The Truth About The Fastest Path to Cash

Today I’m diving into my go-to strategy for the fastest path to cash in your biz, but first, let’s travel back to December 2010.

My twins were about to turn 1 and I was finally feeling ready to come back to my first business The Yogipreneur after almost a year away.

That’s right, a year of no blogging, no social media, no emails.

And after living on savings and my hubby’s teacher salary {and you KNOW that isn’t much}, funds were running out. My two long-term clients were wrapping up. I needed to relaunch my biz but when you’re bank account is dwindling to a few hundred bucks and rent is coming due, you just don’t have time for complicated strategies that ultimately could take months to implement and see results.

I needed to make $2500 THAT MONTH (yep, I remember EXACTLY how much I needed to keep a roof over my babies heads and food in their little bellies!).

So I spent a couple of hours mapping out a game plan, then the next few days taking action and implementing like crazy.

The result? Two weeks later I had filled my 1×1 program with a handful of new clients, billed over $10,000 in new revenue, and gave my business the runway it needed to ramp up over the next few months.

The TRUTH About The FASTEST Path To Cash

I hear from people every week who are exactly where I was dreaming about their dream business but struggling with the reality of starting from scratch, with no website, no email list, and nothing to offer but their time.

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And while I’m uber-committed to sharing a more organic, mindful, and sustainable approach to business one that steers clear from the sleazy Build a Six-Figure Biz in 30 Days noise sometimes you need cash flow. NOW.

But honestly, it doesn’t matter if you’re needing to pay your rent, wanting to take your family on a vacation, or if you’re ready to sign up for an amazing business training you’ve had your eye on.

In this day and age, many people believe that if they can just whip out a passive income product like a DVD or eBook – or an online program, they’ll be rolling in the dough in no time.

And while I love creating online offerings + passive income streams, there’s a faster, easier, zero-tech way to start bringing in those dolla dolla bills.

And it’s not offering a huge discount on your services?

It’s not hosting a flash sale of your programs?

Ready for it?

The fastest path to cash is working 1×1 with clients.

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You’ll learn so much more about who you want to serve, their greatest needs and desires, and how you can best help through working privately with clients. That experience so incredibly valuable:

Working 1×1 makes you better at what you DO.

You get to see the results of your work in real-time. When you’re offering leveraged or passive products or programs, you often don’t know what’s happening for people. By helping someone 1×1, you’ve got a front-row seat to the transformation you’re facilitating. You can see what is working and what’s falling flat. I believe so strongly in this that I often tell my clients to not even think about creating a group program until they’ve worked with at least a dozen or more peeps 1×1.

Working 1×1 makes you a better mindful marketer.

The biggest challenge for marketers is really understanding what’s happening inside the heads and hearts of their ideal clients. You can do research all day long, but nothing compares to the insights you’ll get working with private clients. Pay attention and you’ll have fodder for blogs, free content, and insight into your next paid program.

Working 1×1 takes the pressure off your business.

As you move towards creating leveraged, passive, or online programs and offerings, suddenly you’ve got a LOT to learn and implement. You’ve gotta grow and nurture your community, figure out all the technology, create the right offerings… Figuring all this out it takes TIME. And if you have a handful of private clients bringing in consistent income, you can make sure you’re doing your best work on your online programs + products (instead of rushing because you’re in panic mode).

And the best part is, you don’t need a big list or a complicated launch strategy to fill your client docket!

Talk to me! What are the biggest challenges you’re having getting 1×1 clients in the door, Share in the comments below, and look next week for the answers to the second installment of this mini-series on getting more clients!

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