Ready for More Sustainable Success?

All while staying in integrity, avoiding feast-and-famine hustle & burnout, and serving your clients and customers at the highest possible level?

Full disclosure:

Another one-sized-fits-all, cookie-cutter course won't get you there. Here’s what will...

If you’re ready to play a bigger game (and make a bigger impact) – it’s time to go from Stressed-Out Solopreneur to Confident CEO.

A 12-month immersive community mastermind experience for women entrepreneurs ready for next-level strategy and results – without the non-stop hustle.


Whether you want to change the world, make the kind of money you made in corporate, or just confidently run and grow your business while still having a life — the CEO Collective will help you get there.


Because you don’t need more INFORMATION –
 You need to become masterful at IMPLEMENTATION.

So you’re out of the “start-up” phase
and ready for next-level success.

You know now it’s your time to finally…

» Grow your business to wait-list status with consistent clients, filled-up programs, and consistent $5K – $10K – $15K months – so you can have more than enough to upgrade your lifestyle & support your family.

» Expand your platform as a leader, growing your email list and social media following thanks to podcasts and websites that can’t wait to feature you as an expert in your field.

» Surround yourself with women who GET IT – smart, savvy women who believe that women entrepreneurs are shaking up the status quo, diversity of diversity is an asset, and we are building the equitable businesses we all have been waiting for.

» Build your team, systems, and processes behind the scenes… now your time is spent in your zone of genius teaching, coaching, and inspiring others instead of buried in $10/hr busy work.

» Quit the 24/7 hustle where you can’t seem to unplug from you business – and finally reclaim your family dinners, weekends off, and even be able to take a real vacation – all with the peace of mind that comes from a predictably profitable business.

I want you to know:

All of this and more is possible for you.

And not just because I’ve personally lived it...

(In the 12 years of my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve run a multiple-6-figure business while raising 3 kids age 10 and under and retired my husband to become a stay-at-home dad – all while working less than 25 hours a week.)

… but because I’ve helped thousands of clients across a huge range of industries create this kind of secure, sustainable success for themselves – without wasting another dime on “quick fix” programs or courses.

Now it’s your turn.

In the CEO Collective, you'll design your business for sustainable, scalable success with customized, systems and support.

Crystal clear 90-day growth strategies tailored to YOUR unique business, with hands-on support to help you reach them so you can stop throwing overhyped “tips, tricks, and trends” spaghetti at the wall.

A step-by-step game plan with built-in accountability to boost your visibility, so you can stop waiting to be discovered, and start getting in front of new clients, customers, & fans every. single. day.

Next-level products, programs, and services designed with integrity and profits mind, to help you easily communicate your value to clients who can’t wait to work with you and generate consistent cash-flow.

Practical, streamlined steps to build your systems + support team, so you can stop working so many hours, get your family time back, and still grow faster than you ever thought possible.


“Racheal is a perfect example of a successful entrepreneur how has mastered the art of balancing work and personal life.  That’s no small feat!  She’s a masterful teacher who can teach you the proven strategies and skills needed to design a business that works perfectly for you and your unique gifts.“

Amy Porterfield (Online Marketing Expert)

Inside The CEO Collective Experience:

Consistent Implementation + Community + Coaching =
The Best 90 Days Ever In Your Business. Every Quarter. All. Year. Long. 

1: Start With The CEO Retreat

Our first priority? Turning your big business dreams into actionable 90 day plans.

This is your chance to immerse yourself in your vision, map out a game plan that’s going to move your business forward, and build your foundation for long-term success.

Your first step inside The CEO Collective will be working on your first 90 day plan with the support of your mentor. 

Then you’ll join us for a group CEO Retreat every quarter to work ON your business and step more confidently into your role as CEO.

2: Implement Your 90 Day Plan

Entrepreneurs with a plan are 2X more likely to grow! 

With your 90-Day Plan, you’ll know exactly what to do week-by-week to achieve your goals.

Using your CEO Planner, it will be easier than you imagine to stay laser focused and actually follow-through with your plan!

As you implement, you’ll have the support of your mentor, your mastermind, and an entire vault of masterclasses to help you cut through the information overload and stay in implementation mode.

3: Support When You Need It

We know that you need support available when YOU need it.

That’s why The CEO Collective is also a community mastermind experience that weaves together multiple layers of support.

With coaching available from myself, my team, and a crew of top-shelf guest experts, inside the CEO Collective we’re dedicated to making sure you get the right support, at the right time, from the right people.

The result? No more isolation. No more feeling alone. No more late-night googling for answers. You’ll have the support you need to get unstuck and back into action – when and where you need it.

Our CEOs Get Access to Multiples Levels of Support Each and Every Month


Peer-to-Peer Masterminds

You’ll be matched with a mastermind group of 4-5 other entrepreneurs to facilitate peer-to-peer accountability and support.

Groups will be matched based on business experience level and overall goals to make sure you get the help you need and stay the course.


Live Strategy + Support Calls with Racheal

Every month, I’ll host 4 LIVE Q&A Calls to answer your biggest questions.

The goal = to get you unstuck so you can get back to work implementing your 90 Day Plan.

Kiss late night frantic googling sessions goodbye. Inside the Collective, you’ll have support from someone who knows you and your business – every month.


1×1 Access to a Dedicated Mentor

When you join The CEO Collective, you won’t be lost in the shuffle.

Our team of mentors is dedicated to helping you stick to – and implement –  your 90 Day Plan.

As in – your mentor will check in on you every week for max accountability. 


Next Level Expert Masterclasses

In addition to the CEO Masterclass Vault (complete with ALL of my proven trainings), we’ve planned an entire year  to help you master each area of your business.

Each month, a new masterclass training by me or a guest-expert will be released followed by a dedicated 60 minute Q&A session.

Surround Yourself with Women CEOs Who Take Their Business As Seriously As You Do

Service-Based Businesses

who’ve worked with their first 10 (or more) clients and want to strategically scale up to predictable $5K – $10K – $15K months.

High-Integrity Entrepreneurs

ready for financial security, consistent clients and cash-flow without high-pressure sales tactics or sleezy, hype-y, bro-y marketing.

Coaches, Consultants,
& Course Creators

who are done with living from launch-to-launch and are ready to generate predictably monthly income without all the hustle.

Non-Techy Business Owners

overwhelmed by the idea of complicated funnels or automated systems… our clients are generating $10K months with minimal tech.

Creatives On A Mission

to lead by example, spread positive messages, and generally leave the planet better than how they found it.

Ambitious Whip-Smart Women

ready to feel totally in control of their business, understand their numbers, and become powerhouse CEO’s they were born to be.

Anti-Racist Business Owners

who are baking diversity, equity, and inclusion directly into the foundation and mission of their businesses.

TCC Megan Tusing

“Before working with Rachel. I was sort of flying by the seat of my pants. I was taking everything day-to-day, taking jobs as they came in saying yes to everything even when it wasn’t exactly my ideal client.

I was just trying to stay afloat and survive and hustle, but then my business got to a point where I couldn’t keep up and that’s when Rachel showed up.

I have been able to implement systems and create plans with an actionable process that can help me reach goals. I didn’t even know that was possible and I have a mastermind of people who I come to discuss challenges, celebrate wins and say hey, I never thought this was an idea.

There are endless possibilities of ways that I can get support.

Whether it’s being in a mentorship group with women who are in other professions besides mine to help me think outside of the box or having access to Racheal’s Cook’s incredible support team or direct support from Racheal, I’ve got somebody.”

– Megan Tusing (Actor & Audiobook Narrator)

Get Your Questions Answered by An Experienced Entrepreneur

There’s always another thing to figure out as you grow your business.

But if you’re finding yourself crowdsourcing answers on social media or getting overwhelmed Googling for help, you’ll exhale a huge sigh of relief when you add our 4X monthly LIVE Q&A calls to your calendar.

And if you can’t make our Q&A calls live, we have you covered. You’ll be able to submit your questions in advance and catch the replay within 24 hours.


Accountability from Our Team of Mentors

Amber Kinney

Amber Kinney | Operations, Team, & Leadership

Amber works with business owners to help them build the foundations and focus they need so they can do what they want to do in business and in life.

She has over 10 years experience in playing a critical role in scaling well-known online businesses from startup to multiple seven figures. Amber has a rich business background working for well-known brands, giving her a unique perspective on operations, marketing and building efficient, effective teams.

Based outside of Phoenix, Arizona, Amber is the mom of two busy kids, three adorable dogs, and is married to David.

Erica Courdae | Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion 

Erica Courdae has dedicated her life to expanding how others interact with the world through powerful conversations. As an entrepreneur + certified coach her work is frequently focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), imperfect allyship, and imposter syndrome.

Inside The CEO Collective, Erica facilitates open conversations around challenging topics, encouraging our members to imperfectly step into values-based leadership with integrity and intention.

Lane Clark | CX, Boundaries, & Mindset 

Lane has a Master’s in Social Work and has worked extensively with business owners and helping professionals all over the world to create accountability and customer experience excellence. Her genius is where SOPs meet sanity-keeping to support heart-centered business owners in delivering to to their clients and customers.

When she’s not at her desk connecting with clients and their communities, Lane can be found traveling the world, running after her children, and reading books with a hot cup of Earl Grey tea.

Shannon Siriano Greenwood | Community & Connections

Shannon Siriano Greenwood is the Founder and CEO of the Rebelle brand, offering a boutique conference experience (Rebelle Con), an in-person membership community (Rebelle Community), and podcast (Rule Breaker by Rebelle) that reaches millennial and Gen X professional women ready for more. When she’s not rebelling against the status quo, she’s building community and leveraging connections with brands around the world.

Is A Year of Business Mastery
with Monthly Expert Masterclasses

January 2021
Pricing for Profits w/ Jacquette Timmons
Achieve Your Financial Goals

February 2021
Protect Your Business w/ Raven Willis
Understanding Your Legal Needs

March 19 2021
Q2 CEO Retreat
Create Your 90 Day Plan

April 2021
Values Based Leadership w/ Erica Courdae
Stand Out with What You Stand For

May 2021
Promote Yourself to CEO w/ Racheal Cook
Upgrade Your Habits & Self-Leadership

June 18 2021
Q3 CEO Retreat
Create Your 90 Day Plan

July 2021
Delegate Like a CEO w/ Amber Kinney
Make the Most of Your Support Team

August 2021
Price Your Genius w/ Jacquette Timmons
Align Your Pricing with Your Goals

September 17 2021
Q4 CEO Retreat
Create Your 90 Day Plan

October 2021
Ramp Up Your Sales w/ Racheal Cook
Embracing High-Touch Sales Strategies

November 2021
Unlocking Resilience w/ Dr. Crystal Frazee
Stay ‘in the game’ without burning out

December 3 2021
Q1 CEO Retreat
Create Your 90 Day Plan

TCC Courtenay Shipley Testimonial

Courtenay Shipley | Retirement Planology

“It’s like sports. You can kick the ball any which way and you might score some goals eventually, or you can have a coach that helps you coordinate your skills, plan how you’re going to get the ball down the field, and score over and over.

The CEO Collective has the training, the support, the crowd cheering you on so you can play (or elevate) your very best game.

Before joining, I had a hard time focusing efforts — I would always bite off more than I could ever chew, I had a slipshod approach to getting it done, get distracted by another shiny object, and never I felt like I’d actually met the goals I set. (And then I’d complain about working too much!)

Using the CEO retreats and being able to hone in on what *actually* mattered, getting the training to refine the plan, then applying the 90-day overlay and effort behind the small steps, I was able to FINALLY get our sustainable marketing system built out!”

Accelerate Your Success
with Proven Strategy & Systems

Training Vault

When you join The CEO Collective, you’ll get instant access to every training, template, and system our founder Racheal has created over the last 15+ years as a strategist and consultant for small businesses.

Inside each training, you’ll find short & digestible training videos, on-the-go downloadable audios, and complete transcripts to accomodate all learning preferences.

Plus These Exclusive New Member Bonuses

Team RC

New Member Only Live Support

Join us for 3 additional Live Calls just for new members with Racheal, Lane, and Amber to get the most from your experience.


CEO Collective New Member Bonus Box

Keep your eyes on your mailbox (yes – the “real life” one) for this curated box including my favorite books, planning tools, and other goodies!

Our CEOs See Incredible Results Inside The Collective

A new level of confidence as CEO of your business as you implement upgraded systems and habits.

Next level boundaries that protects your time and energy – helping you stay focused on CEO level tasks that create real momentum in your business.

Proven strategies for consistent clients and cash-flow without feeling like your business is living launch to launch.

Solid marketing, sales, and customer experience systems allowing you to scale strategically and sustainably (aka without working harder).

A dream team who happily helps you implement faster and keep you out of the weeds of your business.

Increased visibility and expert status as you start showing up sharing your message in more powerful, intentional way.

More time off to enjoy your evenings, long weekends, and even vacations (including bandwidth to go on a solo retreat to really recharge).

The high-performing, booked out business you have been dreaming of – without sacrificing your integrity or your personal life.

A true support system and community you can lean on – women who GET what you want to create in the world and will cheer you on as you make those dreams a reality.

If you’re feeling like this is where you belong… 
Join the next cohort!

TCC Robin Wisner

“Prior to joining the CEO collective, I was a sad solopreneur. Every day was a challenge to stay focused on tasks. I was thinking and acting more like an admin than a CEO. I was playing small, doing tons of “busy work” and not moving my business forward in the way I wanted. I needed more structure, strategy, and accountability.

Since joining the CEO Collective, I’ve implemented the CEO year and the 90-Day Plan. WHAT. A. GAME-CHANGER!! Using the Attract> Engage> Nurture> Invite> Delight process has helped me focus my time and energy better than ever before. It helps me *think* like a CEO for the first time!

Planning out the year and setting revenue goals was so eye-opening. The CEO planner truly helped me break my business strategy into chunks that I can easily manage every week and actually SEE how much progress I’m making.

In just over a month with the CEO Collective, I have launched a beta program and gained 4 new clients! I also created and launched a podcast. Crazy, right? Knowing that I am seen and heard by my mentors, makes all the difference. I asked for straight-up accountability, and I got it! Investing in the CEO Collective was a leap of faith, and I’m so glad I jumped in with both feet!”

– Robin Wisner, Whole-life Wellness for Women

Why Spend a Year Inside The CEO Collective?

Once you join us for The CEO Collective, it’s our cue to roll up our sleeves and start getting to know you and your business. 

We start by reviewing your Getting to Know You Intake Questionnaire and exploring your digital presence. Then we match you with one of our incredible mentors to support you over the next 12 months and curate a mastermind group with other CEOs of similar business experience and goals.

We support you in creating your 90 Day Plan – and we know from experience that there is a learning curve with stepping into this next-level leadership. Along with your mentor, Racheal will be right there with you to uplevel your CEO skills, boundaries, and mindset.

Each month, we hire incredible consultants to teach expert masterclasses in business topics such as finance, legal, customer experience, visibility, team building, and leadership.

We have invested in you – the same way that you have invested in yourself by joining The CEO Collective. That’s we require a 12 month commitment with no cancellations or refunds.

It's Time To Get Focused, Get Clear,
& Get Your CEO Hat On Once & For All!

The CEO Collective is now enrolling New Members!

Invest for: $500/mo
(Monthly Payments)
Invest for: $5,000
(Pay Annually – Get 2 Months Free)

Rave Reviews

Real Results from Women Entrepreneurs Working with Racheal Cook & The CEO Collective

"Within the first week of the CEO Collective and the trainings on the 90-day plan, I started to look at my business differently. I started to see how Racheal's marketing strategy of attract, engage and nurture results in more leads, more calls and definitely more sales. I identified the exact stage of where my business was, which gave me clarity on where I was headed, and as I implemented Racheal's easy to follow systems, my business became more manageable and better set up for success.

Now that I have been in the CEO Collective for almost 6 months, my business is unrecognizable from where it was when I started the program. I went from "just me" to a team of 8 women. I post a weekly newsletter, I am active on all the social media channels, I have upgraded my offerings and (slightly) raised my prices, I no longer give my time away for free. I have been celebrating my wins, taking more time for self-care and consistently hitting my financial goals.

My favorite part of the CEO Collective is my mini-mastermind group. We have five women in our group and we help each other with implementation, mindset and accountability. These five women have helped my business grow and have encouraged and inspired me to step into my own self-worth and be a leader in my own business. I feel so supported and strong!

Racheal and her team have been with me every step of the way, to help me create smoother systems and a more streamlined flow. My business is more predictable AND more profitable. I have gotten so much value from the CEO Collective, so much more than I was hoping for in a business coaching program. I am so grateful to Racheal, my mentor Amber, my mini-mastermind group and all of the incredible women in the Collective. Thank you all for helping me and my business grow and thrive."
Layne Lyons
Layne Lyons, JD
CEO of Layne Lyons, inc. and the creator of The Legal Umbrella Method™

Still on the fence?

Here’s what makes the CEO Collective a no-brainer for high-integrity business owners ready to create consistent, next-level success:

No-brainer #1:
Real-deal, practical guidance from a mentor who’s been there (me!)

After leaving my cushy corporate consulting job 12 years ago, I launched my own consulting company that has reached and served over 35,000 small business owners, made millions in revenue, and allowed me to retire my husband to be a SAHD for our three kids… all while working 25 hours a week.

This didn’t happen by accident. 

That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to helping more women entrepreneurs to intentionally design a business that not only allows them to serve the clients they love, but helps them to live the life they always wanted.

No brainer #2:
High quality, hands-on mentorship and peer mastermind support – month after month

Inside the CEO Collective, you’re much more than a name on a sales spreadsheet — and you’ll never have to fight to be heard. 

We get to know YOU, your vision, and your business inside and out (and we’ll gently follow up with you if we notice a drop off in participation.)

From mentors to peer mastermind partners working on the same goals you are, The CEO Collective is designed to hold you accountable to your goals, and give you a place to share your work, ask for help around your challenges, and celebrate your successes.

There is a massive difference between joining & belonging. At The CEO Collective – you will know without a doubt that you belong here.

No brainer #3:
You’ll actually do the thing, without working harder

While we do have resources available to deepen your strategic knowledge inside the Masterclass Vault, the focus of The CEO Collective is to help you step out of information overload and into IMPLEMENTATION mode.

Every assignment and exercise is designed to bring you closer to your goals around revenue, scale, and freedom — and every week, your mentors and I will be available to answer questions, and help clear the brain clutter, so you maintain your momentum AND motivation.

We do have one request though: please leave your excuses at the door. 😉

No brainer #4:
We serve more than just coaches and fellow consultants (all niches welcome!)

While we know every business is unique, our 90 day planning system and CEO scorecard works for product and brick and mortar businesses, health and wellness professionals, as well as service-based online companies.

Seriously: one of our members makes $30k-$40k per month selling children’s hair bows using our system. It’s applicable, powerful, and can create extraordinary results in any type of business.

No brainer #5:
We’re here to make your business more profitable, less exhausting, and more fun.

When you stop flying by the seat of your pants in your business and feel like you’re back in control with documented strategies, SOP’s and systems, and a tested model… you actually start to enjoy the creative challenge of running your business again.

You quit the feast-and-famine launch cycle, your confidence and competence increases, and you feel excited about making strategic decisions as a CEO… without the “OMG, where is money coming from this month!?” panic.

Want to experiment with a new offer? Make an extra $5k-$10 one month? Try a new visibility strategy? Heck yeah! You’ll have the strategy, systems, and support in your corner to make it happen.

Now is the time!

We’d be honored to guide you on the journey. Let’s get started.

Secure your spot now by selecting the payment option that works best for you.

Invest for: $500/mo

( billed monthly)

Invest for: $5,000 annual payment 

(which gives you two months FREE.)

The CEO Collective


“Is The CEO Collective for women only?”

The CEO Collective was designed specifically for people who identify as women entrepreneurs ready for next-level success.


Because as women entrepreneurs, we’ve personally found huge value in having a trusted and diverse community of other ambitious women’s voices and perspectives to discuss the unique challenges we face as women and business owners.

We want you to bring your whole self to this experience – and this is the room where you’ll be able to discuss everything from the challenges of growing your business to planning for maternity leave to leading with your values.

“I’m new in business (less than one year) – is The CEO Collective too advanced for me?”

We have seen start up entrepreneurs and established businesses find support and success inside The CEO Collective. 

If you are making for first $10K or first $100K in your business, inside The CEO Collective you’ll have access to the proven strategies, ready to implement systems, and real support to help you get where you want to go faster.

If you’re worried about feeling overwhelmed with all that’s happening inside The CEO Collective, don’t be. We’ve created a Business Growth Checklist that curates the exact trainings you need for your stage of business and have the templates to help you see results asap.

If you ever need help, your mentor and our customer success team is just an email away! They will help you get back on track.

“I’m an experienced entrepreneur – is The CEO Collective going to be too beginner or basic for me?”

Are you already generating consistent $15K+ months, paying yourself a steady paycheck, and taking 4 weeks of paid time off per year?

Do you already have systems in place in your business to generate 500+ new leads a month and convert them into happily paying customers?

Is your team helping you to run the day-to-day of your business, so you can spend your time and energy in higher-level strategic CEO tasks?

If not – then The CEO Collective is for you. It’s exactly what you need to level up your business and see more sustainable success.

As a more experienced entrepreneur, you’ll find inspiration from peers also operating at your level, learn new ways to streamline your systems, and refine your CEO Skills from our team of mentors and experts. 

“Is there a success path or am I just getting a bunch of random trainings?”

The CEO Collective includes access to all of Racheal’s trainings developed over the last 15 years – but we want to make sure that you’re not getting stuck in information overload.

That’s where the Business Growth Checklist comes in. 

In your first month of The CEO Collective, your mentor will help you determine your stage of business and share recommended trainings and resources that will help you to implement your 90 Day Plan.

While you will have access to all the content inside the membership site, we will encourage you to use it as a Just In Time resource.

This process was designed with your success in mind! We’ve been doing this for a long time and know that you don’t need to do ALL THE THINGS – you just need to focus on the RIGHT THINGS to move your business forward.

“I’m so busy right now – will I have time for all of this?”

Honestly, we see most entrepreneurs reclaim their time within a few weeks because they are finally operating in a more streamlined and strategic way using our 90 Day System.

It’s not about doing all the things – it’s about doing the right things at the right time.

This is how I’ve been able to work 25 hours a week for over a decade. I don’t waste time on low-ROI, high-energy stuff, I focus all my time and attention on things that move the needle.

How? By using the exact system I’ll teach you inside the CEO Collective.

When you shift your focus away from high-complexity to high-impact activities, you’ll quickly find that you’re working the hours you actually want with more than enough time for your family, your life, and your dreams.

“Will there still be a CEO Retreat when we are facing the COVID-19 Pandemic?

When I started my business, I got pregnant with twins almost right away. I get it! If it wasn’t for virtual options, I would have missed so many opportunities to grow my own business.

That’s why I’ve always been committed to offering a VIRTUAL option.

At VIRTUAL The CEO Retreat, you’ll have all the perks of the in-person attendees, including your own breakout rooms, access to all sessions, Q&A with me, and more. 

Plus – I’ll ship you everything you need so you can enjoy your planning party from the comfort of your own home.

“Do I get 1×1 coaching inside The CEO Collective?”

When we designed The CEO Collective, we wanted to include multiple levels of support including access to a mentor from our team.

In the first 30 days of joining The CEO Collective, you’ll have a 1×1 session with your mentor to review your first 90 Day Plan.

Each week following, you’ll check-in with your mentor to help you stay on track and accountable to implementing your 90 day plan.

You’ll also have the option to upgrade for additional 1×1 support throughout the year.

“Can I get a refund if I don’t like The CEO Collective?”

We do not offer refunds. If you aren’t sure about joining The CEO Collective, we encourage you to check out Racheal’s podcast Promote Yourself to CEO, attend a CEO Retreat, or send us your questions before you join.

“Can I join if I love saying “All Lives Matter”?”

No. The CEO Collective is committed to Anti-Racism and we believe that #BlackLivesMatter. 

“I have another question that’s not addressed here. Can I talk to someone?”

Yes. Send us an email at or leave us a voicemail at 804.362.7527. We are happy to reply or hop on a quick call to make sure The CEO Collective is a perfect fit.

Will 2021 be the year everything changed in your business?

We’d be honored to guide you on the journey. Let’s get started.

Secure your spot now by selecting the payment option that works best for you.

Invest for: $500/mo

( billed monthly)

Invest for: $5,000 paid-in-full 

(which gives you two months FREE.)

Earnings Disclaimer: We’ve taken every effort to ensure we accurately represent The CEO Collective and the ability of this service to help you grow your business and improve your life. Each persons results will vary. You alone are responsible for your actions and results which are dependent on personal factors including your skill knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network, and financial situation, to name a few. There is no promise or representation that you will make a certain amount of money, or any money, as a result of using our programs and services. Any earnings, revenue, or income statements are strictly estimates and there is no guarantee that you will make these levels yourself. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team at