Do You Have a LEAK in Your Predictable Profit Strategy?

Ready for part 5 of the Path to Predictably Profitable Business series?

In this 6-part series, I’m sharing my favorite predictable profit strategies to help you grow your business to consistent $5K, $10K, and even $15K months without all the overwhelm and burnout.

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Without further ado… onto the part 5 of the Path to Predictably Profitable Business series!

Let me ask you, have you ever found yourself just hustling, hustling, hustling in your business?

You feel like you’re doing all the things to bring clients into your business, but you’re just not seeing a steady flow of new potential clients who are ready to work with you.

If your experience as an entrepreneur has been inconsistent clients and inconsistent cash flow, then I want you to keep watching because today we’re going to talk about this significant leak that is happening in so many entrepreneur’s businesses that prevents those dream clients from becoming paying clients.

The good news is once you understand what this leak is, it’s simple to fix.

Not long ago, I was a guest coach for a business workshop where everyone was working on a poster-size post-it to map out our business for the next 12 months.

There were directions to map out your business goals, your offers, and your marketing strategy.

I started looking around the room to see where people needed help and I realized everybody in the room had a leaky business.

Their marketing plan was not working together.

Everyone’s marketing plan was a smattering of tactics… but there was no clear strategy to ensure that all that marketing effort was leading potential clients to their paid offers.

The minute I shared with them a different way to approach their marketing strategy, all the light bulbs went off as people could see why all the work they had put into marketing their business wasn’t generating real results.

Most people when they sit down and write out a marketing plan, they make a list of marketing to-dos. They need to have a newsletter and they need to blog… they need to do a podcast and they need to be posting on social media.

But a marketing to-do list isn’t a strategy unless it all works together to turn your community into paid clients.

Ready to fix the LEAK in your predictable profit strategy?

Let’s Design a Predictable Profit Strategy

It is precisely what we teach inside of The CEO Retreat, in The CEO Collective, and how I run my business every week using The CEO Planner to consistently enroll new clients into my programs and services. It starts with a 5-Part Marketing System:

Part 1: Attract

The whole mindset of “if I put a website up, people will magically find it”, that is not how it works. Long are the days from when you used to be able to hang a shingle literally and then traffic would magically flood in. We no longer live in that world.

There’s a lot more competition! You have to get in front of those new audiences to generate interest in your business.

I am an online-based consultancy, so that means I have to go out into the world and let people know who I am.

So how can you do this?

Attract activities are all about getting in front of new audiences, introducing yourself and your brand, and attracting them towards your business.

The big thing about attract marketing is you’re going to either do the things that take time and effort…

  • Writing guest posts
  • Interviews on podcasts or traditional media
  • Drive traffic with organic SEO
  • Guest teach or speak for other people’s communities

… Or it’s going to take money to drive those audiences to you via paid advertising.

Ask Yourself: What is your go-to attract strategy for your business?

Part 2: Engage

What happens once we attract new potential clients towards your business?

We engage them. We welcome them into your business and start building a relationship with them.

There is no business I have ever seen that has done well without a database of potential clients.

In my business this looks like an email address. Once you land on my website, there are multiple opportunities to check out additional resources and trainings 100% for free in exchange for your email address (and yes – you will hear from me each and every week with even more great content).

Back in the day when I was consulting businesses in person, this engage strategy was a little bit different. It was easier to set new consultation sessions if I had a phone number.

Before that, I would get physical mailing addresses so I could mail out a free workbook and invite them to book a free consultation.

Engage is all about getting contact information so you can start that new relationship with a potential client.

Now… this is why engage is so dang important…

99% of people are not going to buy from you the first time they land on your website.

Think about the last time to were looking to hire a health coach… or a website designer… or a wedding photographer…

We land on your website to learn more and get information about how you work… but we’re not all ready to make a buying decision right away.

There is where so many businesses go wrong. They try to sell you up front instead of educate you, share more information about their process, showcase client success stories so you can make sure that the offer is the perfect next step for you.

Ask yourself: How many new potential clients am I engaging in my business each week?

If you’re not keeping track, it’s challenging to tell if your attract and engage marketing strategies are actually working for your business.

These first to steps are essential to your business success. You don’t get to just skip Attract and Engage… because if you do, your business will hit a feast or famine cycle.

If you are not getting enough clients in your business, check this leak!

Part 3: Nurture

Nurture is type of marketing we usually think of first:

  • Sending regular newsletters
  • Writing a blog post or
  • Recording a podcast or
  • Creating a video
  • Posting on social media

The goal of nurture marketing is to build that relationship with your community… but too often, entrepreneurs fail to provide real value for their potential clients because they basically just blast pitch after pitch after pitch to their audience.

Nurture marketing isn’t about pitching non-stop to your community.

It’s about providing useful, valuable, entertaining, inspiring content to build the relationship and help them decide if you are the right person to help them.

In my business, I depend heavily on teaching. Each and every week, I teach my audience something to help them start and grow their business via workshop-style podcast Promote Yourself to CEO.

Some entrepreneurs are amazing at inspiring and motivating people.

Others love breaking down technical how-to tutorials of exactly how to do something.

There are so many ways you can create nurture content that builds that “I know I can trust them” feeling.

The key with this, and I mentioned this in The #1 Mistake Holding Women Entrepreneurs Back from Predictable Profits, is it has to be consistent. You have to make sure you’re showing up for your community every week.

Ask Yourself: What is your nurture strategy are you committed to being consistent with for the next 90 days?

Part 4: Invite

Once you’ve attracted new potential clients into your business, they’ve raised their hand by giving you their contact information, you’ve continued to build their relationship by giving them great valuable content… it’s time to take the next step from potential client to paying client.


You invite them into your business.

So… are you inviting people into your business?

This is so important! I often see entrepreneurs that are constantly busy with marketing and wondering why no one is signing up to become a paying client.

It’s important to remember that it’s not your potential client’s job to figure out how to work with you! It’s yours!

You have to tell clients how they can work with you and what you have available for them to take the next step with. You have to tell them how that works.

You have to make the invitation very clear and not make it confusing for people.

Ask Yourself: Do you have a real plan to invite potential clients to becoming paying clients?

As in… this month I’m focused on getting 5 new 1×1 coaching clients. I’m going to have 20 free strategy sessions. I’ll fill those free sessions by announcing them to my email list and social media.

Stage 5: Delight

How awesome would it be to have a solid client base who continue to work with you again and again?

That is a game changer.

And it happens when you have a plan to delight your existing clients with an incredible experience that not only helps them see the results they hired you to achieve… but when you go above and beyond their expectations.

When you have an experience designed to surprise and delight, your clients get better results because they’re super engaged and excited about what work you’re doing together.

When your clients get amazing results… you get rave reviews, referrals, and repeat business.

Ask Yourself: How are you surprising and delighting your clients?

Now that you can see all 5 parts of this marketing strategy, you can determine if there is a LEAK by asking yourself:

  • Are you getting in front of new audiences every month?
  • Are you growing your database of potential clients every week?
  • Are you showing up consistently for your dream clients with useful, helpful, inspiring content?
  • Are you inviting potential clients to work with you?
  • Are you getting rave reviews, referrals, and repeat business?

That’s a wrap on part 5 of the 6-part series: The Path to a Predictably Profitable Business.

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