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Uncomplicate Your Business is now Promote Yourself to CEO!

by | Last updated: Apr 14, 2022 | Podcast

Today I’m ALL CAPS EXCITED to share some big news with you…

…The Uncomplicate Your Business Show is getting a makeover!

After nearly 4 years and hundreds of episodes sharing my best insights and strategies to create success on your terms, I’ve really been feeling like the name of the show wasn’t truly reflective of the message and the movement I want to champion.

Promote Yourself to CEO!

So… Uncomplicate Your Business is now…

On today’s special announcement episode, I’m sharing my thought process behind this change, including:

  • Why all of the hype around marketing and launching and scale at all costs is actually setting women entrepreneurs up for failure.
  • How the current entrepreneurial culture of hustle hard is unrealistic for women entrepreneurs who are not only running businesses, but raising families and caring for aging parents.
  • The key mindset shift from the one-woman-show, solopreneur to truly leading yourself and your business like a CEO
  • How I accidentally created this new name and realized it when interviewing Michelle Mazur about the 3 Word Rebellion
  • The face-palm moment when I realized that this is the message woven through my entire body of work over the last ten years
  • Why I wrote myself a job description for the role of CEO of this business – and my top 3 essential tasks
  • Sneak peek at the book I’m writing with the same name (coming later in 2019)
  • And the inside scoop on The CEO Planner – that’s right a beautiful print planner – that we will be beta testing this summer!

Promote Yourself to CEO will continue to feature my workshop-style episodes full of practical and profitable strategies that you’ve come to know and love – PLUS a new series of interviews called The CEO Confessions sharing not-Instagram-perfect journey of real entrepreneurs.

If you’re already an Uncomplicate Your Business subscriber, there is absolutely nothing for you to do. You should see “Promote Yourself to CEO” in your podcast feed as of today. New episodes will be released on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you’re not already a subscriber, go to your favorite podcast app and subscribe! You can find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

The CEO Retreat

If you’re ready to step into that role of CEO in your business, you’ll love joining me for The CEO Retreat – a 1-day strategic planning event focused on perfectly planning the next 90-days for your business. The next Retreat is 100% VIRTUAL on Friday June 14th!

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