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Episode 59: Are You Ready for the Dream Team?

* Please note: We have 4 lovely ladies as part of today’s episode. In order to keep these show notes tidy, we have summarized our discussion below. Please listen to the above link to hear the entire interview.

Do you need real support behind the scenes in your business? Maybe the idea of hiring a team has been a little overwhelming or you’re just not sure if you’re ready to bring some people in behind the scenes.

Having a team in place really makes my life as an entrepreneur much, much easier. It allows me to focus on the high-impact activities that are both going to reach more people, serve more people, and help me to continue growing the business.

Today my team is joining me to help share some insight into what they see behind the scenes in my own business and many other businesses to answer the question, are you ready for the dream team?

Introducing my Dream Team:

  • Amber is our Operations Manager, Online Business Manager, back end person. She helps manage the team and keeps the technical stuff works together.
  • Katie handles miscellaneous WordPress items and our sites running smoothly.
  • Lane is our first contact point for anybody trying to reach me or get information about any of our programs. She’s such a huge part of making sure our people are well taken care of.

You Might Be Ready For a Dream Team If…

If you find yourself trying to implement a new program or strategy and find yourself saying “This is not my language. I cannot do this.” It’s fantastic for an entrepreneur to have someone to implement the things that they come up with so they come to fruition.

When you see yourself in your day and you’re being pulled away from revenue generating activities. They may not your zone of genius and they take so much of your time that you’re not getting your offer out there.

You’re not connecting with your paying clients. I think that’s when it’s time to step back and look at “where am I spending my time. Where do I get the most benefit from my time when I’m working on my business and how can I bring in help?”

If you get caught up all your time in the admin and in the customer service pieces. They’re not going to move your business forward. They can become a place where a lot of people get stuck and it keeps their business from making the progress that they want.

You might be hesitant to hire somebody, but…

You might think that hiring somebody means actually having an employee. But that has changed so much because now there’s virtual assistants who you can hire for an hour at a time.

You don't have to hire somebody for 20 or 40 hours a week. You can hire people for just a few hours a week.Click To Tweet

You know you need the Dream Team when:

You find yourself stuck on those customer service and admin types of tasks and you’re not able to focus on the higher level work.

The higher level work that actually is working with clients or creating new programs or getting out there and reaching and serving more people.

What could $500 a month do for you in your business?

  • You could have a regular person on admin and in your inbox.
  • You could have someone help with billing and payment tracking.
  • You could have someone assist with growing and nurturing your community.
  • Backup technical support
  • Someone to help you implement new opt-ins and processes

Bringing someone on and spending maybe not even up to $500. But having that person in place that regularly gets to know your business, gets to know your customers, gets to know all your policies and procedures, and even helps you set up your policies and procedures in these areas can be a huge, huge relief.