing all her insights and helping entrepreneurs get the visibility they need to do their own good work! Make sure you go check out her free workflow and training to start pitching yourself here.


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