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Case Study: The Unsexy Secret to How She Grew 162% Working Less Than 30 Hours a Week

If you’ve been listening to the recent Unsexy Secrets to Sustainable Success Series, you might be thinking ‘This all sounds too simple. How will I know that slowing down to implement these strategies will actually help me grow?‘ then this audio is a must listen.

Listen in to this conversation with Paula Billig and Nichole Lynn::

» The power of pressing pause to create a strategic plan, even when it felt like they didn’t have the time to do it.

» How The CEO Collective has helped them to not only create that strategic plan – but STICK TO IT through all of the ups and downs of a global pandemic, election year, and massive challenges in business.

» Why implementing SYSTEMS was key to creating more SUSTAINABILITY in their businesses… including allowing them to work ½ the hours, dramatically grow revenue, and actually have time for self-care

TCC Paula Testimonial

“I had two separate businesses as a fitness coach and as an herbalist – mostly doing education programming and almost all of it was in person.

When COVID hit in 2020 all of that fell apart, but also I had a dream for a long time of finding ways to blend all of my wellness work together into more comprehensive programs.

And that was really the reason that I joined – to create this whole new thing that I could teach no matter what the future would bring.

Since I’ve joined The CEO Collective, I think the thing that I’ve done that’s created the biggest change for me was running a few free challenges.

It was a lot of work to be able to put that together, but the trainings that Racheal offers in The CEO Collective made it so that I didn’t have to invent anything as I went along. I didn’t have to create any of that stuff from scratch.

Shortening the learning curve meant that I could actually benefit from all of it instead of just burning out, making mistakes and it not being worthwhile.

I’ve gained email followers. I’ve gained social media followers. I also doubled and in some cases quadrupled website traffic while I was running these challenges.”

– Paula Billig (CEO of Paula’s Herbals & Wellness)

TCC Nichole Testimonial

“Racheal Baxter Cook knows what she is talking about and that following her steps of planning, rinse, wash, repeat in a way that allows you to have time with your family, friends and not live in constant feast or famine! 

January’s are very HARD for me. Sales go down to under $8K normally and I just suck it up to it is what it is.

NOT THIS YEAR! My revenue was $21K and I only worked about 10 hours a week. 🙌🏼

How?! I planned out my 90 days in advance so when January hit, I only had to follow the plan. Everything was in place. I successfully had 4 releases. One a week and it only took less than 10 hours a week to implement.

So even during a time when I normally am just trying to get thru the day, I was able to bring in my 1st ever “good” January sales by doing less than the bare minimum- all because it was written down in my 90 day plan and the work was mostly done.

Not bad to have $11K profit on 40 hours of work. 162% increase from last January all because of the 90 plan. 

Thank you, Racheal!!”

– Nichole Lynn (CEO of The Solid Bow)

“Racheal is a perfect example of a successful entrepreneur how has mastered the art of balancing work and personal life. That’s no small feat! 

She’s a masterful teacher who can teach you the proven strategies and skills needed to design a business that works perfectly for you and your unique gifts.“

– Amy Porterfield (Online Marketing Expert)

“Racheal is my go-to source for practical guidance on building and running a business.

In a sea of get rich quick and make money while you sleep schemes, she’s the voice of reason with very tangible ideas that fit into my life as not only a business owner but wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.”

– Maggie Patterson (Marketing Consultant)

“I admire Racheal Cook because she stands for creating a real business rather than a business based on “look at my fabulous, perfect life — now hire me and I will tell you how to be me.”

– Jen Louden (Author of Why Bother)

“Within the first week of the CEO Collective and the trainings on the 90-day plan, I started to look at my business differently. I started to see how Racheal’s marketing strategy of attract, engage and nurture results in more leads, more calls and definitely more sales. I identified the exact stage of where my business was, which gave me clarity on where I was headed, and as I implemented Racheal’s easy to follow systems, my business became more manageable and better set up for success.

Now that I have been in the CEO Collective for almost 6 months, my business is unrecognizable from where it was when I started the program. I went from “just me” to a team of 8 women. I post a weekly newsletter, I am active on all the social media channels, I have upgraded my offerings and (slightly) raised my prices, I no longer give my time away for free. I have been celebrating my wins, taking more time for self-care and consistently hitting my financial goals.

My favorite part of the CEO Collective is my mini-mastermind group. We have five women in our group and we help each other with implementation, mindset and accountability. These five women have helped my business grow and have encouraged and inspired me to step into my own self-worth and be a leader in my own business. I feel so supported and strong!

Racheal and her team have been with me every step of the way, to help me create smoother systems and a more streamlined flow. My business is more predictable AND more profitable. I have gotten so much value from the CEO Collective, so much more than I was hoping for in a business coaching program. I am so grateful to Racheal, my mentor Amber, my mini-mastermind group and all of the incredible women in the Collective. Thank you all for helping me and my business grow and thrive.”

– Layne Lyons JD (CEO of Layne Lyons, Inc. and Creator of The Legal Umbrella Method™)

I felt as if I had plateaued in my business. I was looking for a bigger challenge and knew I needed to surround myself with people who were thinking bigger.

I came in with the goal to plan and execute a women’s conference centered on lifestyle design called Rebelle Con. Did I mention that our timeline was 3 months… and I just had my second baby a few months before that?

Rebelle Con was a huge success! Not only did we host amazing speakers like Jessamyn Stanley, Christian Siriano, and Tanya Rapley… but we had over 100 attendees for this 3 day conference. 

I am so glad I had the support of Racheal to get me through the ups and downs of this journey. She was such an important part of getting this off the ground and continues to be one of my biggest cheerleaders for doing bigger and better things in my business.”

– Shannon Siriano Greenwood (Founder of Rebelle Con)

It’s like sports. You can kick the ball any which way and you might score some goals eventually, or you can have a coach that helps you coordinate your skills, plan how you’re going to get the ball down the field, and score over and over.

The CEO Collective has the training, the support, the crowd cheering you on so you can play (or elevate) your very best game.

Before joining, I had a hard time focusing efforts — I would always bite off more than I could ever chew, I had a slipshod approach to getting it done, get distracted by another shiny object, and never I felt like I’d actually met the goals I set. (And then I’d complain about working too much!)

Using the CEO Retreats and being able to hone in on what *actually* mattered, getting the training to refine the plan, then applying the 90-day overlay and effort behind the small steps, I was able to FINALLY get our sustainable marketing system built out!

– Courtenay Shipley (Founder + CEO Retirement Planology)

A lot of what I wanted was to be able to get (at The CEO Retreat) a tangible business plan that I could set for myself. This was not, “Hey, Racheal, give me this plan that is like the one-size-fits-all.” This was really me trying to figure out what it was that I needed, and a roadmap to where it was that I wanted to go. And I wanted something that was going to create the life that I was looking to create. And so it’s been really important to me to create a business that is actually in service of what it is that I am looking to actually live out, not living a life that is in service to my business and my family.

I wanted that energy, also being surrounded by other CEOs, other leaders that really wanted to do similar things. Even though we did it virtually because coronavirus took our in-person away that we’d initially planned, I still would not have traded it for the world. I’m so glad that Racheal still did it – the power of numbers is such an important piece in this type of work. It’s so much harder to do it alone! Planning with other people and all of us really trying to work toward that common goal made all the difference.

And it definitely helps you finally get answers to questions that I had not gotten answers to before. It wasn’t just, “Here’s a bunch of stuff and go do it on your own.”

I got answers that helped me to actually be able to create a plan for what my content looked like, and how I was moving forward, to plan out what my business was going to look like in the next 90 days. And it gave me a framework that I could use beyond that 90 days. And so really having that clear picture of what I needed for where I was, as well as where I wanted to be.

And newsflash, it took a whole lot less work than what I thought, which was probably one of the biggest takeaways. It did not require me to work more hours. It actually required me to create more space for self-care so that I wasn’t burning myself out, because the work that I do can take a lot of time and energy. And it was something that needed to be in service of the overall picture of what I wanted to create for myself, my family, and the overall wealth that I look to build. And for Racheal’s support that I received through The CEO Retreat, I say thank you, and I highly suggest it for you.

– Erica Courdae {DEI Consultant, Maryland}

“I’ve only been in the CEO Collective for a little over a month, but I’ve already seen some major, positive shifts in my business as I’ve begun to implement the things I’ve learned from Racheal and her team.

When I began my journey in the CEO Collective, I had just come back from maternity leave and felt completely overwhelmed with what I needed to do in order to get my business off the ground again after being absent for over a year.

By implementing the 90-day plan and figuring out what parts of my business I needed to hand off to someone else, I’ve already seen my business grow back to where it was pre-baby AND I’ve added two team members!”

– Sara McCormick (Bella de Luna)

Before I joined the CEO Collective, I was doing all right in my business but I didn’t understand HOW to organize, how to track, how my systems were working – and I felt overwhelmed all the time.

Over this first 8 months, I have restructured my time, my tracking, my implementation. I know what I’m supposed to be working on, I know how to do it, and I have so much more time to explore my creative projects.

– Jennet Ingle (Oboist + Founder of Jennet Ingle Reeds)

“I was ready to up-level my business. I had a solid foundation, but I really wanted to streamline – making more space for both my business to grow and for me to have more time for my personal life (including my own yoga practice!).

Since working with Racheal, my programs have filled, my mailing list has nearly doubled and {most importantly to me} I have a clear plan for the future. Less angst. More clarity. It doesn’t get much better than that!”

– Anna Guest-Jelley (Founder of Curvy Yoga)

“Rach is a gifted coach and grounded girlfriend rolled into one.

I worked with Rach after returning from a 4 month maternity leave, and I was struggling to get my biz mojo back.

With her consistent guidance and support, I not only created a clear plan to get me back on track in my business, but I went on to create a brand new program during our time together and in the end wound up increasing my income by 15% from the previous year (even after taking those 4 months off)!!!

— Cailen Ascher (Founder of 3 Day Work Week)

“I attended The CEO Retreat because I followed Racheal for awhile and I’m always looking for ways to uplevel and reach the next level in my business. 

My key takeaway? The intentionality of every task – every day, every week, every month. Everything that we have planned for our business is INTENTIONAL. Nobody is falling into success!

– Sharvette Mitchell (CEO of Mitchell Productions)

“Thank you so much for your program! It’s thick with helpful, practical tips for building a sustainable business. It has info that would take me months to find.

I feel like I have real insider access to this world of entrepreneurship.

I’m floored with the sheer amount of content. I listen to the podcasts in my car or while cooking. I look forward to my commutes because I can learn something. I found myself taking notes while listening to a previous recording when waiting for a patient to deliver. I wanted you to know that I LOVE what you are doing and am so grateful.”

Kristi Angevine MD (OBGYN + New Mom Advocate)

Before working with Racheal, I was sort of flying by the seat of my pants. I was taking everything day-to-day, taking jobs as they came in saying yes to everything even when it wasn’t exactly my ideal client.

I was just trying to stay afloat and survive and hustle, but then my business got to a point where I couldn’t keep up and that’s when Racheal showed up.

I have been able to implement systems and create plans with an actionable process that can help me reach goals. I didn’t even know that was possible and I have a mastermind of people who I come to discuss challenges, celebrate wins and say hey, I never thought this was an idea.

There are endless possibilities of ways that I can get support.
Whether it’s being in a mentorship group with women who are in other professions besides mine to help me think outside of the box or having access to Racheal’s Cook’s incredible support team or direct support from Racheal, I’ve got somebody.

– Megan Tusing (Actor & Audiobook Narrator)

“I had just wrapped by first round of The Bodywork Project, an online coaching program for bodyworkers and therapists, and I didn’t know how to take it to the next level. And I’d gotten to that place in my business before where I created these offers, I knew that they were good but then I couldn’t take it to more people and get it to the next level.

While the timing was good to join The CEO Accelerator, it wasn’t an easy decision to make! I mean my heart wanted me to do it, I knew my business was ready, my heart was ready, my brain was like, “I don’t know, that’s a lot of money.”

But what turned it around for me was actually making that commitment. Making the financial commitment shifted the energy for me around my business and I knew I was all in. I knew I was going to take the advice that Racheal and the other Accelerators were going to give me, and I was going to do everything that I could to really be all in and grow my business for this past year.

And for me, that included launching the Bodywork Project successfully three different times! I created a virtual summit that I just wrapped up. I’ve created a challenge plus two free list magnets. I created a private mentoring program, a VIP program, I mean all of it. I was interviewed on six different podcasts. I did my first Facebook lives. I grew my list to nearly 1,000 – and I’m on social media! I felt like I was being catapulted over these hurdles that I used to come up against – Accelerator really is a good word for it.

One of the most important things that I got out of the Accelerator from Racheal and her team, was not only kind of cheerleading, rah rah you’re doing great, but also direct support. Somebody just said this, what should I do? And a response almost immediately. I think I want to move it in this direction. What do you think? Okay, here’s how to do this. Step one, step two, step three. And I just took those things and ran. 

A year later – I’ve already gotten my return on investment times three. So it’s been a terrific investment for me, it’s been wonderful personal growth for me and also for my business. So it’s been a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

– Mindy Totten (Founder of The Bodywork Project)

“I joined The CEO Accelerator because I knew I had A LOT of information and I needed support to turn this into action.

On my own, I’d end up wasting time, getting confused and pulled in too many different directions. The long term nature of the CEO Accelerator meant it was a long term commitment to myself and my business, so I knew together we were in this through the ups and the downs – I knew I’d have support I needed.

My biggest transformation was figuring out how to transition my consulting for larger businesses to reflect the needs of smaller/newer businesses. I learned to embrace both my practical skill set and the mindset work smaller business owners need.

My biggest struggle was stepping into more visibility! It started feeling like “I HAVE to do this, and in a way I hate doing this!” but over the months together, I found a way to commit to showing up more that felt more authentic to me. 

The best part about working with Racheal and the other CEOs was having people to share the experience with – the ups, the downs and knowing you aren’t alone! These women all believe in what you are doing even when you lose your own way. It’s so powerful to see the progress over the last year even though it feels like micro steps, I can see it is such a stronger platform to now leap off. The next biggest leap for me, is giving myself permission and confidence to really step up to lead this. 

I have loved having Racheal there in my corner supporting me and it has certainly helped me to become so much more focused in what I am doing with a clear direction moving forward.

— Laura Cook (Business Finance Strategist)

“Before working with Racheal and her team, we were scraping by. Our marketing was piece-meal and our message was unclear. It was super frustrating to know how much we had to give, but being unable to give it… and we couldn’t figure out what we were missing and how we were missing it. We gravitated toward the shiny objects, and while we had great intent to help people, we never could do so for more than a handful of folks.

Since then our business has TRIPLED. We have gotten crystal clear on our mission and how we serve best. We have been able to expand our mission to more people who are seeking us while maintaining our original intent and integrity.

Racheal has helped us put processes in place, helped us work smarter not harder, helped us get clarity and helped us serve with greater purpose and and intention. We also get days off now :).

I have LOVED the camaraderie with a group of powerhouse women, learning how to do things ‘like a girl’ in a way that’s empowering and impactful and learning how to make the business work for me instead of me working for it.

– Shannon Brasovan (Chief Yoga Officer for Naptown Fitness)

Prior to joining the CEO Collective, I was a sad solopreneur. Every day was a challenge to stay focused on tasks. I was thinking and acting more like an admin than a CEO. I was playing small, doing tons of “busy work” and not moving my business forward in the way I wanted. I needed more structure, strategy, and accountability.

Since joining The CEO Collective, I’ve implemented the CEO year and the 90-Day Plan. WHAT. A. GAME-CHANGER!! Using the Attract> Engage> Nurture> Invite> Delight process has helped me focus my time and energy better than ever before. It helps me *think* like a CEO for the first time!

Planning out the year and setting revenue goals was so eye-opening. The CEO planner truly helped me break my business strategy into chunks that I can easily manage every week and actually SEE how much progress I’m making.

In just over a month with the CEO Collective, I have launched a beta program and gained 4 new clients! I also created and launched a podcast. Crazy, right? Knowing that I am seen and heard by my mentors, makes all the difference. I asked for straight-up accountability, and I got it! Investing in the CEO Collective was a leap of faith, and I’m so glad I jumped in with both feet!

– Robin Wisner (Whole-life Wellness for Women)

Racheal is so wonderful! She is wicked smart and insightful… it seems like the perfect marketing copy just pours out of her mouth. Her encyclopedic knowledge never ceases to amaze – when in doubt, she has the answer on the right tools, strategies, or technology you need to get things done in your business.

She addresses the full spectrum of the entrepreneur’s needs. From how to simplify the minutia that we all have to figure out – such as how to make a video, to clean out your inbox, to inspire yourself daily – to zooming out to see the big picture too – such as how to position, how to find your clients and how to grow steadily (and not too fast)! That’s a very rare combo.

Genuine and so generous, her integrity makes her stand out in this field of business coaches. She tops it all off with a lovely, nurturing nature – caring deeply. My work with her has been a rocket booster to get my business finally launched. I couldn’t have done it without her.

– Cassandra Metzger (Founder of Premier Wellness Travel)

Before I started working with Racheal, I was overworked, over-scheduled, and exhausted. I felt trapped in the business I had created with no clear direction as to how things could shift so that I didn’t always have to work 80+ hour weeks. I loved my business and my clients… but I couldn’t enjoy any of it, because I was so depleted myself.

My life and business has changed completely since beginning my work with Racheal. I’m happier, calmer, I am making more money, and I am moving my business in a very exciting new direction. Racheal gave me permission and support to grow my business in the direction I was most excited about: teaching other yoga teachers. I had been worried that moving in that direction wasn’t a smart business choice, but Racheal showed me it was not only a good idea, but it was the ONLY WAY to grow my business successfully AND enjoy myself as I did!

She has helped me break down all my goals into organized, achievable steps, and has made the whole process fun and easy! I have never been more excited about my work, or more proud of what I am offering to the world! I have a long list of things I’m EXCITED to do and I always get them done! As a result, my business has completely transformed in a few months.

Hell yes, I would totally recommend Racheal to any healing entrepreneur who is ready to uplevel their business AND their personal life!”

– Francesca Cervero (Founder of The Science of Private Yoga)

“I’ve been running my own business for over 10 years and I always go back to Rach! She’s great at helping you in a really easy-to-digest way plan your business for the next season while being clear with your goals and values.

It’s like she’s a magician at helping you lay out what you need to do! Now – on Monday mornings when I sit down for my CEO Date with myself – I can map out what am I doing for the week and can clearly see how it impacts my goals and values for my business.

I’m so grateful for the CEO Retreat! I’m attended in January and will attend again in the fall. You should definitely join!”

– Pleasance Silicki {lil’ omm yoga + Soulful Selfcare Podcast, Washington DC}

When you participate in the CEO retreat, you learn and implement a concise and practical process for getting clear about what you want to accomplish and what it takes to make it happen. You sit down and you clarify your goals, and then you create weekly action plans to make the goals a reality.

This has been by far one of the most important business lessons that I’ve had, because if you’re anything like me, you’re amazing at what you do. And you’ve got a million ideas. And talk about stress, sitting down and with all of your ideas and all of your to do’s and all the things swirling around in your mind results in spinning your wheels and never getting any of it done very well.

But when you participate in the CEO retreat, you start to see how narrowing your focus on a smaller set of goals and making those things happen. And then repeat, repeat, repeat. I’ve participated in the CEO retreat twice, and I have never been more productive or proud of the work that I’ve accomplished since learning the skills. So if you feel like you sit down and spin your wheels more often than you’d like, join Racheal at the CEO Retreat. You will not regret it. And you will love to wear your CEO hat!

– Stephannie Weikart {Founder of Make Peace With Stress, Maryland}

“I left The CEO Retreat so motivated and with my actions so clear that it actually took me only 30 days to implement my 90 day plan!

I highly recommend going to Racheal’s CEO retreat, getting in the room, putting the time on the calendar, getting accountable to creating this plan, and then going out and having that motivation running high for implementation.”

– Tara Newman (Founder of The Bold Leadership Revolution)

Before the retreat – I had shiny object syndrome and was trying to do too many things. I was overwhelmed and putting a lot of my good energy into work that wasn’t paying off. Since the retreat, I got rid of some things that were clogging my business. Said NO to low-vibe client work. And got a double book deal! WOOT!

– Theresa Reed (The Tarot Lady)

I think we’ve all been there where we provide an amazing service and we really love what we do, and we love our clients, and we’re loving on them all the time, which can mean that we forget to put time in our schedule to really focus on our own brand and our own business and make sure we love on that as well.

Racheal’s CEO Retreat really forced me to take that time to have my butt in the seat and really focus on Flaunt Your Fire and what it needs for an entire quarter in advance and plan strategically for that.

Not only did I focus on sales goals, which is so, so important, but Racheal really brings her full MBA to the table and has you think about other things, too, that are not so sexy about business. Right? We’re looking at trademarking and updating contracts and making sure that every other single piece, sexy or not about your business, is also on point.

And that is something that is super, super important to have accountability with. I really, really enjoyed my time at the CEO Retreat, and I’m going to encourage you to check out Racheal Cook and check out this offering because it is bringing a side of tangible business things that might not be so sexy, but are super necessary to get to the next place and to stay on track with your goals. 

– India Jackson (Founder of Flaunt Your Fire)

“I attended The CEO Retreat because I wanted to step out of my business for a day and work ON it instead of just IN it – and for me that is made exponentially easy when I remove myself from my regular ‘day in the office’ and spend a day surrounded by really amazing entrepreneurs in a room led by an amazing entrepreneur. It allows me to shift my perspective!

It was really impactful because in doing that, I was able to reconnect with my preferred schedule which was something I had lost over the years of being IN my business and the day-to-day. It shifted at how I moved into the following quarter, especially what I didn’t need to own and what my team could own. And really helped me see where my team could be expanded so I could move more things off my plate.

I cannot recommend this enough. I can’t recommend Racheal enough! There is such a power in surrounding yourself with people who are doing the kind of things you want to do in their own unique industries and their own unique ways and brainstorming with them. I HIGHLY recommend you attend the next CEO Retreat!”

– Stacey Harris {CEO of Uncommonly More Social Media Agency, Los Angeles}

I have a crystal clear vision of what my business is going to look like and how I am going to get there.

I’ve invested thousands of dollars into personal growth and coaching but it wasn’t until I started working with Racheal that I knew exactly what I was doing! Together we hit the nail on the head! I have a crystal clear vision of what my business is going to look like and HOW I am going to get there. If it wasn’t for our time together, I’d still be spinning trying to figure it all out.

Racheal’s approach to business is one of a kind and heart centered. She’s given me the clarity to own a business that feels more like play!”

Heather Chauvin (Founder of Mom’s In Control)

“I run a successful web design business – but it wasn’t always that way. For the first three years of my business, I struggled in the feast or famine cycle. Then a friend turned me on to Racheal. I started to use her tips and they worked! When I saw that she was doing a Live CEO Retreat, I said I gotta be there.

I love Racheal’s approach because it’s strategy first. As business owners we tend to have big ideas but no idea how to get there. The strength of The CEO Retreat is that you create realistic action plans that push you forward step by step to that big idea.

My biggest take away is that I’ve gotta raise my prices and own my schedule. Using Racheal’s strategies, I’ve seen my profits triple from last year and I just had my first 5K month. If you’re thinking of going, go for it! It’s worth every penny!”

– Margaret Cogswell {Owner Margaret Cogswell Designs, South Carolina}

I did the last CEO retreat of 2019. It was the first retreat that I had been on. And ever since I have been telling all of my business buddies that they have got to do this, either in person or online. Whatever they need to do to make it happen, they just need to make it happen. Because it’s the best program for helping you reach your business goals and really, really step into being the CEO in your business that you need to be.

Before I did the CEO retreat, I was creating scalable marketing plans and strategies for all of my clients. But I wasn’t focusing on my top goals for my business and aligning all of my own strategies to those goals.

Being in the same room as Racheal and all of the other really motivated, driven, passionate women that showed up, it has made all the difference. Having that clarity and the confidence that came from having the action plan, has allowed me to really focus on my top three action steps that I have to focus on every single week to make those goals obtainable and to reach all of the goals that I need to reach.

I’ve been checking my metrics and my leads have been increasing exponentially. My brand awareness is growing. All of my top priorities are getting done. There isn’t carry over bleeding into the following weeks that was tending to happen before, because I was putting all of my clients work first and leaving my own work on the back burner and then trying to do it all at once. That’s not happening anymore. Everything is all very balanced and focused and intentional, which is so important.

So if you have the opportunity to do this retreat, either in person or online, I wouldn’t even hesitate. I wouldn’t even waste any time. I would just sign up before these seats get filled. Honestly, if you can do the in person, you should absolutely do the in person because being in the same room with Racheal and all of these women, oh my God. It just makes all the difference. So do that if you can. But either way you got to do the retreat, one way or the other.

– Amber Brooks {Brandividuation, Richmond VA}

Sweet Spot Strategy is a Must Do for anyone looking for training, connection, clarity, and consistency in their growing business.

I met Racheal over 10 years ago in a yoga class and we instantly connected. Fast forward two years and a move to my hometown, my new business was in it’s infancy, and I knew that I needed to get some guidance on growing it and building the business I dreamed about. I had kept up with Racheal and knew about Sweet Spot Strategy and one email exchange with her sealed the deal – I was signed up and ready to rock.

The program is fast and furious…and oh so worth it. Racheal is real and you can feel her presence in every session. I appreciated each of her personal touches and knew that she truly was there with us all each step of the way. The two best things about Sweet Spot Strategy were (and still are): 1) the private Facebook group for all Sweet Spot Strategy grads where we are able to connect, build masterminds, get support, and stay on track with each other. 2) I have lifetime access to each module and the worksheets! To me, these two resources are priceless. I’ve gone back through parts of Sweet Spot Strategy as my business has evolved over the past year and am still active with the group – one fellow Sweet Spot Strategy grad even became a client!

Sweet Spot Strategy is not just for yoga teachers and life coaches; it’s for anyone who advocates conscious living and wants to build a business in line with that thinking. This course is a MUST DO for anyone looking for training, connection, clarity, and consistency in their growing business.”

Val Geisler (Conversion Copywriter)

This program has helped me to heal my relationship with myself, money, and clients in the most powerful way!

Racheal, can I just say, how refreshing it is to be a part of a group where people are honest, thoughtful, mindful, and respectful of the sacred space we’ve created here? I love what has been created here. There seems to be a real desire for people to help each other, encourage each other, inspire each other to go higher.

I’ll be honest, before SSS, everything was about the bottom line $$ – what kind of product could I put (or throw) together to generate passive income and sales. But now, I am really seeing how important it is to establish value and trust by giving your absolute best because it is just the right thing to do as a consciously minded entrepreneur.

This program has helped me to heal my relationship with myself, money, and clients in the most powerful way! I am seeing this transfer over into how easy it is to run my business, and how I am now attracting the exact types of clients that I want.

It can only get better and I have this community to thank! Racheal, you have done an awesome job creating some really awesome shis-nit!!! We are all so lucky to have found each other.”

Fatima Lowe-Williams {Founder of Holistic Life, Los Angeles CA}

Sweet Spot Strategy was like a mini-MBA tailored for me and my business!

“Before starting Sweet Spot Strategy, I was just in the beginning planning stages of my business and I had no idea where to start… now I am almost ready to launch my business!

Through SSS, I’ve learned how to narrow my focus to attract perfect-for-me clients and the marketing to attract them. Now that I know my business sweet spot (ie be myself and what only I can offer), I feel GOOD about marketing myself and my business. I’ve learned so much about marketing and copywriting and website design… Sweet Spot Strategy was like a mini-MBA tailored for me and my business!

What did I love best about Sweet Spot Strategy? Um, everything? I loved Racheal’s individualized support. I love her fun style of teaching and intellectual approach. I also loved how she synthesized so much information down to just what I needed! She really cares about each person taking her course.”

Sarah Rosensweet (Parenting Coach)

The biggest result I’ve had from joining The CEO Collective is taking the CEO’s view, which has allowed me to truly clarify the big picture of my business in a way that feels right to me—not just because someone else told me this is what my business should look like.

Because of this, I’ve dramatically SIMPLIFIED and nothing has every made me happier!

– Stephannie Weikert (Founder of Make Peace With Stress)

“I now know how to tell my own entrepreneurial story to authentically connect with my people and draw in perfect-for-me clients.

Before Sweet Spot Strategy, I was feeling overwhelmed by doing too much. I was reactive with my offerings and marketing versus proactive and strategic. I was doing work based on other people’s stories.

Now? I have much less overwhelm due to boosting productivity with Pomodoros, systemizing processes, and getting help for things that I am not the best in the world at (i.e. cleaning my house)!

I feel more clear on the services I need to provide and more proactive and strategic with my marketing.

Racheal is a role model for conscious entrepreneurs. She is uber efficient, crazy strategic, and absolutely committed to making her business fit into her desired lifestyle. She inspires me to trust that I can build a business and a life that I ADORE. Through her programs, I have built a network of other savvy conscious entrepreneurs.

I would absolutely recommend working with Racheal, because she knows her shit. And she is committed to providing a high quality service to help biz owners share their brilliance with the world in a sustainable and authentic way.

I can’t wait to get 1×1 coaching with Racheal for another 6 months!”

– Casey Berglund (Founder of Let Your Body Lead)

“Working with Racheal has been THE BEST decision I’ve made in business, period. I remember feeling so ‘not ready’ for this level of coaching and accountability because my revenue was nowhere near the 6-figure mark. What sealed the deal for me was Racheal’s response to my sharing that. Without batting an eye and, almost as an aside, she said, ‘Yeah…but we’ll get you there in no time.’ I didn’t join because she was promising me that, but because it was so clear to me that she 100% believed that I already had what it took to make that happen, with some strategic focus.

With Racheal’s guidance and sound business background, I’ve been able to tackle projects that I had on my to-do list for a long while, but never committed to because I didn’t see how they fit into my long-term goals. As someone who gets bored doing repetitive tasks, is always thinking of innovative ways to serve, and often resists systems, I needed to see how the puzzle pieces fit together in order to commit to the work.

And, it’s paid off in spades. I’ve grown the 1:1 side of my business and have a team supporting me, I launched the podcast that I had previously recorded episodes for, and I successfully launched my group program…twice.

Last week, I reviewed my notes from when I started and my jaw dropped. I looked at the 12 month revenue I had going into working with Racheal and realized that I exceeded that in Q1 of 2020.

To top it all off, I realized the section where I was able to write out my 12 month DREAM vision for my business, was no longer a dream, but in fact EXACTLY what my business looks like today. Yes, I have done some HEAVY lifting, but I have Racheal to thank for helping me to grow my business in a way that’s both profitable and allows me time to enjoy the life I’m creating.”

– Angie Trueblood (Visibility Strategist)

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