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CEO Confession: Overcoming Comparisonitis

by | Last updated: Apr 10, 2022 | Podcast

Let me know if this sounds familiar –

You’re scrolling through Instagram and you come across a post from someone who started their business around the same time you did.

You’ve been on such a similar journey but suddenly, it feels like they have just taken off and you start to feel like you’re left behind.

And every time you see a post from them or email from them, you start to feel triggered and frustrated because it’s bringing up feelings of not good enoughwhy am I not getting these kinds of results? why am I not where they are?

If you’ve felt this way, you are not alone!

Today, I want to talk a bit about this comparisonitis and this feeling of not enough in this CEO Confession:

1:58 The first CEO Confession on Instagram that inspired this entire CEO Confession series

5:45 A glimpse into one of the hardest seasons of my life when my husband’s depression forced me to step back from business to put my family first.

6:51 How my coach snapped me out of this downward spiral of comparisonitis by challenging me to compare apples to apples – what was going on in their lives vs. yours? How were the situations different?

9:06 My realization that despite going through this rough patch, my business actually did awesome! It stayed steady even when I stepped back and scaled down my team and revenue.

9:54 Why you’ve gotta run your own race – in business, life, parenting – and stop comparing yourself to others

10:32 This is beyond your business being lifeproof for 2 weeks! Could your business handle a long-term blip where you need to prioritize your life or family or health for a year?

11:40 How I shifted my perspective from wins in my business to celebrating the wins that my clients had achieved through working with me

14:45 Questions to overcome comparisonitis – What are you proud of? What are they saying/doing that is triggering you?

16:35 My realization that this feeling of comparison and even jealousy may be a deeper insight into what you really want to create or do with your own career.

17:45 Why I’m letting go of arbitrary self-imposed deadlines of ‘achieving X by age Y’ and instead getting focused to consistent progress and commitment to the path that I am on.

19:35 My realization that the people I was looking at didn’t have a specific moment that unlocked their hockey-stick-growth – they just stayed CONSISTENT with the strategies that fit them best.

20:52 Questions to overcome comparisonitis – What do you like about what they are doing and what do you NOT like? What would you do differently? Remind yourself to do things YOUR WAY. Be discerning!

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