Case Study: How Yoga Therapist + Mobility Specialist Missy Kai Doubled Her Business in 90 Days

Imagine it’s December 31, 2019.

All the excitement from the holidays is winding down. The kids are happily enjoying a few more days off from school – and you’re actually getting to enjoy some quality family time instead of feeling stressed about work.

Your business has done so well in Q4 that you were able to give yourself a sweet little bonus check from your profit account.

You pour yourself a cozy cup of tea, grab your favorite journal and pen, and sit down to reflect on what a huge year 2019 has been for you and your business.

As you think about what you’ve accomplished this year, what will you be most proud of?

I’ll be so relieved that I decided to raise my rates and enroll my existing clients into longer-term packages vs. one-off sessions so that I have more predictable profits month after month.

I’ll be so confident now that I created a real system to get more referrals so that I’m not just waiting on my clients to send people my way.

I’ll be so proud of myself for being more visible by consistently showing up and growing my community each week with my regular content and social media.

I’ll be so excited to share all the upcoming podcast interviews that I have been steadily pitching and booking over the last few months.

I’ll be so refreshed and energized after taking some extra time off during the holidays so I can hit the ground running in 2020.

These are the conversations we’re having at The CEO Retreat.

Often, we push off things that we know would move our business forward. Like – we know we need to raise our prices but it’s kinda scary and we’re not sure exactly what to say or how to navigate those conversations.

So we avoid it completely. Months (maybe even years) go by and ‘raise prices’ stays on the list of things we will get around to some day.

Then you enter a room full of other business owners who see the value of what you offer and help you see how undercharging has been holding your business back.

The CEO Retreat is a day dedicated creating massive momentum in your business!

If you’re thinking that 90 days just isn’t enough time to these kind of results, I want you to meet Missy Hoffman, a yoga therapist who attended our CEO Retreat in December:

And then, she messaged me this amazing update over this past weekend to let me know she’s RSVP’d to the virtual retreat on June 14th!:

Amazing right?

The tools that we teach at The CEO Retreat have the power to transform your business – and the best part? It’s not about working harder!

So for today’s episode of Promote Yourself to CEO, I invited Missy to come share her top takeaways from The CEO Retreat.

Not everyone is going to take their businesses from $2-3K/mo to $10K/mo within just a few months – but from the clients who have attended The CEO Retreat, we see they have embraced the CEO Habits of consistency and focus required to reach their goals.

The reality check Missy had about why taking more time off and reclaiming her time was essential for her to build the business & life she really wanted.

7:24 Why doubling down what was working was one of the key reasons she was able to quickly grow her business in just a few short months without a big launch or complicated marketing strategy.

9:25 How revamping her offerings to encourage clients to commit to the healing process AND filled her client docket quickly, allowing Missy to double her revenue in 90 days then hit her first $10K month!

11:45 How Missy is now running her business on a 90-Day planning cycle with a clear revenue and marketing strategy in place.

15:00 The energetic boundaries that Missy has put into place by creating a clear container (via her services) for her clients to experience the transformation they are looking for – which is the opposite of what most other health providers in an insurance based system do.

20:26 Missy’s favorite CEO habit she’s incorporated into her business? Her weekly CEO Date! It’s been essential for staying accountable and on track with her goals.

So if you’re curious about working smarter, not harder, and reaching all your goals – from time management to just plain revenue – listen in to how Missy succeeded in one after another, and learn more about THE NEXT CEO Retreat right here!

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