The Only Strategy You Need to Know To Reach Your Goals This Year

You’ve got big dreams and goals for the year ahead.

But when you look back over your progress over the last weeks, months, or even years… do you feel like you’ve been busy but you’re not any closer to your goals?

There’s a reason why we all get caught spinning our wheels in our life and business.

The big secret to working smarter, not harder

You’ve got to make time for your big priorities first. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself always stressed out that there is never enough time in the day/week/year to make meaningful progress towards your goals.

We all have the same 168 hours a week. You’ll never find more time – you’ve got to make time!

There is truth to the saying what gets scheduled gets done. If you have a big priority in your life or business, the best way to ensure that you make meaningful progress is to block time in your weekly calendar.

Here are a few “Big Rocks” you could consider scheduling first:

  1. Your personal time + self-care. Too many entrepreneurs run into complete burnout, exhaustion, or serious health issues because they don’t prioritize their health. Without you, your business doesn’t exist!
  2. Your family + friends. These relationships are the ones that matter most, but they will only be there for you if you invest your time into them! Scheduling regular date nights or girls night out is not only fun, but will help you stay refreshed and focused during the regular week.
  3. Your rest + relaxation. Too many entrepreneurs find themselves working 24/7/365. When was the last time you went on a vacation… or simply took a long weekend? If you want to show up as your best, it’s imperative that you build in time off!

Then block time for the “Big Rocks” in your business!

These are the highest impact projects that will move your business forward towards your goals.

For example, in my business, my dream clients find me through interviews, guest posts, social media, blogging, and my free Fired Up & Focused Challenge. A Big Rock in my weekly model calendar is creating new content for my community.

Share With Me! What are the big rocks in your business and life that will help you to move forward towards your goals? Let me know in the comments below!