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Five Fears Every Entrepreneur Must Face (And How EFT Can Help You Shift Your Mindset)

by | Last updated: Apr 14, 2022 | CEO Mindset

The more I talk to entrepreneurs at every stage of the business journey, the more I learn we are all facing the exact same thing: FEAR.

Fear holds new entrepreneurs back from getting started. It holds some entrepreneurs back from playing big. It holds seasoned entrepreneurs back from making bold moves.

The truth is – you’ll never be fear-less as an entrepreneur.

Fear is a natural emotion that has a place in our lives – it keeps us safe. Fear helps protect us from the unknown and uncertain. Fear helps us avoid unnecessary risks that could expose us and make us vulnerable.

Anyone claiming to be fearless is likely a psychopath incapable of real human connection.

We ALL feel fear. And vulnerability. And anxiety about doing this entrepreneur thing wrong.

But that doesn’t mean you have to let that fear become the boss of your business.

This past year, I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring the incredible Olga Bochareva inside my signature program Conscious Business Design. As I started learning more and more about her work using EFT (aka Emotional Freedom Technique or ‘Tapping’) to help entrepreneurs break through huge blockages and shift their mindset, I realized there was a reason Olga came into my path.

Despite having a successful, growing business – I was really struggling with my own limiting beliefs.

Ever heard the phrase New Level New Devil?

It’s so easy to believe that once you reach a certain level of success, all your worries will be over.

Nope. Not the case.

This past couple years as I’d been steadily growing my business, I found myself facing some huge upper limits and completely self-sabotaging. Olga appeared at just the right moment – and when she was officially a graduate of Conscious Business Design, I messaged her to book my first EFT session.

Mind. Blown. A few sessions in and I started experiencing some major mindset shifts. Not only was I clearing some mindset and emotional sticking points, but I started sleeping better, my allergies improved, and my skin cleared dramatically.

Turns out EFT is like Emotional Acupressure – it helps release all the gunk that’s been building up for years so you can break through your upper limits and reach an entirely new level of success, happiness, and well-being.

After seeings such incredible results in just a few sessions with Olga, I invited her to record a special Masterclass with me to help you break through the top 5 fears every entrepreneur faces.

Racheal: Hey there, everyone. Welcome to this special bonus with a fellow CBDer, Olga Bochareva, who is here with me to talk about how you can move through some of the mindset challenges, some of the fears that might be coming up as you go through this entrepreneurial journey. Thank you so much, Olga, for jumping in with me today.

Olga: Thank you so much, Racheal. The pleasure is all mine. I’m so, so excited to have this chat with you.

Racheal: I’m so excited to have you hear because, as Olga knows now, this has been an ongoing journey for me learning how to master your entrepreneurial mindset. It’s been something I’ve been hesitant to talk about a lot inside of Conscious Business Design. I think one of the reasons I’ve waited to so long to do it is because I’ve gone through this whole journey from a different perspective of many of you. I grew up with an entrepreneurial family, I haven’t hit some of these big fears until my business has grown to a different level, so I never felt qualified to talk about some of these things that have held a lot of entrepreneurs back, especially from just those beginning stages or just getting to the next level.

I learned about EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, a few years ago. The way it was first described to me was emotional acupuncture. It’s a way to figure out why you’re getting triggered by certain things and then start to shift those triggers so that you don’t get triggered as easily. I was like, “Oh, this is interesting. Maybe this will help me let go of some of the fears that I have around, for me,” — Olga knows this — being seen or people not liking me or getting criticized. Those are some of my biggest things that I’ve been working through over the last year and a half, especially.

When Olga came into my world and joined Conscious Business Design, one of the things I have the privilege of doing is doing things like reading all your copy, reading all your content, getting all these great pieces of information about the work that you’re doing.

As she was sending me this information to look over for her business and who she was going to serve and what the benefits and results are that she was going to help people with, I was going, “Oh, my gosh! Olga, I’m your perfect client! These are the problems I’m having. I’ve been doing some EFT on my own.” I could see some changes, I could feel that it was making a difference, but at the same time I knew that I could go deeper with it and I could really get to the root of some of these problems.

I also knew that with my business, I was reaching this point where if I didn’t break through some of these things, I would always be at this level; I would never be able to break through; I wouldn’t write that book; I wouldn’t speak on stage. These other big things that I had in my mind I wanted to do, I was really holding myself back.

Once CBD wrapped, I reached out to Olga and I said, “Now that we’re done, can I have some sessions with you because I think I’m your perfect client and I think we can work through some of this stuff together.” It has been amazing. It’s very different from the EFT I’ve done on my own, which has been either reading a book like The Tapping Solution or doing videos off of YouTube. It’s been a much deeper experience.

I’m really happy to have you here with us, Olga, and sharing a little bit about how entrepreneurs can get through some of these major fears and mindset blocks that keep them spinning their wheels and stuck before they even get started.

Thank you so much and let’s jump right in.

Olga: Awesome. Awesome. Yes. You did a very good job, Racheal, describing what EFT is and how it can help people; what kind of things it can help them address.

In a couple of words, guys, EFT is emotional freedom technique and I’m both an EFT and Faster EFT practitioner. Faster EFT is slightly different. I has a little different set of beliefs and methodology, but the bottom line, both of these modalities are super effective in helping you get rid of some fears and worries and anxieties.

Yes, emotional acupuncture is one of the best ways to describe EFT. For me, it is a go-to tool. EFT was my go-to tool in terms of you have all of these amazing Conscious Business Design strategies and what I noticed is that sometimes they can fall flat if your inner game is not there yet.

I told Racheal just before we started, the feeling is much stronger than the thought. A feeling is always stronger than a thought. You can see that there’s this, Oh, my gosh. I have this amazing idea. I want to do the Pink Spoon. But, I’m going to get out there and I’m going to be seen and people are going to criticize me. I don’t want that.

What I wanted to share with you today, guys, is from what me and Racheal observed in our practices.

The Five Top Entrepreneurial Fears and Limiting Beliefs and How to Address Them or Approach Them with Faster EFT.

Racheal: Nice. I’m so excited because when you sent these over to me, I was like, Yes. Yes. This came up twice this week with people.

I know that these are going to be really helpful whether you’re just getting started or you are wanting to get your business to break through to a new level; you have a new thing that you want to unveil to the world. All of these things that we’re going to talk about are things that everybody struggles with at some point or another.

Olga: So true. As I was inside of the CBD and just listening to some conversations of both my fellow EFT practitioners as well as people who are going through CBD, I almost feel like I have this unfair advantage to where I move faster, so much faster, through all these modules and actions and steps than others. It’s because I don’t have the emotional luggage or emotional fears to stop me. I’m very, very excited to talk about it.

All right. Shale we dive in

Racheal: Let’s do it!

Olga: Okay. The first thing that came up is what we call Fear of Starting or Choosing What You Want to Do. This is a big one, as Racheal mentioned, especially for people who are multi-passionate or multi-talented. As you step into this place where you, Yes, I want to make a difference in the world. I want to develop my unique talents and help other people by serving them using these talents. Where do you start? How do you pick that one thing?

For me personally, I wanted to share it because I started not too long ago. I only started this whole journey about two years ago when I quit my full time job and I just leaped and the net will appear. When I started, I had zero clients and it was just a leap of faith.

One thing that really helped me — a part of EFT — is this idea.

Pick a horse. Pick a horse and ride it.

You look around and there’s so many horses. There’s white ones and there’s black ones and there’s the one with the brown spots and stuff. Which way to go? There is no wrong way. If you feel this is something that you can use to deliver your gifts and talents to the world, just start there. There’s no wrong way.

Another thing is that if you move in too many directions, it really is hard to master it. We discussed with Racheal — and it’s something that’s sharp with me — is that pick one thing. That one thing that you want to follow through and just master it. Get good at something valuable and unique and just stick to that.

What happens at this point is that you start having, “Yes, but” and that’s where the tapping comes in.

We’ll talk about how to tap in just a little bit. This is where you can start using this tapping technique to put your mind on something and then have, “Oh, yes. But? But I want to do this. But I want to do that. This is where you can start using it.

Racheal: Yeah. Totally. I hear this all the time. So many people who come to Conscious Business Design have so many interests, have so many passions, have so many ideas and often have multiple modalities that they want to draw from. But what you just said, Pick a horse. You just have to pick one horse.

Also, it doesn’t mean you can’t get off that horse later and pick a different horse, it just means you have to start with one thing because too many people I see struggle because they keep trying to do too much too fast.

Olga: At the same time.

Racheal: At the same exact time. As much as I wish I could say that we could all just go after everything at the same time, I mean we also have a limited number of time. We have limited energy. We have other things that need our attention, like our health and our families and anything else important to us in our life. Giving yourself permission to choose one thing, so huge.

Olga: Awesome. I wanted to piggyback — just a couple of words — and give my own personal example. When I started my entrepreneurial journey, just like Racheal, I chose something that worked for me at that time. I actually chose to be a math tutor because my background was in mathematics. When I quit my full time job, literally within the first three months, I had my private clients back at full because I used some things that I know like tapping and I visualize.

But, now as the time goes by — it’s been about two years since that journey. Now, I can say that I have built a successful math tutoring business, but it doesn’t mean that that’s what I’m going to do for the rest of my life. The EFT really helped me in that practice and I tap with all my students. All my students know what EFT is. They use it for test anxiety.

But at this point in time, I’m shifting my focus and I’m going to be starting to build my full time tapping business or an EFT practitioner. Yeah, that’s a very good point.

Racheal: I love it. In business, it’s just called making a pivot. This is normal. It’s normal to make a pivot. If you look at the startup world, they pivot all the time when they realize that they picked the wrong horse or that they’re just not getting where they thought they were going to go. It’s totally okay, but it’s going to get you to that point where you can decide if it is or isn’t working for you a lot faster if you just pick one thing.

Olga: Let’s move on to the next one. The second one that comes up a lot — and this is something that I’ve been working quite a bit on recently — this is, of course, money blocks or fear of charging for your service.

I mean, I could talk about it forever. I’m going to challenge myself and limit it to just a couple of minutes.

What money is, from an energetic point of view, is just simply an exchange of energy.

To allow abundance or to allow to be paid for your services really always boiled down to your worthiness and how you perceive your value. That’s where EFT comes in full speed because tapping on that piece and releasing all the old money stories is really unlocking that.

Guys, I’m talking from personal experience because when I started tapping on that particular piece — money blocks — I was able to create packages, I was able to raise my rates and I’m raising them again in about a week from now. It feels very congruent. It feels very aligned.

There’s this amazing book that Racheal talks about in her CBD and it’s called Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. I know, the name is kind of funny but the book is really good. It’s by Denise Duffield-Thomas. She talks about EFT like every other page.

Racheal: All the time.

Olga: Right. What she said is that it’s 80% of the work that she does with clients and she’s a $750 hour coach. What she does with her clients is she does EFT to clear all those blocks. She does an amazing job in going into how to hunt for those. This is something that I do with my private clients in sessions as well.

The bottom line is in order to clear your money blocks, it’s to go into forgiveness. Forgiveness in anything and everything in your life.

Why? It might sound like, What? Forgiveness? Money? These two are not even connected. This is a simple way, I think, to explain it. When you forgive certain people, places, situations in your life, you release some of the emotional attachments — or those triggers — that really drains your energy, really drains your energy into that direction. You have freedom and space and creativity to go where you want to go.

You also start feeling worthy. You also start feeling worthy of receiving that abundance. If you guys have this challenge in your life, start charging for your services, raising your prices. I highly recommend picking up that book and starting to use EFT on that. Just like I said, when we go over the five blocks, I’ll show you how to do EFT on your own.

Racheal: Nice. I love that. Denise’s book is one I go to. I’ve worked with Denise. It’s funny because I think we all have these little things that we don’t think are connected until we start — and this is why I love the work that I’ve been doing with Olga because it’s not just what’s coming up right this minute but if I’m an entrepreneur feeling nervous about raising my rate from $100 to $150 an hour, then it becomes, Oh, there was this one time that I felt the same way and when it’s when I went to my parents and said I want an allowance for doing all the housework that I do around the house and everyone else my age is getting an allowance and I’m not getting an allowance and then told me no. I should just be doing it anyway, so I felt like I don’t deserve it.

Suddenly you start to see that there have been things you have heard throughout your life that are all now building on themselves and you have this belief that you don’t deserve to be paid for all the things that you’re doing for others. I really love that book and I can’t wait for everybody to give feedback on tapping around whatever’s coming up for them around charging for what they do.

Olga: Yeah. Beautiful.

Another piece that I wanted to share with you — and this one I personally find the trickiest. The reason why it is the trickiest or the most difficult for a lot of people is because people don’t realize it exists. People don’t know this fear is there. People don’t know this limiting belief even exits. It goes somehow like this: It’s a fear of choosing a niche. Fear of choosing the smaller group of people that you can serve, whose problem you can solve and whose language you speak.

Basically, for me, I was listening to Racheal’s webinar for the last CBD and she said, If you market it to everybody then you look beige and vanilla and you’re really speaking to nobody.

It just hit me so hard because the field that I’m at, which is Faster EFT and all the Faster EFT people, it is an amazing, amazing modality. But, if you go there, nobody — I mean, literally, nobody — is in a niche at all. Everybody’s doing anything for everybody: the fears, the weight loss, the relationships, the money.

When she mentioned this, I go, “Okay, now it makes sense why people are struggling to find clients and to create sustainable businesses.

For you guys, if it’s showing up to where you’re going, “If I choose a particular group of people to start, then I’m going to say no to everybody. Notice that place. Notice that fear. We’re going to do some EFT, so do EFT on that.

For me, it took me a couple of weeks to even unfold it and clear it out to the level where I’m like, Yes. I’m an EFT coach for entrepreneurs and this is my perfect group and this is the problem that I solve for them. But now I can say it out loud without having an ick or worry or a fear of people won’t come, I won’t have enough clients. Notice how it comes up in your life. Within CBD, Racheal did some amazing work on guiding people on how to find it and how to build your business around it and how to benefit from it.

Racheal: I love that. You know, I know we’ve brought up Denise a couple of times, but before she wrote her book, Lucky Bitch, she was a life coach and she was trying to deal with everybody’s stuff. She was talking about relationships; she was talking about health; she was talking about getting what you want and manifesting anything you want.?It wasn’t until she narrowed down into Money Mindset that her business took off.

I noticed the same thing when I started The Yogipreneur and even now that I’ve come out of a niche a little bit to broaden out to working with more heart-centered entrepreneurs.

But having that clear focus, all it’s really doing it giving people permission to really understand who you serve and that they’re in the right place. If you’re trying to appeal to everybody, then you just end up looking like everyone else out there.

Like Olga just said, I did a webinar on this about not being just another vanilla coach, another vanilla yoga teacher, another vanilla healthcare practitioner. The minute you say, I specialize in this, it lets people know that you are an expert, you are credible, you know exactly what they’re going through, you know exactly how to serve them and you’re not just going to throw spaghetti at the wall with them trying to figure stuff out. You’re going to take control and help them get where they want to go. Ultimately, if you want to get paid for what you do, people pay for results. If you become bland and vanilla, people have a hard time seeing that you will get them results.

It’s such a huge piece. I’m really glad you brought it up because I didn’t realize what a big challenge it was for everybody. I mean, of course, I’ve been teaching this program for five and a half years now, but it is something that a lot of people bump up against all the time.

Olga: Yeah. Yeah, that’s beautiful. If you guys listening to this, you have to step into this. It’s not until I stepped into this piece and I ask this question and I said, Why am I really doing this? Am I really ready to change that? Start scanning your own psyche to where you feel the spirit of niching out or you feel the spirit of finding a little bit smaller audience, which really is the larger audience. Just as you feel any resistance to that, you’ll start tapping. We’ll tap in just a little bit.

All right. We’re ready to jump to the next one. This is something that I call Fear of Being Seen or Fear of Criticism or Judgement.

We discussed with Racheal that this fear comes on different levels. When you are just starting out, what I noticed is it shows up very often in our way of procrastinating. If you’re noticing yourself procrastinating, very often the root behind the procrastination is, If I do the thing and I put my website out there, people will see and they’ll say that’s no good. She’s a fraud. She don’t know what she’s talking about.

Start noticing those little pieces and the resistance behind it.

One of the best ways that I helped myself overcome that is I start flexing that muscle. Choose little commitments to where you can get out there and do those things where you are in front of the people, bringing or delivering this beautiful message of yours or this service of yours or any other way that you serve people. Just start noticing this discomfort. We’ll do this tapping in just a minute to where you can start, not just noticing, but clearing it out in the moment.

Racheal: I love this one so much because this is my biggest thing that we’ve been working on. I was telling Olga before we started recording this that it’s funny because when I first started my business, this was not a problem. This issue wasn’t for me. I really didn’t understand people who were like, You don’t want to get out into the world, but you want to run a business so people have to know who you are? I really was confused.

Then, it appeared for me as my business has hit this new level and now I am getting seen and it really hit me when I got my first big dose of criticism in the last year. Then I started having copycats and then I started having all these other things come up and I was like, Holy cow. This is all around being seen.

My first reaction was, If I’m going to have copycats, if I’m going to have people criticize me, then I won’t write that book. I won’t pitch myself for these interviews. I won’t do that because that’s making me too visible and it’s making me very vulnerable.

But, it’s been through doing all this work with Olga that I just got back from speaking at Off the Charts Conference where I did speak on stage and it was great. I had so many people coming up to me going, You need to be talking on stage more. I’m going, Really? Me?

It’s one of those things that I didn’t think it was a problem for me, but then I hit a point where it was. You might not see all of these things coming up right now. It might just be one; it might not be any.?

Whatever’s coming up for you that is at the back of your mind and keeping you from doing that next thing that will move you forward — whether it’s pressing publish on your website or getting those photographs taken or getting your program out there or actually getting on the phone with somebody and talking to them for the first time — that’s why EFT will help so much because you’ll be able to examine what it is really that’s going on and holding you back from the next piece.

Olga: Yeah. Beautiful. Well said. Thank you, Racheal.

The last piece that I want to talk to you about, guys, before we move onto the tapping part is the Fear of Failure. Of course, the Fear of Judgement and Criticism are very, very closely connected. I want to speak about this a little bit more because there is a specific way you can use EFT to clear that one.

What happens often in our lives is that as we have different experiences, we accumulate certain results or certain ways to reacting. As an example, if you start doing webinars and nobody shows up to your webinar that first time, it’ll be hard to do another one because you’ll start going back and saying, Wait a minute. I remember that webinar. Nobody was there. It was so embarrassing. It was so horrible. What do I do?

I came across this similar scenario in my business and I want to give this example to you to see if you can resonate to something like that. Maybe you wrote a copy and your programs weren’t filled. Or maybe you put yourself out there and not many people showed up.

This is what happened with me. About a year or so ago, I started doing seminars here in Houston — this is where I am. It had been going really great at the beginning. I had some people who would come to free seminars just to share with people what EFT is and how to use it. There were a couple of times when I barely had any people show up. It was every third Wednesday and I was so excited and I would come and there was like one or two people. A couple of times there was nobody.

At some point, I decided that this is not something I want to continuing doing and I started doing something else, I joined CBD and all. But, the message in that was really, really beautiful. First of all, it gave me an opportunity to learn speaking with people and speaking in front of the public. I definitely was flexing that muscle of being seen.

The second beauty of it was that I learned how to put all that information together and deliver it, not just doing one-on-one training. I had a lot of beautiful gifts from that experience. Now, I also had some pain of rejection and abandonment when I came in and nobody was there. That was like, I can’t believe I drove here.I got a babysitter.I prepared.

The next opportunity came up to where I started thinking of doing webinars and I’m feeling this resistance coming up. I starting tapping on that because I was like, I’m going to do webinars and nobody’s going to come up. I really felt it guys. I’m somebody who taps a lot and I still felt that resistance. I needed to take some time to clear these past failures which, as you can see, are not really failures. They’re just experiences. It was a beautiful one and it brought me a lot of gifts.

Once I cleared out, I was able to put a webinar together and I just posted about it two or three times on Facebook and had 60 people sign up. 60. That was huge. Twenty people showed up and, I think, five people signed up for working with me, which was an amazing success.

Now, I wouldn’t have done any of that if I was stuck looking at my previous experience doing seminars as a failure. I really had to go back and rewrite those memories in terms of release the pain, release the worry and stress and just leave things that I want to keep.

This is something that you can use EFT for in your journeys. Think about an experience that you had — maybe with a client who criticized you or who said, I want my money back. Anything like that at all. Start noticing what kinds of things that you learned from that experiences; what kind of gifts that you gained. Then you can use EFT to clear the rest.

Racheal: I love that you brought up your seminar experience to launching a webinar because this is something I see with a lot of my clients. Many people who come to Conscious Business Design or who have worked with me, they’re not all brand new to business. Some of them have been doing this for a while.

One of the resistances they have to implementing what we learned is that they say, I tried that and it didn’t work. I tried that and it didn’t work for me. I’m on the other end going, Just try it again, and they’re saying very firmly, No, I tried hosting a webinar. It was a horrible experience and I’m never doing it again.

As a result, they’re just limiting their options so much. In my experience, there’s a saying in the entrepreneurial world.

The best entrepreneurs are the ones who fail fast and fail often.

The reason is — just like Olga just said — you learn so much from the first time. The first time is going to suck. It’s probably going to be not what you wanted or not what you expected, but you have to go into the first time — and I use this analogy all the time — like when you’re making pancakes. The first pancake is not going to be perfect. It’s going to be either burned or it’s still going to be doughy in the middle. It’s not going to be great, but you have to make it in order to get to the second pancake, which is usually perfect.

You just have to get in that state of mind. The first time you host a webinar, you’re going to have to go through a huge learning curve. You’re going to have to go through an experience to get to the next one and the next one and the next one. The first time you launch a program, it probably is going to be really hard and you’re going to go through all these things. But the next time it gets easier.

Just keep that in mind. The things that you’re going to be doing as an entrepreneur and as you go through Conscious Business Design are probably going to put you outside of this comfort zone and you’re going to be scared that you’re going to fail. If you don’t hit those expectations of all the hype that you might have heard out there, it’s going to be really easy to say, Nope. Not doing that again.

But, give it a few times. Allow that griddle to get good and hot and exactly where it’s supposed to be before really having the expectations and deciding whether or not it’s working for you.

Olga: This is amazing. So right on.

What I wanted to share with you guys is that tapping really allows transforming those failures into feedback. This is how. I’m going to do a quick overview of what tapping is and how it works. I encourage you guys to go ahead and try it with me because when you actually start doing it, first of all, you’ll notice it’s weird. It’s really weird, but here’s the thing: it works. You just have to start getting some new tools and bells and whistles behind your belt because those are the things that work.

In a couple of words, Faster EFT is based on the acupressure points, which are at the endpoints of your meridians. Now, Chinese have used it for 5000 years and they work and they never question it. It’s just common to Europe, and to Americans too, as something of a go-to tool, but it’s still very new for a lot of people.

I wanted to mention that Gary Craig, who is the founder of EFT, when he started using this modality — I think it was in like the 1990s — his mailing list grew from zero to a million. A million people in one year. Because people started sharing it. He put out the manual out there, people read it, it was totally free and they started using it. It absolutely works.

What I wanted to encourage you guys is that if you are in a room, you can go ahead and close the door. I remember the first time I was doing it, I was like, I’m not going to do this. This is just too weird. I went and closed the door and made sure nobody could see me.

Right now, when I work with my math students, we tap in Barnes and Noble and Starbucks and we did this and nobody even looks at us. I see the world where people tap and release emotions and clear out their emotional baggage as part of their routine, just like brushing teeth or flossing.

Let’s try this. Basically, what you’re going to do is the first step in this process is to go to one of those fears or limiting beliefs or the way you feel. We’re going to go ahead and pick one. Do you have one in mine, Racheal, that you want to work on or we can just choose something to walk people through.

Racheal: Let’s do — since we’re at the beginning of Conscious Business Design and everybody’s going to get this. Let’s just do that fear of getting started and choosing where they want to start.

Olga: Let’s go there, guys. If you are in that place to where you are starting to figure out what kind of a skill to choose to focus on or, if you have multiple talents, which one to go in that direction. Or any other ways to make a choice, go ahead and step in there.

As you go there, just close your eyes for a second and start feeling what comes up. What’s going to happen in that moment is you’re going to start experiencing certain sensations. Maybe some tightness in your chest. Maybe something on your shoulders or in your stomach. Stomach is something that comes up often because that’s where fear is.

Notice those sensations. Also, you might have some memories or pictures in your mind. Now, as you notice this, we’re going to go ahead and tap. Just go with me this first round. I’ll explain a little bit more of what it is, but just try it out. Ready Okay.

You’re going to take two fingers. You cannot do it wrong. Just follow along, say what I say and do what I do. Focus on that sensation. As an example, I’m going to go ahead and make up something right now so it’s a little bit easier for us to find the goal and focus on.

At the moment, I’m trying to choose what to do as my Pink Spoon (aka Free Offer) — whether I should use a five part media series or a small challenge. I close my eyes and I start thinking about it. Go ahead and pick your thing; something that you want to choose.

Notice the sensations. I’ve got a little bit of a lightness in my head. I feel my breathing pattern change. As you notice it, just tap between your eyes and say, Let it go.

Let it go.

This sensation. The reaction. Those feelings. Whatever it represents.

All the fears. All the worries. Indecisiveness. Anxiety.

It’s safe to release it.

Whatever it represents. Wherever it comes from.

Just let it go.

Now grab your wrist, twist around, take a deep breath and let it out and say the word “peace.”

Olga: Peace is really something that I relate to feeling good, to some kind of a good relaxed emotion. The point of the tapping between the eyes, there’s the side of the eye, those are the end point of meridian. There’s one on the collarbone that’s right here and maybe just a couple of inches in and to the left or to your right. They run on both sides of the body, so it doesn’t matter, guys, if you tap left or right. It’s all the same.

What happens in that moment is that as you stimulate those acupressure points, they physically send an energetic signal.

Now, they also did research on how your body reacts to those signals. In that clinical research, they just did an experiment to where they had people talk about their problems like we do in counseling or in therapy and then they had people talk and tap at the same time.

They measured the level of cortisol — and those of you guys who don’t know what cortisol is, it’s just the level of stress hormone. People who tap and talk, the level of cortisol were increased by 50%. It was such a huge number that the researchers, they didn’t believe it. They sent their results back and they had them retested.

The second time they did it, it was the same result. The group that tapped during the talk, the stress was reduced by 50%. It was really, really bizarre, but obviously working in terms of how your body reacts.

In just a couple of sentences, what happens in your body when you tap? When you send those signals to those body organs, you kind of relax them. There is something that happens on the level to where you start feeling better. Now, this is the bladder, gallbladder, stomach, kidney meridians. When you tap it, there’s circulation — there are heart meridians. All of these meridians right in there.

Now, those are the organs that create stress in your body. When you send those signals to the organs, you have them relax. There is some chemistry changing and that’s why it’s changing. In other words, you cannot feel good and bad at the same time. When you go to the bad feeling, you start tapping and it starts transforming and it starts changing.

Racheal: I love it. You know what it makes me think of? They talk all the time about the whole fight or flight response. There’s actually a third one. It’s freeze. You either fight, flight or freeze.

I see this all the time with entrepreneurs when they come up against these limiting beliefs. They either

  • Fight it and come up with a ton of reasons to resist it and argue why it’s not going to work for them
  • Flee it and they just stop doing work and they procrastinate altogether; or
  • Freeze and just don’t do anything that they know will move them forward. They just stop.

This is why I see entrepreneurs — and you guys know me. I’m learning all the time. I have seen people in some of the groups I’m in and programs I’ve taken and they’re in the same place now that they were five years ago. It’s because they can’t get past these stress responses. They can’t move past them, even though intellectually they know the reasons why they need to change.

But, like Olga said, feelings are stronger than thought and that’s what we’re trying to do here; reprogram that so that you don’t have those stress responses and you can move past.

Olga: Very good. Now, as we did this original round, what you didn’t ask is — just close your eyes and go back to that feeling. You are thinking between whatever thing that you’re picking. In my case, I’m thinking about my Pink Spoon. For those of you who don’t know what a Pink Spoon is, it’s just simply a free offer that you put on your website. I’m choosing between the video series or the small challenge.

Again, notice any resistance or any feelings or sensations that come up in your body. I now have a little bit of tightness in my neck, so just tap on that. Let it go.

The beauty of this process, guys, is it doesn’t matter what you say.

It doesn’t matter what you say because whatever you say, it just describes your feelings and feelings have no words. If you can get into this place to where you can feel it — like now, I totally feel this tightness in my chest — just feel it and say to that feeling, Let it go. It’s safe to release it. Just let it go.

Grab your wrist, breathe in again. Let it out.

Another part of is going to that peaceful place. Let me talk about it in just a couple words. Close your eyes and start thinking about that happy, beautiful memory — something that happened with you that brings you a good feeling. It doesn’t have to be anything big. It could be a wedding or a vacation or something like that. It could be something small like walking in nature or getting a massage, a bubble bath.

Anything that brings good feelings. Step in there and be there for a little bit. Start practicing those feelings. Stay there for just a few seconds. Notice what you see; notice what you feel. Step in there and then come out and try again.

Olga: said, Just rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Very, very simple. I, personally, I’m a momma of two little girls. I think me and Racheal are a lot alike because we are both mompreneurs that have a five year old and a two year old. I tap all the time. When I’m at the playground with them, I would watch them and I’d notice some unease in my body and I’d say, Okay. Let it go. There’s no point to keep those negative feelings. Just let it go.

I can tap in my car just fine driving. I would massage those points and release those emotions right there and right then, knowing that I don’t have any benefits of carrying them around.

I hope this little overview helped you guys a little bit. I really want to encourage you to try it because one of the things that I like to say — and Robert Smith, who’s the founder of Faster EFT, the modality that I taught you guys. He says this funny thing. He says, “Tapping is like toilet paper. It works when you use it.

Racheal: I love that.

Olga: And then says, “If you don’t use it, you get a rash of problems. I know. It’s really funny and really inappropriate, but it’s a very good metaphor in terms of it does work when you start applying it.

Start small. Just a little bit anytime you feel unease when you start working on any modules within CBD. You feel these things like, Oh, my gosh. Yeah, I totally don’t know how to do it. It’s just so confusing, or, I’m so afraid. It’s so new. Just tap on it for a minute and the next thing you know, Oh, my gosh. I have this idea. I’m going to write it down, and you start filling out those wonderful worksheets and all the assignments that Racheal will be sending your way.

Racheal: Thank you so much, Olga. I hope everybody got so much out of this. I just want to remind you, even if this doesn’t resonate right now, keep this little video in your back pocket because, the truth is, these mindset challenges, these upper limits, these things that hold us back from taking that next step — no matter how big or small it is — you will face them because we all do.

This is just one of several tools that I’ve been using over the past few years, but I have to tell you this year of working with Olga and some other people with EFT and these types of tools have made such a huge impact in my business, in my wellness, in the quality of my life in general and my relationship with my husband, who is now working with me, that I really can’t recommend them enough. Even if you don’t understand them. I don’t really either, but it does make a difference.

Thank you so much, Olga, for sharing your wisdom with everyone today.

Olga: The pleasure is all mine, Racheal. Thank you for having me.

Racheal: All right, everyone. Until next time, we’ll see you inside CBD.

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