CEO Level Boundaries with Heather Chauvin

Have you ever told yourself you’ll make time to do something when your life calms down a bit? Did you promise to start focusing on your health, go work out, practice more self-care, and so on when you have the space to fit it into your schedule? Then you need to listen to this special episode with my business friend, podcast host, and author, Heather Chauvin. In our conversation, she and I talk about why you must stop putting yourself on hold and why the time to prioritize your needs is now


On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO:

7:08 – Heather describes what led to her changing perspective for how she wanted to show up in life and business.

13:21 – Heather makes a surprising claim about her ordeal with cancer and her health today.

15:53 – Instead of focusing on money, Heather now filters everything she does and allows in her life based on this concept.

18:59 – Why did Heather have to remove herself from “mom culture”?

22:18 – Heather discusses the mindset shift that finally ended her struggle to embody the concept of feeling good.

25:48 – It can be hard to reprogram yourself, but you’ve probably seen people everywhere discuss this process as a way to get there.

29:00 – What are some simple things Heather recommends to start with that can add up and make an impact on your stress levels over time?

32:43 – Pay attention to gender roles. Heather describes her difficult time loosening her grip on domestic duties.

38:39 – How does over-mothering, over-nurturing, or over-delivering show up in your personal life and business?

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