3 Key Strategies to Grow Your Business

As a business growth strategist for over 15 years, I’ve constantly heard and seen something that grates on my nerves. So many so-called experts always hype up the latest tools and tactics that grow your business by some measly amount every year.  But why only settle for five or ten percent annual growth when you can double it instead? You don’t have to, which is why in this episode I reveal my three key strategies to grow your business (doubling or even tripling your revenue) with half the effort.

On 3 Key Strategies to Grow Your Business of Promote Yourself to CEO:

4:35 – I dive into the first strategy right off the bat. You can do it quickly, without engaging in more marketing or attracting extra sales.

9:31 – What’s the most common concern I often hear when I advocate my first strategy? One of my clients recently went through this.

13:55 – I discuss one final key thing to think about when it comes to strategy #1. Women entrepreneurs especially need to pay attention to this!

18:00 – Key strategy #2 involves increasing this aspect of your business. It does come with a couple of caveats, though.

25:13 – What’s the correlation between consistent business growth and time spent on marketing and sales activity?

26:24 – I reveal the last strategy to double your revenue with half the effort. It involves something a lot of entrepreneurs forget.

30:58 – Retention is a huge thing that leads to results, and I talk about the myriad of ways in which that helps your business growth.

33:25 – What happens after your clients have achieved the big promise of your signature offer?

37:08 – To wrap up the episode, I quickly recap the strategies.

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