Unsexy Success Secrets BONUS: Create Your Coronavirus Contingency Plan

by | Last updated: Apr 14, 2022 | Podcast

It’s been a year this week.

Emotions have been running high as we’ve all had to navigate the uncertainty around Coronavirus.

After watching the news obsessively, we made the call to make our in person event The CEO Retreat 100% virtual Wednesday – just in time for me to pack up all the workbooks, planners, and post-its and ship them across the US and Canada so our clients will have everything they need.

Instantly the team and I felt a sense of relief. So did our clients – because they weren’t sitting at home weighing the odds of traveling vs social distancing.

Since making the call, we’ve been able to shift our focus 100% to supporting our clients and showing up for our community.

I’ve had multiple calls helping my CEOs to make decisions about canceling events, tweaking launch schedules, and coming up with creative ways to keep business going when it’s not business as usual.

And I’ve been leaning into my own support system – my amazing team, my coaches, my mastermind, and my mentors. It’s so much easier to show up and lead when you feel fully supported to process and make the hard calls.

What the world needs right now is LEADERS.

Many entrepreneurs are stuck in wait and see mode – not realizing that they are missing the opportunity to show up as a leader and serve their community.

When we don’t show up as leaders, our clients and communities are feeling lost, overwhelmed, and confused.

But leaders know during times of crisis, they need to reach out for support.

That’s why I invited 12 amazing women entrepreneurs and CEOs to help create your contingency plan as we navigate this unforeseen global event.

Raven Willis (CEO of New Millennial Legal)

  • Now is the time to check all of your contracts! Review your termination clauses, refund policies, and dispute resolution clauses.
  • Need to break a contract (especially those of use hosting events etc) Check the Force Majure clause in your contract.
  • Above all – communicate with people and if you feel like you need support, get a lawyer NOW rather than later.
  • Check out her free Facebook community Free Legal Resources

Lane Clark (Our Director of Client Success)

  • Why it’s important for all business owners to communicate clearly and timely with updates and changes that impact them.
  • How to handle panicked and upset people in your inbox (remember – don’t take it personally!)
  • How to plan out any big communications to your community so you feel in alignment and integrity.
  • Why you want to be generous and flexible, thinking about how your clients will feel about any big decisions.
  • PLUS – if you need extra communication support, Lane has offered time this week. Book at

Wendy Batten (Coach for Creative Shop Owners)

  • Why small business owners may have an advantage over Walmart, Costco, and Home Depot because they can adapt and adjust to support their clients.
  • Creative ideas – like porch pickup or curbside/local delivery – for small retailers who want to make sales without people coming into a store.
  • Why now is a great time to leverage social media to ideas with your clients who may be stuck at home, looking for outlets for creativity, health, and wellness.
  • Remember – when people are in fight or flight response – they aren’t coming up with new creative ideas! Help them come up with ideas and distractions during this time.
  • You don’t have to have an online retail platform – if you can share what is available via social media and run credit cards over the phone, you can sell online!

Kim Wensel (CEO of Pattern of Purpose)

  • Are you worried about selling something to your community? Kim recommends taking a step back, connecting with your community, and making sure you are bringing the human back into your messaging.
  • If you’re missing out on speaking, networking, or in-person sales conversations – are you sharing those messages online (website, email, social media etc)
  • How do you find the balance between being leaders and also sharing authentically what you are experiencing.
  • How to get yourself unstuck with creativity so you can clearly communicate and build connection with your community.
  • Why creativity could be a great outlet to help you shift your emotional state so you can show up more clearly with your business.

Stacey Harris (CEO of Uncommonly More)

  • Should you continue marketing, launching, and selling our products, program, and services? It depends on you and your community.
  • Why I instantly said YES to buying an online class Enginneering with Netflix – and why selling can truly be of service.
  • How to make sure your marketing and sales isn’t tone-deaf by simply reviewing your existing system and layer in additional messages that speak to the current situation
  • Why you don’t have to throw out all of your content – you may just need to tweak a tiny bit with a line or two to acknowledge the current situation.
  • Remember – we don’t have to burn it all down with our marketing and sales plan! Marketing is about connection and community – this is our chance to build customers for life!

Mindy Totten (Founder of The Bodywork Project)

  • How we are all experiencing a collective trauma – and how that triggers the fight, flight, or freeze mode in all of us.
  • Why understanding the trauma response will help us make better decisions as well as understanding what is happening for clients.
  • Struggling with fuzzy thinking right now? That is a part of this survival mode navigating this collective trauma.
  • What can we do right now? BREATHE. Feel your feelings. Yoga or other movement. Gratitude and journaling. And turn down the media!!!
  • Why we need to create a plan – even just for a few things a day we can control – to create calm during all the chaos.

Tara Newman (CEO of Bold Leadership Revolution)

  • Why we need to reach for things we can control during times of uncertainty and chaos.
  • How to create a Thrive List of things that help you show up at your best so you can show up for those you care about.
  • After you make this Thrive List, do a quick audit of your time and money. Are you actually making these things a priority?
  • Remember – this is a decision making tool that will help you align your habits and actions with what will help you move forward from a calm, grounded space.

Lisa Carpenter (Master Life Coach)

  • What to do if your reaction to all of the chaos with Coronavirus instead of numbing ourselves with food, booze, or avoiding our feelings.
  • Why we all need to speak to ourselves and check in with our feelings as we would our very best friends.
  • Are you an over-doer (me too)? We must pause to check-in with ourselves so we don’t burn ourselves out during this time.
  • How to create some space so you can care for yourself (essential to being able to show up and care for others).

Angie Trueblood (Visibility Strategist)

  • How Angie navigated the news about Coronavirus suddenly showing up during her launch last week for her online program Go Pitch Yourself by showing up, acknowledging the current situation, and simply being human.
  • Her ‘Creepy Email’ strategy that allowed her to personally reach out to anyone who had clicked a link to the sales page and invite people to jump on a quick phone call with her.
  • Why we all need to continue pitching ourselves for visibility opportunities and interviews – and how Angie is already tweaking pitches for her clients with new topics that are relevant to the current situation.
  • How you can use HARO aka Help a Reporter Out to get ideas about what topics the media is looking for or come up with relevant content ideas.

Sharvette Mitchell (CEO of Mitchell Productions)

  • The key updates you need to make to your website asap including changes in operating hours, shipping or delivery, or changes in programming.
  • Are you partnered with delivery services like Uber Eats, Door Dash, or similar? Make sure people know they can get delivery!
  • Remember – working from home doesn’t mean that you have to do video conference calls! Phone calls work just as well.
  • Why you should set up a simple scheduling tool like Acuity or Calendly to make it easy for people to schedule appointments with you (and don’t forget to put it right on your website).
  • Stressed about creating content right now? Now is a great time to republish existing blog posts or content – simply change the publish date to bring it higher up on your feed.
  • Need help making quick website updates? Check in with your website designer first, but you can also check out Upwork for quick changes.

Dr. Cortney Baker (Founder of KidsCare Home Health)

  • How Cortney is navigating these changes inside her company KidsCare Home Health with 700+ employees and thousands of at-risk kids they serve across multiple states.
  • Why now is the time to get clarity on finances and make smart choices around the expenses and overhead – don’t wait until you few months into this challenge before you make prudent financial decisions.
  • While things are chaotic and difficult right now, Cortney recommends looking for the possibilities right in front of you! There are always problems you can solve for your clients. Be the solution!

Jen Gottlieb (Co-Founder Super Connector Media)

  • How to navigate any fears of up-leveling your visibility and showing up as an industry leader during uncertain times.
  • If you are worried about coming off as braggy or opportunistic – remember that people are ACTIVELY searching for solutions that you may have.
  • The media is HUNGRY for content right now! Think about all the relevant topics created because of the Coronavirus pandemic – working from home, managing stress, working out at home, entertaining our kids, organizing our homes, building new habits. The opportunity is endless!
  • When you show up in the media, you are elevated to an entirely new level of expertise!?
  • If you’ve never pitched yourself in the media, start small. In addition to pitching locally, Jen recommends writing a list of 20 people who can introduce you to media contacts.

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