Do You Have a Blind Spot In Your Business?

There’s something funny that happens when you’re on the path of self-realization + personal development.

It doesn’t matter how many personality tests + assessments you take;

How many personal development, spirituality, and self-help books you read;

Or even which Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction CD you have playing in your car;

There’s still a blind spot that prevents us from fully seeing ourselves and recognizing the special something that we alone have to offer the world.

And that special something – it’s essential for smart savvy solopreneurs to stand out from the crowd!

Sadly, what makes us the most unique is usually something that we can’t easily recognize in ourselves. It comes so effortlessly that we brush it off. Surely if it was this easy, everyone can do this, right?

So because we can’t see this secret sauce, we look outside ourselves to experts and gurus to give us all the answers only to realize that their cookie-cutter plans just don’t align with how we really want to do business.

What Is Your Secret Sauce?

It’s an amazing mash-up of your unique talents, inherent strengths, divine gifts, life experiences, spiritual awakenings, deepest wounds, familial history, and even a teensy little bit about your education.

It’s the lens that colors how you see the world.

While we can usually tick off each of these things like a checklist individually – what most of us miss completely is how these elements all come together to transform your highest value into your most unique offering.

We don’t see how this translates into marketing or sales or customer experience.

Even if you’re doing good work in the world, when you’re blind to your own potential, you won’t see the opportunity to share your true zone of genius with the world.

You’ll always be stuck in the zone of good enough or if you’re really lucky the zone of excellence.

But genius work – the work that you alone can do in this world – We all miss out on it.

The result?

At worst, we find ourselves struggling to make our business really work for us. We work our booty off, constantly hustling to keep the cash flow going.

Our marketing feels inauthentic, our offers generic and stale, and we can’t figure out WHY people aren’t lining up with wallets open.

At best, even though we’re doing ok, we secretly lay in bed wondering if this is it. We continue jumping from idea to idea, trying to feel truly fulfilled and self-expressed in our work. That passion that used to fuel us begins to wane, and we wonder if it isn’t time to do something else.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way!

When you discover your Business Sweet Spot, you no longer have to force your business into somebody else’s version of success. You can find success, on your terms.

  • Marketing becomes something you actually LOVE to do – because you’ve finally found an authentic way to communicate your message + help more people with less effort
  • You step into your zone of GENIUS – allowing you to focus 100% on clients you ADORE (doing work that comes effortlessly to you)
  • The struggle between work/life balance ceases to exist and you simply begin to love every minute of your work and your life.

Today, we’re gonna shine a big spotlight on Your Business Sweet Spot.

So what IS your business sweet spot?

Your Business Sweet Spot is the core of my signature online mastermind Sweet Spot Strategy. It’s the intersection of your passion, your purpose, and the people you’re meant to serve.

Your Business Sweet Spot gives you a true north for the rest of your entire business strategy by helping you stay laser focused on:

  • WHY you are building this business
  • WHAT is your unique advantage
  • HOW you serve your dream clients.

After getting under the hood of thousands of businesses, I quickly realized that what works best for me isn’t necessarily what is going to work best for my clients.

Just because I ran an online program didn’t mean they would love running online programs. Many of my clients absolutely loved being in person with their clients.

Just because I like doing Facebook Lives doesn’t mean my clients should all do Facebook Lives… many of my clients are naturally talented connecting in other ways.

So I never start with a client assuming that what works for me will work for them. But over many years, I started to see clear patterns with my clients.

Some people did really well with more high-touch, referral-based business strategies. Others loved tapping into the online marketing scene, building a bigger platform online. Seeing these similarities and patterns made my job much easier.

Instead of my clients trying to do ALL THE THINGS, hoping that something would stick, we could quickly hone in on the right strategies for their business based on their strengths, stage of business growth, and business goals.

It’s always a huge lightbulb moment for my students when they realize they can do LESS with more FOCUS and see even bigger results.

I call these themes the Maker, The Maven, The Mentor, and The Mastermind.

Let’s take a look and see if you can identify yourself in one of these four themes:

First up are the Makers.

If you’re a maker, then you probably like to get things done. You’re an implementor. You like to see a project through to completion. You love to see those big plans come to life.

You’re a master at your craft and have spent years honing your skills, which means that you are the BEST at what you do.

Your dream clients are coming to you because they want to EXPERT to design their website, or write their copy, or create their meal plan, or take their photograph.

They don’t want to figure it out on their own and they don’t want a course. They want you to create FOR them.

They know that they can’t get to your level of skill and experience and expertise trying to do this on their own.

Elizabeth Gilbert is a classic example of a Maker – she’s the author best known for Eat Pray Love. She wrote a book called Big Magic about creativity and also teaches lots of classes and workshops about creativity.

For makers – your marketing language is creating. When you showcase your work and your creative process, you attract more dream clients with ease. Simply sharing your work fascinates us and leaves us wanting more!

Next are the Mavens.

If you are a maven, then you love big ideas. You want to be that spark – that catalyst – that gets people fired up and excited to try something new.

You are probably very charismatic and a natural charmer. People are naturally drawn to you. In fact, if you naturally look out into the world of leaders and CEOs, many are Mavens.

Mavens tend to be very future-driven – they see possibility and opportunity everywhere.

Oprah is a classic example of a Maven. There is literally no one who comes to mind as more influential on a big scale! She’s a great example of a Maven who grew a single platform – the Oprah Winfrey Show – and leveraged it into multiple streams of influence.

For mavens – we want you to lead us! We want you to show us the way. When you wrap your marketing and sales and customer experience around inspiring others, you help people take action.

The next sweet spot theme are Mentors.

Mentors are the cheerleaders and coaches of the world. You love working right along side with your clients, empowering them, encouraging them to take action.

Your dream clients need you! Chances are, they have attempted to achieve their goals on their own. They have read the books and taken the workshops and the programs, but they’ve stumbled along the way. They need real accountability and support!

Martha Beck is an amazing example of a Mentor. Known as Oprah’s life coach, Martha was a pioneer in the life coaching industry and has trained thousands of life coaches through her training programs.

For mentors – you can stop stressing about marketing and focus on connection. Sitting behind a computer all day is going to make you feel crazy – but getting out there and building relationships, building TRUST, will always build your business.

Finally, we have the masterminds.

This is also my sweet spot theme – so if you’re like me, then you’re someone who loves breaking down big ideas into doable actionable steps.

You’d probably be happy as a professional student, but as an entrepreneur, you provide the highest value by distilling all the best practices into frameworks that everyone else can follow.

Your dream clients want you to show them HOW to do something. They don’t want to do all the research and trial and error, they want the shortcut. Your job is to create the step-by-step plan for them to follow.

Brene Brown is a classic mastermind. She researches incredibly difficult topics – shame and vulnerability – but her books break those topics down into frameworks that you can wrap your head around. She’s amazing turning overwhelming insights and information into practical action steps.

For masterminds – teaching is your marketing language. When your ideas help people take those first steps forward towards their goals, they are so excited to learn more from you.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with all the things you “should” be doing in your biz, embracing your Business Sweet Spot gives you permission to stop shoulding all over yourself and simply embrace what naturally works with your entrepreneurial DNA.

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Chances are you resonated with one of these – but if you want to dive even deeper, check out the Business Sweet Spot Quiz at

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Thanks again for being here. I can’t wait to connect with you again at the next of the Uncomplicate Your Business Show. Talk soon!

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