Achieve Your Goals Using The 90 Day CEO®️ Business Growth Framework

If you’re an established entrepreneur ready to sustainably scale your business, more hustle won’t help you achieve your goals. You need strategies, systems, and support where you – and your business – can grow.

It Starts at The CEO Retreat

Imagine the confidence

you’ll feel knowing how to translate those big goals into 90 Day Plans so you can say NO to shiny objects and YES to strategic action steps.

Imagine the freedom

you’ll feel knowing exactly where to focus your time and energy as the CEO of your business, so you can stop spinning your wheels and start seeing massive momentum in your business.

Imagine how amazing

it would feel to go into next 90 days with week by week checklist that breaks down your annual goals into checkoffable step by step plans.

It’s Possible When You Turn Your
Vision into 90 Day Plans.

Strategically Set Your Year Up For Success.

The biggest reason most businesses struggle? They are winging it!

Using our 90 Day CEO Planning Process, you’ll learn how to build the flywheel for your business that you can rinse and repeat for more ease and less stress.

Create Check-Off-Able Weekly Action Plans.

It’s not what you do once in a while that generates results… it’s what you do each and every week that moves your business forward.

Together, we’ll break down your big plans into check-off-able weekly action steps.

Master Radical

A plan only works if you work the plan!

I’ll walk you through my signature 90-Day CEO Planner to hold yourself accountable (and make sure you’re focused on $1000 CEO level tasks vs. $10 an hour busywork).

Entrepreneurs With A Plan Are 2x More Likely To Grow.
With A Clear 30-60-90 Day Action Plan, You’ll Finally…

Follow Through On Your Plan

So you’ll know exactly what steps to take each and every week to move your business forward.

Grow Your Community & Clients

A more consistent marketing and sales plan will help you to reach and serve more people.

Grow Your Revenue

Gain clarity on what drives results in your business – so you can create more consistent cashflow.

“After 90 Days, ALL those things had come to pass.”

“I didn’t think I needed something like The CEO Retreat! I’m a really good planner, I like to do things in advance, I’m really good at followup.

What I ended up noticing was I ended up setting really big audacious goals for myself. In my 90 day plan, I wanted to completely rebrand, create a totally new website, and launch my signature program. After 90 days, ALL of those things had come to pass.”



The CEO Retreat isn’t about dreams and vision boards. Together, we’ll leverage the 90 Day CEO Framework to reverse engineer your goals and map out your weekly action steps for massive momentum in your business!

It’s Time to Upgrade Those CEO Skills

We all dream big dreams and make big plans for our businesses, but then LIFE gets in the way – and that list of dreams and goals is pushed aside as other to-dos clamor for your attention.

A plan only works if you can work the plan!

That why my signature planning process is designed to help you create more momentum in your business by implementing more rinse and repeat systems that grow your business and a life-proof business strategy.

That’s What We Do At The CEO Retreat!

This planning process is the secret to over 15 years working less than 25 hours a week to grow my business while raising my 3 kiddos and caring for my aging parents.

When You Implement The 90 Day CEO Framework – You Reclaim Your Life!

I started sharing my planning and productivity strategies with other entrepreneurs in 2014… and 20,000 students later, I know that the biggest difference between those who burn out and those who create sustainable success is the ability to create and stick to their plan.

But how do you know what to focus on first?

When you attend The CEO Retreat, you’ll deep dive into our 90 Day CEO Framework including the 90 Day Client Catalyst – a proven process to ensure your business has the marketing, sales, and client delivery process for more predictable profits.

As you begin to implement this framework – 90 Days at a time – you’ll start to see the systems click into place for more ease and less stress!

“If you’re ready to see massive momentum in your business, it’s time to get laser-focused. When you join me for The CEO Retreat, you’ll leave with answers to your biggest questions and a real game plan to take your business to the next level.”

Tara Newman

Bold Leadership Revolution

Get Ready for a Solid Day of Business Building Strategy!

Morning Session

10:00AM – 12:30PM EST

We’ll start with your big vision for your business and life in the next 12 months, set clear and strategic goals using our signature 90 Day CEO framework, then get laser focused on your biggest business priorities.

Afternoon Session

1:30PM – 4:00PM EST

Once we map out your marketing and sales activities for the next 30-60-90 days, you’ll mastermind with the CEOs to break down your plan into week-by-week action steps & walk away with a checkoffable plan.


Each Hour Spent Planning Saves 10 Hours In Implementation.

We all know that we need to set aside regular CEO time to work ON the big picture for our businesses… but then an email comes in, a client calls, and we’re back in the minutiae of our business instead of strategically planning our next marketing campaign, creating a new $10K revenue stream, or making a plan to hire some support.

But when you RSVP for The CEO Retreat, we know you’re serious about your business.

You’ll prioritize profits in your 90 day plan so you don’t find yourself hustling and grinding for that next new client.

You’ll have a clear timeline and action steps for each of your biggest business goals so you won’t get overwhelmed trying to do it all at the same time.

And you’ll have proven tools to help you stay focused on the $1K an hour CEO level tasks instead of all that $10 an hour busywork.

The CEO Retreat Is The Secret to Massive Momentum

CEO Retreat Attendee

“When you participate in the CEO retreat, you learn and implement a concise and practical process for getting clear about what you want to accomplish and what it takes to make it happen. You sit down and you clarify your goals, and then you create weekly action plans to make the goals a reality.”

Stephannie Weikart

Founder of Make Peace With Stress

The Marketing Strategy Intensive

In this 3 hour Masterclass, you’ll learn the 6 essential elements of a high-converting marketing strategy. Understanding this strategy framework – based on the buyer journey – will ensure that no matter how marketing tactics and trends change, you’ll always know how to attract paying clients.

You Don’t Have to Be Everywhere Or Do ALL The Marketing Things

Once you complete the Marketing Strategy Intensive, you’ll have clarity about the marketing that makes the most sense for you and your business. The best part? You’ll begin to create marketing assets that allow you to rinse and repeat (aka work LESS on marketing your business).

Email Templates, Checklists, and Case Studies

Accelerate the implementation of your marketing strategy with proven email templates, examples, checklists, case studies, and frameworks.

Get Clarity on Your Vision

Hold Yourself Accountable with CEO Habits

Pace Yourself with 30-60-90 Day Plans

Masterminding with Women CEOs

Laser Coaching with Racheal and Team

Design Strategies to Achieve 90 Day Goals

BONUS! Planning Bundle Mailed To You!

BONUS! Marketing Strategy Intensive

Get the early bird price and register now ($300 savings) through Thursday, August 15th!

$1297 $997 (Live in Richmond VA) / $997 $697 (Virtual)



Once You RSVP For The CEO Retreat:

You’ll receive a welcome email within 24 hours with your confirmation and next steps.

Inside this email, you’ll find information on how to prepare for The CEO Retreat with the Plan Your Best Year Ever 5 Day Challenge. This challenge will lay the foundation for the CEO Retreat, so you’ll come in with your vision and goals mapped out using our 90 Day CEO Framework.

You will also receive immediate access to my recent training – Marketing Strategy Intensive. This training is highly recommended as our signature 90 Day Planning Process integrates your business goals and the Attract – Engage – Nurture – Invite – Delight framework to ensure more consistent results that build momentum over the next 90 days.

You’ll also hear from me via email to help you get the absolute most from this planning experience. If for some reason, you don’t receive your email within 24 hours, please reach out to my team at so we can get you started!

Rave Reviews About The CEO Retreat

“I have so much clarity.”

“I have so much clarity after The CEO Retreat.

When I plan my week, I just flip to the page in my CEO Planner, make the adjustments for things that didn’t get done, and then I get right to work. It’s fantastic.

I got so much out of The CEO Retreat experience.”



“That’s been a life-changer for me.”

“I have a plan that I look at every three months in a quarterly review and plan for in a quarterly retreat. And I follow the plan.

Each week, I’m looking at the plan, I am mapping out exactly what I’m going to be doing that week and keeping my eye on, what are those goals that I am working on and how can I put that into my plan for the week? And that’s been a life-changer for me.”



“I’m always looking for ways to up-level and reach the next level in my business.

My key takeaway? The intentionality of every task – every day, every week, every month. Everything that we have planned for our business is INTENTIONAL. Nobody is falling into success!“



“Racheal is my go-to source for practical guidance on building and running a business.

In a sea of get rich quick and make money while you sleep schemes, she’s the voice of reason with very tangible ideas that fit into my life as not only a business owner but wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.”



“I left so motivated and with my actions so clear that it actually took me only 30 days to implement my 90 day plan. 

I highly recommend going to Racheal’s CEO Retreat, getting in the room, putting the time on the calendar, getting accountable to creating this plan, and then going out and having that motivation running high for implementation.”

Tara Newman

Bold Leadership Revolution

“Before the retreat, I had shiny object syndrome and was trying to do too many things. I was overwhelmed and putting a lot of my good energy into work that wasn’t paying off.

Since the retreat, I got rid of some things that were clogging my business. Said NO to low-vibe client work. And got a double book deal! WOOT!”



My biggest takeaway from going to the retreat was really how important it is to really, really spend time as the CEO of your business.

It is too easy to get bogged down in the everyday, in the details in the minutia of running a business. It was just really transformative to experience taking the time out and really focusing on being the CEO that I know that I am. 



My plan did not require me to work more hours! It actually required me to create more space for self-care so that I wasn’t burning myself out, because the work that I do can take a lot of time and energy.

And it was something that needed to be in service of the overall picture of what I wanted to create for myself, my family, and the overall wealth that I look to build.



The CEO Retreat FAQ’s


With clients all over the world, we know that our schedule of 10AM EST – 4PM EST could be the middle of the night for you!

And while we absolutely believe the most value comes from attending LIVE so you can participate in the conversations, we want to make this as accessible as possible no matter where in the world you are (or whatever in the world your schedule might be).

We will send out recordings of the entire live planning retreat in the week following. All we ask is that you BLOCK OUT TIME in your calendar to make this work a priority!


After running over 40 CEO Retreats, we’ve seen all kinds of businesses join us for this strategic planning retreat including:

Life Coaches, Tarot Card Readers, Yoga Teachers Therapists, Photographers, Brand Strategists, Copywriters, Website Designers, Online, Course Creators, Digital Agency Owners, Lifestyle Design Coaches, Meditation Teachers, Nutritionists + Dietitians, Bodywork Therapists , DEI Consultants, Social Media Strategists, Career Coaches, Business Coaches, Lawyers, Accountants + Financial Planners, Video Marketing Experts, Health + Wellness Coaches, Parenting Coaches, Podcast Pitching Agency Owners, PR Agency Owners, Interior Designers, Online Retail Store Owners, Professional Voice Over Actors And so many more!

If you have a coaching, consulting, training/education, professional services, or creative business, you’ll definitely be in the right group of CEOs.


Join us for The CEO Retreat! Racheal started her journey offering strategic planning retreats to executive teams for businesses that were generating multi-million dollars in revenue per year with dozens or even hundreds of employees – and without a clear growth framework, they face the same challenges.

As your business starts to grow and you require more support and systems, you need a clear strategy to keep everyone on the same page moving in the same direction.

If you’ve been finding yourself the bottleneck in your business – or frustrated because the team can’t seem to ‘keep up’ with you, you’ll learn how to create a more clear 90 Day Plan that you can share with the team and finally get everyone on the same page!


YES! We specifically designed this retreat to ensure that your biggest questions are answered so that you walk away with a plan that you feel 100% confident about. That’s why we’ve built in lots of Q&A time during each of the sessions.

Get Clarity on Your 2024 Vision

Hold Yourself Accountable with Upgraded CEO Habits

Pace Yourself with 30-60-90 Day Plans

Masterminding with Women CEOs

Laser Coaching with Racheal and Team

Design Strategies to Achieve 90 Day Goals

BONUS! Planning Bundle Mailed To You!

BONUS! Marketing Strategy Intensive

$1297 $997 (Live in Richmond VA) / $997 $697 (Virtual)



Get the early bird price and register now ($300 savings) through Thursday, August 15th!

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