Sweet Success: 3 Case Studies of Women Who Designed a Business They Love With a Lifestyle to Match

For many of us, September means we are looking for a new beginning.

I STILL feel like back-to-school time means a fresh start. Remember the first day of school when you were excited meeting new friends and nervous about who your teacher would be or who you’d eat lunch with?

A New (School) Year was all about the possibilities.

So… what possibilities could there be for you business right now?

Could you be doing more than just making a living?

Could you go from a place of always struggling to business and life full of ease?

I’m here to tell you that your dream, those possibilities within you, can be a reality.

You CAN create a life, and not just a living!

Today, I want to introduce you to three of my amazing clients and how each has completely redesigned their business to fit their life!

From 6 to 3 Day Work Weeks: Meet Fatima Lowe-Williams

Imagine going from working with 40 private clients, 6 days a week to streamlining your entire business so you can work just 3 days a week so you can finally have your dream business with your dream lifestyle to match.

That’s what happened for my amazing friend and client Fatima Williams. I can’t wait to share her story of how working smarter, not harder, helped her to fulfill her dream of starting a family while running her business.

Key insights from Fatima’s journey:

  • She had a vision for her life. Fatima knew she wanted to start a family – but her business wasn’t family-friendly. Realizing this helped her to prioritize making space for what she really wanted..
  • Working LESS without giving up your income? It’s all about learning to simplify and streamline! Fatima focused in on her favorite clients, raised her prices, and set her schedule to achieve her goal of working just 3 1/2 days a week.
  • Design a Family-Friendly Business. By aligning her business with her priorities, she was ready to step into the mama role when she and her husband adopted a beautiful baby girl!
  • Boundaries Boundaries Boundaries. The process wasn’t easy! She had to learn how to set healthy boundaries with her clients so she could own her schedule 100%… but she realized that setting those boundaries was essential to modeling to her clients healthy behavior for her clients.

From $60 to $8000 Months: Meet Catherine Middlebrooks

Imagine you started your new business – putting hours and hours into creating an online membership program – only to launch and only earn $60 in that first month.

That’s exactly what happened to Catherine Middlebrooks – and today she’s sharing how she recovered from that disappointing first month to 5-figure months that allowed her husband to quit his job, they sold their house, and are traveling the country in an RV with their two kids.

Key insights from Catherine’s journey:

  • Run The Numbers! If you are looking at a leveraged business model (aka most online business models!), make sure you’re clear on the number of people you need to serve in order to achieve your income goals.
  • Look For An Unserved Niche. When they went back to the drawing board, Catherine started sharing more information about Diastis Recti. The content was super engaging – and she realized this was a specific audience with a specific need she could serve.
  • Validate With Sales. Once Catherine knew she wanted to create a program on Diastis Recti, she wanted to validate that people would buy it! She pre-sold the program with a Beta round to make 100% sure she was on the right track and within an hour made 5 sales and ended with 28 sales for her first group.
  • Rinse and Repeat. She continued to market and sell the same program, going from $80 her first month to an $8000 launch in under a year! Now she’s continued to refine her sales and marketing to bring in 5-figures in each launch.
  • Predictable Profits = FREEDOM! After the first successful launch, Catherine’s husband turned in his notice, they sold their house, and set off on an RV adventure with their kids! Designing a predictably profitable business created the freedom they wanted!

From Confused to Clarity: Meet Tami Hackbarth

Tami was spinning her wheels trying to figure out how to really get her business as a yoga teacher/life coach/self-care advocate off the ground.

These days, you’ll find Tami not only spending tons of time with her family, but also leading group coaching programs to help more women embrace self-care as an essential part of their lifestyle.

Key insights from Tami’s journey:

  • Running a Business During Nap Time is Challenging! Tami was a stay-at-home mama squeezing in her business during her pre-schoolers nap-time and after her husband got home from work. It’s not always easy! She took the Fired Up & Focused Challenge and learned how to make the most of the time she did have.
  • Blend Together Your Unique Brand. Tami started as a restorative yoga teacher but realized she was doing so much more than teaching yoga that she wasn’t getting paid for! As she blended together yoga, life coaching, and self-care, she created a blended brand as the 100% Guilt Free Self-Care Coach.
  • Ask For Real Support. Tami registered for different programs to figure out her business, but found them too noisy and overwhelming. Staying focused on more personalized support has made all the difference.
  • Do a 100 Conversations Challenge. The biggest catalyst for seeing all of the pieces of the puzzle was taking on 100 conversations with 100 women. We even recorded an interview about how she did it!

If these ladies can redesign their business to fit their dream life – you can too! Join us for the 100% Free Fired Up & Focused Challenge to plan, prioritize, and boost your productivity. We start September 5th!

Fired Up and Focused