Our Fave Deals For Entrepreneurs!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The holiday season officially kicks off today as we watch parades, gather around tables with our loved ones, and give thanks. And as I think about 2015, I have so much I’m incredibly thankful for, especially you and this amazing community!

I’m so thankful that there are amazing heart-centered entrepreneurs who are called to do good in the world. Who have visions of making the world a happier, healthier, more connected society for our children to grow up in.

I’m so thankful for there are conscious entrepreneurs, who are paving the way for business to be done with integrity and mindfulness.

I’m so thankful for this amazing community we’ve co-created, where we can encourage and support one another to do great work that truly makes a difference in the world.

Although I’ve ‘officially’ taken the week off to spend the week with our extended family in Atlanta, I thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite Black Friday + Small Business Saturday deals that help run everything behind the scenes in both my businesses.

So if you’re in the market to upgrade a few elements of your biz, check out these great deals!

WPEngine Managed WordPress Hosting

If your business depends on your website (ahem – that’s you!), investing in a high-quality hosting provider is essential. A few years ago realized it was time to upgrade to a system + team that ensured my site was updated, secure, and maintained. WPEngine is literally part of my team – if I have an issue with ANYTHING, I know I can pick up the phone and their support will help me sort it out. This weekend, they are offering 30% savings. Trust me – it’s so so so worth it!

Divi by Elegant Themes

Divi is our go-to WordPress Theme for every single one of our websites – and it’s what we exclusively teach inside Your Sweet Site. Why? Because it’s so incredibly easy to use while still giving you a custom, modern-looking website! This weekend, they are offering 20% off all packages – we recommend getting the Developer package so you can also get the amazing social media and email opt-in plugins.

Reign In Your Inbox with Gmail School with Val Geisler

If you’re tired of the avalanche of emails hitting your inbox every week, Val Geisler has an incredible GRATIS training to help you get the most out of Gmail. In just 5 days, you’ll learn the best tips and tricks to make your inbox work for you.

Get It Right Facebook Ad Coaching with Claire Pelletreau

As I’ve been running Facebook ads more and moreover the last couple of years to grow my business, there is ONE person I trust to spend my money. Claire Pelletreau has been the secret weapon behind many 5 and 6 figure launches and now you can work with her 1×1 to learn the ins and outs of Facebook ads. Trust me, it’s worth every penny to have her review your copy, targeting, landing pages, and more!

Find Your Frequency Quiz with Ellen Ercolini

If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that there is no one-size-fits-all model for business and life. So when I discover a new tool to help me understand myself and my business even more, I’ve gotta share! When I first took Ellen’s Find Your Frequency Quiz, it was like a lightning bolt of understanding why certain strategies just don’t work for my biz. Take the FREE quiz and get insta-clarity!

And just for funsies…

The Thanksgiving Reader with Seth Godin

My Father-In-Law forwarded this to me a week ago and I thought it was an incredible idea. Seth Godin has curated a beautiful selection to read aloud with your loved ones about love, compassion, and gratitude.

Do a Secret Santa with Elfster

If you happen to be the oldest of 15 first cousins (like me!), check out this fun way to organize a secret Santa gift swap without scraps of paper you’ll probably lose.?

So much love + gratitude,