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How Tarzan Kay Pivoted Her Business with Success

by | Last updated: Apr 10, 2022 | Podcast

But it can be scary!

We might be worried that we are blowing up our business simply because we are ready for something a little bit different.

In this episode, I’m talking with copywriter turned launch strategist Tarzan Kay about her own business pivot and the lessons she learned along the way.

3:30 In 2014 – I was coming up again the feeling that it was time to pivot from my brand The Yogipreneur to my personal brand Racheal Cook as more and more non-yoga businesses started coming into my community and my business.

6:20 When I realized that only 35% of my clients were yoga businesses, I realized I had outgrown the brand. It took me a couple of years to fully commit to the transition and it wasn’t the most elegant transition (hello fear of change!) but rebranding to a personal name gave me the most flexibility.

8:24 Tarzan and I first met at Amy Porterfield’s event Entrepreneur Experience back in 2016! And we had the opportunity to work together and it’s been awesome to see her pivot her business over the last few years.

9:35 Early on, Tarzan niched down to launch copywriting and sales emails which helped her to get known quickly and build her reputation working with clients like Amy Porterfield – but she quickly realized that the sales page and emails were just a small part of the overall launch strategy.

14:00 The most difficult part of this pivot? Saying NO to people she really loves who are just looking for copywriting and sticking to her new focus as a launch strategist.

16:28 What made her feel confident in this new direction for her business? Tarzan shares how her pivot really helps her get better results her clients are looking for.

19:27 Often, service providers struggle with ‘cobblers-children’ syndrome where they have this incredible skill they offer their clients, but they don’t actually hire themselves for their own business! Tarzan shares how her commitment to her own email strategy made a huge impact for her business.

21:36 What will determine sales success? 60% AUDIENCE, 30% OFFER, 10% COPY! You can’t skip the step of building and nurturing an audience!

24:17 Tarzan admits she doesn’t have a large audience but she’s seen 10X the sales results with a smaller list because she’s focused on the relationship first.

27:03 Now Tarzan has layered on her own courses and affiliate promotions for other people’s courses in addition to her launch strategy service.

28:22 Tarzan share’s that the number of people on your email list is a VANITY METRIC! The relationship is what truly matters.

32:21 How you can leverage high touch including personal video messages (Tarzan loves BombBomb) to really nurture those email relationships.

34:09 Focusing on smaller segments allows you to send more personalized offers directly to people! Tarzan loves sending out client-only offers and bonuses just to people who have engaged in a specific way.

40:22 Tarzan reminds us – the highest unsubscribes always translate to the highest profits! Don’t let unsubscribes and negative emails stress you out.

So there you have it, friends!

I loved this conversation with Tarzan and hope it was helpful for you as you consider your business growth journey. Make sure you download her promo calendar google doc template here!

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Listener Shout Out!

I want to take a moment to give a quick listener shout-out. This review was left over at Apple Podcasts by user named Islands in:

Thank you so much for helping me spread the word about the show. I just have to say, I love that you used the word “wholeness!” One thing I always strive for when creating content is to be approaching the work from a holistic perspective. Often I feel like most of the advice out there is one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter advice… and it just doesn’t apply to how so many of us want to run our business, or how our business fits into the scope of our entire life. I hope I can continue to deliver on that holistic goal as I continue to serve you!

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