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The Power of a CEO Debrief with Tara Newman

by | Last updated: Apr 14, 2022 | Podcast

Today I’m so excited to share with you an interview I did with my friend and colleague Tara Newman. Tara is someone I so look up to and respect as she teaches women entrepreneurs and leaders how to lead yourself, and really step into the role of CEO.

Tara and I met about a year ago at live event in NYC. And more recently we’ve been having virtual biz bff dates, and this fall I joined her for a mastermind day in Philadelphia.

I’ve been dying to have Tara come on the Uncomplicate Your Business show and share her strategy of a CEO Debrief. It’s a perfect compliment to the work that i do with my CEO Dates, in intentionally planning your week/month/quarter.

But while a lot of what I’ve come to practice in my CEO Dates is planning oriented, Tara’s CEO Debrief is more oriented on reflection and self-inquiry, to get past the big questions that will lead us to bigger wins:

  • Where do you need to take responsibility?
  • Where do you need to be connecting with your self and others?
  • What are the things you need to be celebrating?

Tara brings the deep reflective questions that challenge you discover the big answers for how you can reach your full potential as a leader and CEO in your biz.

Here are some highlight topics Tara and I discuss on our way to owning our potential:

03:05 How the CEO Debrief came to be; supporting action steps with self-inquiry.
05:30 Leading your self first before you can lead others, and cultivating intuition.
09:40 Taking the time to reflect actually opens up a whole new level of opportunity that would’ve been overlooked otherwise.
12:00 The importance of recognizing your wins, and lagging vs leading indicators of your success.
18:20 The top questions Tara asks herself in her CEO Debriefs, and the importance of always finding some thing to improve.

If you’re ready for big growth into your role as leader, entrepreneur, and CEO in your business and life, it’s time to go deep and reflect with a CEO Debrief. Subscribe to the podcast, and add my full interview with Tara to your next big picture strategy sesh.

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