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Introducing the Business Sweet Spot Quiz!

by | Last updated: Apr 12, 2022 | Business Growth

When I first started my career as a consultant, I tried a lot of different things to grow my business.

At first, I followed what all the so-called ‘experts’ in my field told me to do. I ‘smiled and dialed’ hundreds of cold leads a day. I followed the sales scripts. I learned how sales psychology and NLP and carefully crafted funnels could get people to open their wallets.

But it all felt off to me. I felt like I had to become someone I wasn’t to grow my business – and that’s not why I started this journey. It just wasn’t the right approach for me.

Then I started to experiment. I realized that my natural strengths have always been in teaching (starting in high school offering music lessons to younger students through tutoring undergrads in Economics and Accounting as I earned my MBA).

Once I tapped into my natural strengths, my business shifted dramatically. Marketing (and sales) became effortless.

This is one of the biggest challenges of the online business world. No matter what guru/celebrity/expert tells you, there are going to be things that won’t work or feel authentic for you. Some of them will be so misaligned with your personality or working style that you’ll (literally) lose sleep trying to make them work.

It’s a case of trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

Too many times I see business owners trying to run businesses they feel out of alignment with and executing on marketing tactics that make their skin crawl.

And even worse? Many of these tactics aren’t aligned with their natural strengths and talents – creating unnecessary stress and struggle to grow their business.

The problem? They’re not working in their business sweet spot.

Discover Your Business Sweet Spot

When you work in your sweet spot, business (and life) becomes much, much easier.

The concept of the Business Sweet Spot is a core part of Conscious Business Design. After getting under the hood of thousands of businesses, I learned quickly that what works best for me isn’t necessarily going to work best for others. But I started to quickly see patterns within my own students based on their individual strengths.

Suddenly, my job was much much easier. Instead of my students throwing spaghetti at a wall with dozens of tactics, we could quickly hone in on the right ones for their business based on:

  • Entrepreneur Strengths. We are all wired differently. Trying to force yourself to consistently do something that just doesn’t come easily is stacking the odds against your business success.
  • Stage of Business Growth. The strategies that help you get your business started are very different from the ones that help you scale and sustain your business.
  • Business & Personal Goals. Some of us want a simple lifestyle business that allows us to do work we love and support ourselves. Others want to reach and serve thousands.

It’s always a lightbulb moment for my students as they’re able to finally see how focusing on fewer things that are best aligned with their talents is the best way to create sustainable growth.

After seeing incredible results from my Conscious Business Designers, I decided it was time to translate this into a quiz to help you quickly identify your Business Sweet Spot!

This isn’t just another quiz to give you a fun result, but is strategically designed to give you actionable insights on how to really design a business that plays to your strengths.

Are you the Maker, Maven, Mastermind, or Mentor?

Take the quiz, and when you’re done you’ll get a guide packed full of recommendations on:

  1. Optimizing Your Business To Leverage Your Strengths
  2. Overcoming Common Struggles That Hold You Back
  3. Business Design Strategies to Effortlessly Grow Your Business
  4. Marketing Strategies That Fit Your Natural Strengths

Discover Your Business Sweet Spot!

Take the Business Sweet Spot Quiz!