Does your business have a gratitude practice?

As conscious entrepreneurs, many of us talk about the power of creating a gratitude practice. It can be as simple as keeping a gratitude journal, counting your blessings before you go to bed, or as big as sending people personalized gifts to say thanks!

But have you ever thought about integrating a gratitude practice into your business?

This one practice can dramatically UP your own happiness + fulfillment in your biz and quickly shift your energy when you’re feeling stuck or frustrated.

I first realized the power of a business gratitude practice when I hired a photographer for my wedding. Anyone who’s planned a big wedding knows that it can be a really stressful time. It was for sure the biggest event of my life to date and we were spending a LOT of money (way more than I’d ever spent on ANYTHING – including my first car).

When I hired the photographers for the big day, they KNEW how stressful it was to be a bride planning a wedding and what a big investment of time and money it was to get everything just right. And they let me know right away how much they appreciated my business + looked forward to working with me!

How? They sent me a beautiful orchid arrangement in our wedding colors with a handwritten thank you note.

It was such a thoughtful touch and it was just the beginning. They sent us notes of encouragement as we got closer to the big day, referred other great vendors, showed up for the rehearsal dinner to scout out our location (even though that wasn’t in the contract), and after the wedding, sent us a few bonus prints!

In fact, we’ve gotten an anniversary card from our wedding photographers every year since we were married in 2007.

Of all the people involved in our wedding, they were the ONLY people we hired who gave us that level of attention. That kind of experience really makes an impact on people and I rave about them every chance I can!

So how can you create a gratitude practice in your biz? Here are a few of my favorite ways:

Send a Thank You Note!

This can be a beautiful handwritten note or even an e-Card (I love Red Stamp). As a customer, a little note goes a LONG way toward my dedication to our work together! And as an entrepreneur, I wouldn’t be able to live a life I love without my amazing clients! So say Thank You!

Write Testimonials!

Who are you working with or learning from that has made an impact on you, your life, or your business? When I need a pick-me-up, I sit down and write a thoughtful testimonial for other entrepreneurs who have supported me along this journey. Even if you’ve never actually worked with them but their content has been valuable for you, sending them a testimonial is a fantastic way to start a real meaningful relationship with people you admire.

Bonus: if you want more unsolicited love notes for your biz, start writing them for other people. Love will pour in for you too!

Deliver an amazing WOW experience.

Want to be memorable to your clients? Think about how you can DELIGHT them!

This is about more than over-delivering on your promise. It’s about finding unexpected ways to shower them with some extra love.

For example, when I get my groceries delivered via, they included a bouquet of fresh flowers! This year for Mother’s Day, my monthly shipment of diapers from Honest Company included a card + lip balm for me too! When I worked with my own health coach, Sarah Jenks, she sent me a few surprises, like a cute apron + kitchen utensils from Anthropologie. That made cooking healthy food even MORE fun!

After I experienced that level of love, I started having fun finding ways to surprise and delight my clients.

There really are endless ways to create a business gratitude practice and a little creativity and thoughtfulness goes a long way in helping you create an unforgettable experience for your clients + community.

I’d love to hear from you – what is YOUR business gratitude practice? Talk to me in the comments below!