How Caroline Howes Filled Her Client Docket in 6 Weeks!

by | Last updated: Apr 13, 2022 | Podcast

If you were in the very beginning stages of starting a new business, what would be your first step? 

In today’s bonus episode of Promote Yourself to CEO, I talk to Caroline Howe, who was asking herself this very question at the end of 2020. She had lost her previous business, had gone through a divorce, and was ready to quit her job to pursue entrepreneurship. But starting her own business wasn’t all that she wanted to do. She was interested in starting a social revolution that would forever change the way we work.

Caroline’s vision was still in the brainstorming stage when she joined the CEO Collective in November 2020. She came to us with a ton of amazing ideas, but was looking to make the right first step, and start turning her vision into an actual business. 

In this interview, Caroline shares:

  • How she prioritized the need for clients and cash-flow, instead of waiting years to build up an audience to launch online courses and products
  • The exact way she tapped into her existing network via LinkedIn and personal emails to announce her new business venture
  • Why creating a free survey helped her potential clients immediately see the value in working with Caroline, which led to booking over $100K in revenue within 6 weeks of launching her business
  • How COVID actually helped her business by changing the work landscape
  • Why accountability was key in launching her towards success

Of course, going from bringing in zero income to making six figures in just 6 weeks is an extremely impressive accomplishment. But what can others take away from Caroline’s story and apply to their own businesses? 

For starters, take a look at how Caroline got her first clients.

Even though Caroline didn’t have an audience to sell to yet, she did have a network. Oftentimes, our networks are much bigger than we give ourselves credit for, because we usually don’t realize how many connections we really have. We also don’t realize that having a network is an asset. Even if some of the people in your network aren’t your ideal clients, they may know others who are.

It’s incredibly important to take the time to sit down and really consider who in your network might want to work with you, or who might connect you with potential clients. Getting your first clients is so much easier when you go through an existing connection.

Now, ask yourself how you can provide value.

Caroline provided value to potential clients by creating a free survey. By doing this, she was getting to the heart of where they were stuck and needing support. She was really helping them realize how much they needed her, which created an invaluable opportunity. After positioning herself as an expert in her field and showing how her business could provide value, she was able to make her first few sales. 

But what’s the secret ingredient?

Caroline did ALL of this in such a short amount of time because of the accountability she chose to embrace through the CEO Collective. By having her weekly check-ins with her mastermind and mentor, Caroline felt like she wasn’t totally alone in this endeavor, but was a part of a team that was cheering her on. She applied all the various pieces of content and training we have to her new business, and did it all with the support of fellow CEOs.

Learn more about what Caroline does to revolutionize social safety systems for businesses by visiting

I’d love to hear from you! If you were inspired by Caroline’s story, or want to share ways you’ve been able to Get More Clients, let us know in the comments.

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