CEO Confession: The Dark Side of Visibility with MegAnne Ford

One of the hardest parts of running your own business that no one talks about?


Showing up and putting yourself out there online is EXTREMELY vulnerable. I still remember the fear I had about just DOING a photoshoot, let alone running Facebook ads with my own pictures. I wondered what people would think when they saw a plus-sized mom of three with gray hair and wrinkles on their feed.

It was terrifying.

This week, I’m excited to share another episode of the CEO Confessions series featuring amazing parenting coach and founder of Be Kind Coaching, MegAnne Ford. We talk about the reality of visibility, online bullying, and finding community that will lift you up when you need it most.

Here’s what you’ll hear in this episode:

3:15 I share my personal story of how fear of visibility held me back from doing a photoshoot for four YEARS, and how I dealt with people attacking my biggest insecurities online.

7:37 MegAnne shares her journey from preschool teacher to parenting coach, her battles with anxiety, and how she did my Fired Up and Focused Challenge just two months after starting her business.

12:23 How MegAnne learned from her roommate’s purchasing behavior and started using Instagram stories to promote her own business.

16:14 The importance of understanding your audiences so you can show up differently on different platforms to cultivate the right relationships to be successful.

19:08 Putting out bold messaging and strong opinions and how polarizing it can be for your audience, and the very specific post that MegAnne put out that caused an uproar online.

27:12 Leaning into communities, both online and in-person, to get advice, support, and accountability from like-minded people.

31:20 How MegAnne used her expertise of children to learn that bullies are really just missing a need, and how that enabled her to actually provide love and support for those bullying her.

35:46 MegAnne introduces her new podcast, and how she used her bullying experience to come full circle and build something that she used to be afraid of.

37:20 Understanding visibility is not optional as a CEO, and understanding that logically, any press is good press and can help your SEO.

40:05 What being the CEO means to MegAnne for yourself, your community, and your inner bully.

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