Are You Ready to Get More Clients?

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You’ve got big dreams and the expertise to help so many people…

You just need one thing to make your dream your reality:
More. Clients.

Imagine how amazing it would feel to open your calendar on Monday morning and find every available spot this week is booked.

Imagine the freedom of a growing waitlist that allows you to hand-select each and every client, without feeling like you’re passing up much-needed revenue.

Imagine the confidence you’ll feel knowing that you can bring in new clients and new revenue, without a big list, time-consuming launch, or complicated technology.

But let’s get real… finding new clients?
It isn’t as easy as you thought it would be.

You know you’re doing great work in the world.

You see your clients getting amazing results after working with you… and even with a great reputation and referrals, you still feel like the best-kept secret.

You can see that people are reading and engaging with your weekly blog posts, social media, and newsletters… but you can’t figure out why they aren’t taking the next step to work with you.

You know you’re doing the work you’re meant to do… So why don’t you have dream clients beating down your door?


Get More Clients

A Ready-To-Implement Sales Campaign System to Fill Your Client Docket
…In As Little As 2 Weeks

This Proven Sales System Walks You Step By Step To:

Get Your Offer in Front of the RIGHT Potential Clients {Who Are Ready To Work With You}

Make It A No-Brainer to For Them To Say YES Right Now

Convert New Clients Like Crazy {Without Discounting, Flash Sales, or Pushy Sales Tactics}

Get More Clients Is The Missing Piece To The Profit Puzzle.

With A Proven Sales System to Get More Clients, You’ll Finally…

Raise your rates

Clarity on how you can charge more by repositioning the high-value of your offerings.

Fill Your Client Docket

…to wait list status with a tried and true sales campaign system.

Book Dream Clients

Who happily pay premium prices because they see the value in working with you!

Get More Clients doesn’t just teach high-level theory, then leave you to figure out how to implement it all on your own.

I’m handing over my entire sales campaign system including copy and paste email templates, checklists, and tools so you can implement and get results.

I just wanted to share that I LOVE Get More Clients and all the templates!

I literally spent about 30 minutes putting together 2 emails for my warm list and with those 2 emails, in about 5 days, I’ve signed on a new private client and pre-enrolled someone in my upcoming dating mindset bootcamp that doesn’t start until May! And I still have 2 more clarity calls to go!”

Veronica Grant

Dating Mindset Coach

Getting More Clients (& More Sales) Can Be Simple.

There’s nothing more rewarding to me than seeing my amazing students make a huge impact in the lives of their clients. We’re talking major health transformations, coaching people to go after their dreams, and improving their relationships with their loved ones.

But they all kept running into the same challenge:
Not. Enough. Clients.

Despite being amazing at what they do and hearing from existing clients that they were worth every penny… it felt like no one could really see the value in working with an amazing therapist, or parenting coach, or holistic health practitioner.

And when they attempted to compete with discounts and flash sales, it felt like a race to the bottom.

But once I shared my low-tech, high-touch system for finding and booking new clients, everything changed.

Client dockets started to fill. Wait lists started to build. And my clients were experiencing the best months ever in their businesses.

And the best part? With this piece of the profit puzzle in place, these entrepreneurs have a repeatable sales campaign system they can implement over and over again, for the LIFETIME of their business.

Racheal smiling and tucking hair behind her ear

Inside The Get More Clients Sales Campaign System

The Get More Clients Masterclass

In this 2 hour Masterclass, you’ll learn the 7 Step Sales Campaign System to Get More Clients.

This system comes straight from my strategy playbook, including the exact emails, checklists, and tools I’ve used to fill my products, programs, and services over the past 10 years in multiple businesses and industries.

The Get More Clients Sales Campaign System

The beauty of Get More Clients is that it’s not designed as a one-off sales campaign that you only implement once.

You’ll learn how you can rinse and repeat this system multiple times a year as well as 21 WAYS TO AUTOMATE the system to start building your client waitlist.

Email Templates, Agendas, and Checklists

You don’t have to be a copywriting genius to get the most from Get More Clients.

If you’ve ever struggled with what to say via email or on the phone when talking to potential clients, you’ll love these proven templates that help you say the right things and ask the right questions.

“Get More Clients came at the perfect time for my business. I was getting ready to completely revamp my private consulting offer and overwhelmed with where to start. I can’t even guess how many hours I saved using these email templates, not to mention the stress factor wondering if you’re saying the right thing! You’ll make back your investment many times over with just one new client.”

Megan Flatt

Founder of Focus Sessions

Get Instant Access to Get More Clients!

Is Get More Clients For You?

I designed Get More Clients for business owners and entrepreneurs who are a lot like me.

Savvy, soulful entrepreneurs who are ready to serve more people in their business {and finally have a clear sales system in place that converts into new clients and more cash-flow}

Entrepreneurs who are ready to stop working so damn hard marketing your business with not much to show for your efforts {and you know that the lack of a sales system is the missing piece of the profit puzzle}

Smart entrepreneurs who want to ensure that every penny of your hard-earned time, energy, and money that is invested into your biz has a 10X or higher ROI {because if you’re not getting a solid ROI in your business… your business is effectively a money-pit}

Action takers who are ready to roll up their sleeves, upgrade their sales skills, and implement like crazy to make a massive difference for their business for years to come {when you have this system in place, you’ll finally be able to let your biz work FOR YOU!}

Business owners who are ready to dramatically grow their revenues… but you know that the first step is towards profitability is learning how fill your client docket!

Enroll Now & Start Filling Your Client Docket!

Get More Clients

On Demand Masterclass


Immediate Access to 2 Hour Get More Clients Masterclass: 7 Step Sales System

Immediate Access to Get More Clients Copy & Paste Email Templates, Checklists, and Resources.

BONUS Workshop #1: Get More Clients When You’re Just Getting Started

BONUS Workshop #2: Get More Clients When You Don’t Have a List

BONUS Workshop #3: Get More Clients For Your Group Program or Course

BONUS Challenge: 10 Day Sprint to Get More Clients

Is Get More Clients Right For Me?

Got Questions? We’ve got answers! Here’s our top FAQs:

“Is there a deadline to start the program?”

The entire program is waiting for you right now. That means that all the training – from the 2 hour masterclass to the bonus trainings to all the swipe files and email copy, will be accessible the minute you login to your member area.

So there’s no worry about attending anything live. No need! You can start profiting from Get More Clients right away.

“I understand that if I put in the work and implement this system I’ll see incredible results… but how much time will it take to implement Get More Clients?”

The Get More Clients Masterclass is about 2 hours to take you through the entire system from start to finish. I designed the entire training so that you can get the big picture of the entire system and start implementing that day.

Based on the feedback from my client – actually implementing the entire Get More Clients system can take as little as an hour or an afternoon, depending on your business, to do all the work to prep and implement your sales campaign.

Once you’re fully prepped, it generally takes 1-2 weeks to invite potential clients to take the next step towards working with you and walk them through your new sales process. 

“What if I’m just getting started in my business?”

You’ll be way ahead of the curve by implementing Get More Clients. Yes – it’s great to spend time on the big picture strategy, but sometimes, you’ve gotta get cash flow in the door and pay the bills.

This system is perfect if you’re just getting started in your business because I’ll walk you through a system to FIND new potential clients, even if you don’t have an email list or big network.

And the best part? This system is based on HIGH-TOUCH, not high-tech. Yes, at some point you will want a website and grow an email list. But my business thrived for years doing nothing more than this system before I launched a website and started doing more content marketing.

“What if I don’t have a website or email list?”
Here’s a huge truthbomb:: you don’t need a website, an email list, or complicated technology to get clients into your business!

It might sound crazy because it seems that everyone in the entrepreneurial world is focused on list building and $10K websites. But I’ve found that you’ll get your business to profitability much much faster if you stop stressing about all the high-tech and start focusing on HIGH-TOUCH.

That’s what makes Get More Clients different. It’s a high-touch sales campaign that doesn’t require a big fancy online launch – you can implement this system with nothing more than your gmail account and phone!

“What kinds of businesses does Get More Clients work for?”

Get More Clients works for nearly every service based business in nearly every industry. I created this system for myself in 2006 as I started my consulting practice, used it again as a coach for yoga businesses, and continue to use it to this day to bring additional clients and revenue into my business.

And the best part of this system? You can use it if you are a local or online business. Because so many of my students work both in person and virtually, I specifically created this program to work for both scenarios.

We’ve welcomed yoga teachers, physical therapists, health coaches, doctors, life coaches, creativity coaches, parenting coaches, meditation teachers, stylists, photographers, virtual assistants, designers, tarot readers, and more!

Enroll Now & Start Filling Your Client Docket!

Get More Clients

On Demand Masterclass


Immediate Access to 2 Hour Get More Clients Masterclass: 7 Step Sales System

Immediate Access to Get More Clients Copy & Paste Email Templates, Checklists, and Resources.

BONUS Workshop #1: Get More Clients When You’re Just Getting Started

BONUS Workshop #2: Get More Clients When You Don’t Have a List

BONUS Workshop #3: Get More Clients For Your Group Program or Course

BONUS Challenge: 10 Day Sprint to Get More Clients

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