Everything You Want is Outside of Your Comfort Zone

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I have a CEO Confession – I’ve gotten a bit lazy in my business.

After years of working to grow my business, once it finally got to the point where I was paying myself a great salary and everything was incredibly consistent and predictable, the last few years I’ve been hesitant to really do something new.

What if I break my business?

What if I rock the boat too much?

What if I make a huge mistake and suddenly I can’t pay the mortgage and support my family?

Well – in today’s episode – I’m taking you behind the scenes and sharing a conversation that I had with my online mastermind about how I’m breaking out of my comfort zone, why I invested $30K into my own leadership coach, and how I found clarity on what’s next for my business:

13:20 Why I spent $30K to hire a leadership coach for 2019 – and why it took me over a year to find my own coach and mastermind that I felt was a safe space for me

16:25 I’m here to lead ambitious women who are here to redefine the new economy. If the old system doesn’t work, let’s create a new one!

17:44 The journaling questions that my coach challenged me to answer to find clarity. What is my space? What do I stand for?

19:30 Once your needs are met, once your income goals are met, what’s next? IMPACT. What does that mean to you?

22:00 The wage gap exists in entrepreneurship too! On average, women in business earn 28% less than men. I’m here to help close that wage gap – and that included looking at the gaps in my own business where I was underpriced and WAYYYY overdelivering.

26:25 Why men don’t get asked “How Do You Do It All?” – and why women need to unapologetically hire support both in the home and in their business.

29:50 Why women need to put themselves on the to-do list. Self-care isn’t about bubble baths. It’s about protecting the asset (YOU) and fierce boundaries.

33:10 Why women need to take 100% responsibility for their actions, mindset, and results – including not being codependent or enabling with their clients – and how I’ve navigated this as an ACOA.

34:45 There is a difference between empowering others and enabling others!

38:00 Why we need to create clear containers and boundaries in your business – as Brene Brown says, CLEAR IS KIND! You don’t have to bend over backward.

38:50 Why crowdsourcing decision and depending on your coach, a facebook group, or your biz bff to help you make decisions is holding you back

40:32 Women – we need to VOTE WITH OUR DOLLARS. When women make more money, they invest back into their families, they hire other women, they donate more. When we have more money – we have more economic power to support causes that we care about.

46:32 It’s time to stop with the Guru Worshipping. It’s time to use common sense and DISCERNMENT to decide who you are going to take advice and information from. You don’t have to be in the cool kids club to be successful.

49:11 Why I’m committed to creating my own rooms – my own events and masterminds – that are DESIGNED for women.

53:15 Why I DGAF about the haters and the critics – and I refuse to let them hold me back anymore.

Today’s Challenge! Spend some time journaling on these questions:

1) What do you stand for in the space you (your business) are in?
2) What are you no longer available for? What are you saying NO to? What is a hard boundary?
3) What does IMPACT mean for you?
4) What is your Zone of Genius?

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