Case Study: How Designer Margaret Cogswell 4X Revenue in 12 Months

Imagine that you’ve spent 2 years trying to get your business off the ground…

… working and hustling to the point of burnout…

… only to bring in $20K a year for all that hard work.

That’s exactly where Margaret Cogswell was when she walked into the room for the first CEO Retreat last year.

She’d put in 2 years, hit burnout, and seriously started to doubt her abilities to get any further in her business.

So I had to celebrate when just a few months later, she posted that she had just closed her first $5K month ever in her business (that’s 2X what she had been making on a monthly basis)!

But that wasn’t the end for Margaret. She continued to implement and use the tools she learned at The CEO Retreat to double her business AGAIN in just six more months!

The tools that we teach at The CEO Retreat have the power to transform your business – and the best part? It’s not about working harder!

So for today’s episode of Uncomplicate Your Business, I invited Margaret to come share her top takeaways from The CEO Retreat that you can go and implement right away to see results that just may 4X your revenue in 12 months!

Here are the highlights of Margaret’s journey before and after The CEO Retreat:

04:50 Transitioning from freelancing to officially making her work a business.
08:45 Coming to terms with raising prices, to meet her value, and meet her goals.
10:50 Fears, changes, and successes in the 90-days following the 1-day CEO Retreat
13:30 Time management revelations that afforded Margaret true CEO time in her business.
18:30 The value, commonality, and reliability of referrals!

So if you’re curious about working smarter, not harder, and reaching all your goals – from time management to just plain revenue – listen in to how Margaret succeeded in one after another, and learn more about THE NEXT CEO Retreat right here!

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