Is Your Business Ready for Growth?

Have you ever had that moment where you think you’re doing the right things to grow your business… but you feel like a kid wearing your mom’s high heels, pretending to be a grown-up?

This is a pretty prevalent way to feel for most business owners, especially in your first few years in business. We’re surrounded by all the incredible success stories of $10,000 months and 6-figure launches… but when we don’t see the same results using the same strategies, we wonder what we’re doing wrong.

It comes down to this one simple question: Is your business ready for growth?

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First Stage of Business: Startup

Focus: Validation. During this stage, you need to test your ideas, survey potential clients, and make sure that you are creating the right offering with the right people.

Challenge: Avoid hiding out and planning your business in secret! The best way to validate and test your new business (or new offering) idea is to talk directly with the people you want to serve.

Second Stage of Business: Success

Focus: Experience. During this stage, you start working your material and establishing your process to ensure that you can deliver the results that you are promising your clients. As you gain experience, you refine and up-level your offerings.

Challenge: Feast or Famine Cycle. Nearly every business struggles with consistent clients and cash-flow! If you want to create predictable profits, a simple marketing system is essential.

Third Stage of Business: Scale + Sustain

Focus: Growth. During this stage, you have a clear, compelling offering that people are ready to sign up for! You know the process you must take people through to see results.

Challenge: Business Model Change. As you shift the focus towards leveraged or passive offerings, you’ll need to reach a much larger audience to fill your products, programs, or service. But when you have a proven offering with a proven track record, your business is ready for growth.

Talk To Me! What stage of business are you currently in – and what are you focused on right now to move your business forward? Let me know in the comments below!

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