The CEOs Take Over: Why You Need to Take Yourself on a CEO Retreat

So who else struggles to find time to work ON the big picture for your business?

Raising my hand right now!

It is so dang easy to find ourselves just buried in the day-to-day of our businesses that we forget to make time to implement those big ideas that would be a game-changer – but how do you find the time?

I know that when I started asking myself what would CEO Rach do, everything shifted in my business.

CEO Rach would purposefully block out Mondays to become her dedicated CEO day, where she focused 100% on strategic planning.

CEO Rach would find a quiet Airbnb in a beautiful area to take herself on a quarterly CEO Retreat and map out the next 90 days, week by week.

CEO Rach would pay to be in a room of other brilliant women who challenged her to think bigger and make a bigger impact.

What about CEO YOU?

Are you making time to turn your vision into a reality?

Well. If you are ready to learn how to step into the role of CEO, then keep on listening! In this episode I am bringing in some of my favorite CEOs to talk about the power of making space for CEO YOU in your business:

2:05 I hosted a workshop for The Broad (a local co-working space for womxn that I love here in Richmond VA) about how to Run Your Week Like a CEO.

4:06 We started our day together by doing an exercise to review our week. I handed out post-its to everyone, and the goal was for each post-it you were to write down the task that you spent that hour doing – If you spent an hour a day in your inbox trying to get to inbox zero, respond to everybody’s requests, then you had five post-its that said inbox.

5:07 Then we categorized all those post-its into 4 key categories as a group:

1 – Admin/Operations/Customer Service
2 – Content Marketing/Working With Clients
3 – Strategic Planning/Business Development/Sales
4 – Attract Marketing/Visibility/PR/Leveraged Sales

8:20 I know how challenging it can be to do the higher-level work in your business – that’s why I talk all the time about my standing CEO Dates on Monday mornings!

9:15 CEO Dates are truly designed to help you stay focused and on track with your business – but it’s not really enough time to do the in-depth big picture planning that will help you develop that next level offer, map out new sales strategies, or plan to increase your visibility. That’s why I always make time for CEO Retreats each quarter.

12:00 Today – I’m letting the CEOs take over the show and share their biggest insights about how a CEO Retreat has changed the game for their business!

14:17 I loved this insight from Tara Newman about making your CEO retreat a time on your calendar and being accountable to yourself for making the space to work on your business.

17:50 Stacey Harris knew that planning was exponentially easier when she can get away from the office. That’s why we love hosting The CEO Retreat at the beautiful Quirk Hotel because it instantly forces you to think BIGGER.

22:40 There is something magical that happens when you get in a room with other entrepreneurs and CEOs – you LEVEL UP. You stop playing small. You challenge yourself to go after bigger more audacious goals. I loved Mindy Totten‘s insight that surrounding yourself with other women is a game changer!

25:50 Maybe like Shannon Siriano Greenwood, you have LOTS of ideas and tend to get distracted by shiny objects. That solution is a clear plan and agenda for your CEO Retreat is essential to helping you make the most for your time and make sure you’re walking away with a plan you can implement.

29:90 As Sharvette Mitchell says – Nobody is falling into success! It’s all very intentional. You need to have clear priorities and focus for what you are committing to for the next 30-60-90 days.

Take Action! Take Yourself on a CEO Retreat:

  1. Put time on your calendar & hold yourself accountable to doing the work.
  2. Remove yourself from the day-to-day and find an environment that inspires you.
  3. Surround yourself with other amazing entrepreneurs who push you to think bigger.
  4. Create an agenda for your CEO Retreat so you know exactly what you want to focus on.
  5. Have clarity on your priorities so you can actually implement and see results.

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And if this episode resonated with you, you’ll want to check out The CEO Retreat – a 1-day strategic planning event focused on perfectly planning the next 90-days for your business.

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