From Struggling to Selling Out Offers: A Case Study with Leesa Klich

You’re doing everything right. You’re offering a ton of content to get people in the door. But no matter what you do in your business, you only get a sale here or there. You’re just not seeing the results you want. So how can you make more sales?

My guest today, CEO Collective founding member Leesa Klich, is a health writer and blogging expert who helps health and wellness professionals use engaging research-based content to build their practices. In this bonus episode, she reveals the strategic tweaks she made in the foundation of her business that took her from struggling to sell a thing to selling out her offers and generating her best revenue month ever.


On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO:

9:01 – Leesa shares the vision she had for herself that prompted the restructuring of her business model.

12:26 – How did Leesa transition from serving one person at a time to multiple people simultaneously while also raising her prices?

20:11 – Leesa reveals what she has and hasn’t done to market herself and her business. Introverts especially will want to pay attention to this!

24:43 – You can get stuck in this quagmire as an entrepreneur. What does it take to be the most successful possible in your marketing efforts?

28:03 – Leesa created an even bigger offer to sell. She discusses the process of how she came up with and then refined her idea for a white label course.

30:24 – How did Leesa feel about increasing her price point again with the introduction of her course? I had to really work with her to get her pricing mindset right on this.

33:32 – Leesa discusses her audience’s response upon launching the course and what increased her confidence in raising her price.

38:15 – What’s next for Leesa? She tells us where she’s most excited to put her focus for now and advice for anyone considering joining The CEO Collective.

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