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7 Women Entrepreneurs Share Their Business Predictions for 2020

by | Last updated: Apr 10, 2022 | Podcast

Do you remember Blockbuster?

When I was in high school, everybody went there to rent movies, and everyone I knew had a Blockbuster card. When Netflix began as a mail-order movie rental business, Blockbuster ignored them. By the time Netflix grew a massive online streaming service, Blockbuster became obsolete.

As we enter a new year, it can be tempting to get sucked into the latest trendy marketing tactic. OR, it can be tempting to keep running business the same way we did before.

But, as we enter a new year and a new decade, market shifts are impossible to avoid. And as CEOs, it is really crucial for us to recognize market trends and think strategically about how they are going to impact our business so we can avoid the mistakes that Blockbuster made.

Stay tuned to hear the opinions and insights of six amazing women entrepreneurs that share their predictions for the market shifts coming up in 2020 and how to adjust your business accordingly. They’ll cover everything from creating meaningful connections to building trust to building your mission and more!

Here’s what you’ll hear in this episode:

3:25 The classic Blockbuster vs. Netflix story that shows what can happen to your business if you aren’t aware of market trends.

5:36 Jacquette M. Timmons is a renowned financial behaviorist and is committed to getting you to see that you don’t manage money – you manage your choices around money. An public speaker, author, and frequent blogger, Jacquette also hosts the podcast “More Than Money.”

[People have] tried the quick quick fix solutions and they’ve come away not feeling completely satisfied because you know that deep and wide is how you actually address those things that are multilayered, complex and nuanced.

Jacquette M. Timmons


10:20 Organizational psychology expert and high-performance leadership coach, Tara Newman created the Bold Leadership Revolution to help high-achieving clients find clarity, build endurance, and reach the success they’ve been dreaming of.


I think that we are going to see a greater focus on customer education and operational transparency. It’s hard to be connected to somebody. And right now what people are wanting more than anything is to be connected and have intimacy in these relationships.

Tara Newman


17:01 Designer, strategist, and business comedian Rachael Kay Albers leads RKA ink, a branding, marketing, and web design agency helping thought leaders build epic, unforgettable brands online. Don’t miss her business comedy show, Awkward Marketing.

[I predict] a move away from evergreen and back into the live group coaching course experience, because we know that students get so much better results when they have that accountability of a live course, and that personal attention from the leader.

Racheal Kay Albers


19:40 Tara McMullin is a podcaster, writer, and small business community leader. She’s the host of the What Works podcast, as well as the founder of The What Works Network, a community hub for small business owners. Tara is also the co-founder of YellowHouse.Media, a full-service podcast production agency & consultancy.


Instead of bells and whistles, we’ll spend less energy figuring out how we can jam as much as we can into what we offer and instead focus more on the experience of the people doing business with us and how that experience can enhance the value they receive.

Tara McMullin


24:35 Diversity and inclusivity coach and consultant, Erica Courdae is dedicated to expanding how multicultural professionals and small business owners interact with the world. Through powerful conversations meant to create dialogue and connection, Erica seamlessly challenges them to perceive their reality through a different lens. Erica hosts the podcast Pause on the Play.


In 2020 I think that impact is absolutely showing up as a passenger to income. We’re all doing this because our businesses are meant to make money, but our impact is no longer something that can stay on the back burner.

Erica Courdae


29:00 India Jackson is the CEO of marketing and branding agency Flaunt Your Fire, and host of the podcast of the same name. She’s known for taking an unapologetically authentic approach to branding and visibility that gets you seen by the right people. YOUR people. India loves disrupting the way people view career labels, branding, visibility, and ultimately themselves.


I see thoughtful content actually resonating more with their audience than maybe the things that they thought they needed to create in the past would have done. I am so excited about brand and relationships being a focus again.

India Jackson

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